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Xbox Video Game Pass: These video games will certainly be removed from the membership at the end of October

It is now clear which video games will certainly be eliminated from the range of the Xbox Video Game Pass at the end of October.
According to this, Xbox Game Pass subscribers on the console as well as PC has to claim bye-bye to 8 video games.
You still have time up until October 31 to take an appearance at the video games or to end them.
If you pick a permanent acquisition of a video game, you will get