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Feathers Of Crisis Core

Crisis Core is an updated prequel to your beloved Final Fantasy VII.
As in any other game of the franchise, it has familiar enemies, abilities and objects.
Some objects appear with new advantages to correspond to large-scale changes in the combat system introduced into this game.
The feathers appeared in the original Final Fantasy, but in Crisis Core it is used differently.

feathers in Crisis Core

Feather CAP is an item that allows the scenes to increase HP, MP and AP to a three-fold maximum limit.
When the DMW slot machine increases your health, magic or abilities, it usually doubles the standard maximum.
When wearing Feather Cap, these advantages can triple your statistics if the slot machine operates in your favor.
DMW will be regular, but randomly reward you with a break in any or in all three main characteristics.


Feather Cap simply gives this random system the opportunity to give you a much higher payment.
This is a significant advantage, but if you do not see advantages, you can throw it into the merger of matter to add 10% HP to the crewed.
There are two main places where you can find Feather Cap.
You can find it in a chest in the 4-3-2 mission: destruction of advanced elements.
Otherwise, you may encounter a magic pot in the mission 10-2-3.
He will ask you to use Jump, Fire, Gravity and Assault Twister.
He will give you Feather Cap if you do as he asks.
Put it and reap the fruits of this random triple benefit.
To obtain additional information about Final Fantasy, read the sections how to avoid a battle in Crisis Core, and what gives an entry into the fan club in Crisis Core?
In professional game guidelines.

Sone [Peol God of war: Augroonakay is a crisy sybay sabbalith

Despite having left a week ago, God of War: Ragnarök continues in the reflectors of all video game fans, since many just start the new PlayStation adventure. Although there are also some who gave him many laps, to the point of getting to work in Mods for the protagonist of the story, Rates.

A mod known as Species has done something quite interesting with the God of war, since in a new video he published how it would be seen without a beard, causing the intimidating part of it to disappear. They put it in different situations, something that attracts attention, and the truth is an aspect that fans could take to get used to.

Here you can check it:

Something that must be taken into account is that Rates in his initial games never had a beard, so we could say that the character of Santa Monica Studios is returning to his origins. However, because of the age they put on a rough but responsible father, it is a bit uncomfortable to see him without his beard especially because he has been with her for four years.

Remember that the game is available on PS4 and PS5.

In news related to God of War, the fans recently realized a very interesting reference in the title, since it could be directly linked to the failed PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. If you want to know more about it, we invite you to click on the following link.


Via: YouTube

Editor’s note: Mods are not a surprise in this industry, which really is weird, is the way to do the console games dump to make modifications. After all, for now it has not been launched on PC.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale sería canon en God of War Ragnarok

PlayStation has not been exempt from making mistakes during its passage in the video game industry, and one of the most obvious is the All-Stars Battle Royale game, which would simulate being Smash Bros but from Sony. And although many believed that the video game was forgotten, it seems that God of War Ragnarök has brought somewhat distant memories.

Without giving details of the game because they would be Spoilers, at some point Mimic has a unique conversation with Rates, in which the character of the character has been explored since he defeated gods in Greek mythology. However, during the talk they talk about something in particular, and that is its participation in a strange tournament.

This is mentioned in the dialogue:

But in this particular story… I heard that you fought against beasts, bandits, princesses, unafraid, automatons and the greatest musician in history.


There is no way for PS All stars to be Canon #PS5Share, #Godofwarragnarök

This talk is clearly reference for the crossover game that did not end up triumphing. Here characters from Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, Sly Cooper, JAK and Baxter, Ratchet and Clank, Bios hock, among other guests, among other guests. Which despite his efforts, he failed to have the same impact as Smash Bros, especially for non-convincing game mechanics.

Remember that God of War Ragnarök is available on PS4 and PS5.

Via: Twitter

Editor’s note: This is something that surely nobody saw coming due to the failure of the title, it is still fun that Sony does not regret its past so much. I will not lie, it would be interesting to see the return of the saga, but now with interesting mechanics, not like what we saw in PS3 and PS Vita.

Atomic Heart: Outstanding combat gameplay

The establishing of Atomic Heart remained in 1955 in an alternative, clinical development, which is thriving in every regard. An in fact utopian setting in which robotics reached its height throughout the 2nd World Battle and also the culture lives in serene harmony. In any case, until the moment when the robotics rebel versus their makers as well as make research laboratory mutants from secret experiments to make individuals’s lives hell.

The Russian developer as well as publisher Mundfish shocked at the Gamescom with a brand-new, brutal and long trailer to Atomic Heart- The game, which likewise as Soviet bioshock described as. The game was introduced as early as 2018 and also has been rumorable in the advancement heck ever since, so it is even more gratifying that we ultimately obtain a brand-new trailer for the encouraging title.

The new gameplay trailer

When is the release of Atomic Heart? .

The Trailer reveals us two female-looking robotics that make a type of peculiar ritual-a recommendation to the video game’s story. Furthermore, the trailer shows a whole lot battle gameplay , which in fact advises of the Bioshock collection In Atomic Heart you wear a special glove on the left hand, which provides you pressures such as electrical shocks and also telekinesis ; In the right hand you hold a weapon to thaw your opponents like Rambo.

The trailer additionally reveals a great deal of different opponent kinds – Ihr has to constantly adjust your skills, weapons as well as battle techniques to the particular circumstance and, if essential, utilize your atmosphere for your benefit. Mundfish guarantees us a action-packed video game with crossbreed battle system and Souls-Like elements . The perceptions are supplemented by the uncommon coming with music.

There is no exact day yet, yet so much the magazine for the fourth quarter 2022 has actually been set up. The Retrofuturist Action-RPG Atomic Heart ought to appear for Computer, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series designs and also Xbox One.

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The setting of Atomic Heart was in 1955 in an alternative, scientific progress, which is prospering in every respect. In Atomic Heart you put on a special handwear cover on the left hand, which provides you forces such as electrical shocks and also telekinesis ; In the right hand you hold a firearm to thaw your opponents like Rambo.

Mundfish promises us a action-packed game with hybrid battle system and also Souls-Like components .

Atomic Heart: Soviet bioshock gets Combat

For a long time, it was quiet concerning the adoringly Soviet Bioshock Action-RPG of the developer studio Mundfish. Currently the Russian programmer has released a Fight trailer that permits further understandings into the battle system and also video game world of the Soviet Utopias, which is intended to appear in the 4th quarter of this year for computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

The optimistic dream is not what it seems… Atomic Heart takes you into 1955, extra precisely into a Soviet Union, which has actually been increased by clinical achievements. Yet the fact that resembles an optimistic desire initially swiftly develops into a dystopic problem:

A system failure in the Soviet facility No. 3826 implies that machines are rebeling versus people. They are Major P-3, personal day, as well as their task is to reduce the effects of this ‘system failure’ as well as to prevent the seepage of secret info.

puzzling, bloody, good

The trailer impressively reveals that Atomic Heart deserves its nickname. The futuristic, but still sentimental playing world, including its mechanical monstrosities, natural beings and paranormal phenomena, problems and develops a similar atmosphere as her genre rep in the spirit. The battle system also has particular similarities to Bioshock.

The battle system also has particular similarities to Bioshock. Mundfish pledges unsafe opponents with different actions, features and layouts, which ought to make you sweat effectively.


The trailer impressively shows that Atomic Heart deserves its nickname. The futuristic, however still sentimental having fun world, including its mechanical monstrosities, natural beings and also paranormal phenomena, challenges as well as develops a comparable ambience as her style representative in the spirit. The reality that the machines are attached to every various other by a neuronal network and to prevent being uncovered has extreme priority-unless you want to plunge right into a fight upside down-is appealing.

What precisely is everything about with the 2 female androids in the trailer and also whether Atomic Heart playfully results in utopian elevations or dystopian depths will most likely just be shown in the 4th quarter of this year. Those who have actually licked Soviet blood can remain to review into the game globe and also auto mechanics on the main internet site.

Read the other partys psychology and try to attack the first strike! “The 142nd Duel Match Match Match” “Dragon Poker” will be held from March 15 (Tuesday)!

Acobscrum Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Otomi) is a real-time combined card battle “Dragon Poker” that is well received at App Store and Google Play, and from March 15, 2012 (Tuesday) We announced the holding of “the 142nd Duel Match Main Battle”.

Acobscrum Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Otomi) is a real-time combined card battle “Dragon Poker” that is well received at App Store and Google Play, and from March 15, 2012 (Tuesday) We will hold the 142nd Duel Match Match.

◆ “Dragon poker” official site:

From March 15 (Tuesday), we will hold 1 VS1 real-time interpersonal battle “the 142nd Duel Match Main Battle”.

This rule is “destruction match”. Duel Matches determine the rankings according to the “Duel P” that can be earned in the battle, and you can earn rewards at the end of the league. In addition, you can also get limited cards according to the total number of victory. Read the other party’s psychology and challenge the serious game of 1VS1!

# “The 142nd Duel Match Match” held!

Duel Match is a real-time interpersonal battle that one game is completed in 3 turns and playing with 1 VS1. The battle has “destruction”, defense, “battle” and three types of rules, and in the main battle, the type of exact skill and battle changes each year.

※ You can try all rules in practice match and friends.

# # Holding period

March 15, 2012 (Tuesday) to March 17 (Thu)

# # Duel Match Holding Time

7:00 to 7:59
12:00 to 12:59
17:00 to 17:59
21:00 to 21:59

# # 142th Rule

“Eradication battle”
Winning conditions: If there are many BPs at the end of the end, winning the victory or the other party’s monster wins

# # 142th and Special Attack Skills


# Reward

Depending on the number of victory numbers during the duel match held, and the League ranking rank at the end of the end, you can earn rewards such as Dragon Medal, S Rare Gacha Tickets, Goddess Skill Fairy, and achieve the Calue Counter Conditions You can earn.

In addition, “Duel Medal” can be obtained for each battle, and it can be replaced with a powerful child card at “Duel Medal Exchange”. Challenge Duel Match and get limited rewards!

# Event “Tower Dungeon” held!

“Tower dungeon” is an event to challenge the high difficulty dungeon of all 100 hierarchies. By clearing the dungeon, you can get reinforced materials and dragon stones, defeated enemies.

In addition, it is equipped with an “overdrive system” that allows you to use a “super special move” at the time of the battle by installing.
Aiming for the defeat of Lasbos waiting for 100 layers by making full use of customized overdrive!

# # Holding period

March 17, 2012 (Thu) 12:00 to March 28 (Mon) 11:59

Participation Condition

· Level 150 or more
· Over 80000 combat power of Tower deck
· The tower deck is not equipped with “non-equipped card”
· Equipped with any “overdrive” in the tower deck

# # “Ancient Magician Trial Area” Held

“Ancient Magician Testing Field” is a dungeon of all six hierarchies. Boss appears in all hierarchies, and mission clears and treasure chests can rarely obtain the defeated boss cards. In addition, the total number of turns to be defeated is displayed, and you can get the title accordingly.

basic information

■ Title: Dragon Poker ■ App Store: https: // MT = 8 ■ Google Play: https: // /details? ■ Genre: Real-time combined card battle RPG ■ Charge form: item charge system ■ Compatible model: iOS 11.0 or later iPhone / iPod touch / iPad, Android 5.0 or later (some models are It may not be possible) ■ Official site: ■ Official Twitter: https: // ■ iOS Delivery date: May 2013 May 2013 17th (Fri) ■ Android Delivery Date: December 18, 2013 (Wed) ■ Copy Light Notation: C 2013 Asobism Co., Ltd.

App Store

Google Play

Company Profile

■ Company Name Corporation Assoving ■ Representative Representative Director ■ Capital 10,000,000 yen ■ Settings December 6, 2005 ■ Location 〒 100-0005 Tokyo 100-0005 Tokyo Munaru 3-3-1 New Tokyo Building 4F ■ TEL 03 -6551-2813 ■ FAX 03-6551-2692 ■ URL ■ Email [email protected] ■ Project content game planning and development / planning and development of mobile sites Operation / Aso Consulting Business

Public relations charge: Nishikowe and Suzuki Tel: 03-6551-2813 fax: 03-6551-2813 Email: [email protected]

Chapter 20: Automation Martial Dancing Guide – Triangle Strategy

By coincidence, it turns out that the venerable hierophant is nothing more than an empty puppet powered by an elfric. As a demonstration of power, he even kills the vice-minister and now attacks your army.

But do not worry! This battle may not be one of the worst that the game can offer. You just need the presence of the Spirit.

How to defeat the hiero

The hierophant may look threatening, but in fact it is not. He simply causes automation whenever it gets free. He also has a rather deadly skill, which will destroy any unit, who has three TPs and more than . However, while you follow your TP Throughout the battle, this should not be a problem.

Real trouble – everything else on this map. If you want to kill the hierophanta, you first need to get rid of everyone else. Eradidor And also Hewette All you need for this battle.

Erador can provoke enemies within two tiles. He has all passive skills and protective abilities to reflect almost every blow. Just make sure that one of the magicians will not hit him, otherwise he will resign one blow. Write the magicians before they get closer to it. If you need Benedict as well as Medica Constantly provide him Additional moves Make it, to make exactly it.

Triangle Strategy Character Guide!

He will not be able to continue in the same spirit forever, so do not forget to leave him strengthening the spice before sending it. Heal it when HP will fall up to 25%. Finally, use your allies to deal with subsequent attacks on enemies that surrounded it.

Meanwhile, Hewette can use Shadow Arrow on distant enemies of melee, so that they do not move for two moves (three, if you improve it). This should give your allies enough time to kill the nearest enemies.

If you want, you can also use Lionel for this battle. It can provoke far standing enemies.

There is no reinforcement In this battle other than automation. The hierophant can call them only once for the move, and then not every move. However, they apply a big damage, so try to defeat them as quickly as possible. Fortunately, they are very slow!

For more help with Triangle strategy Read some other articles here, in Pro Game Guides.

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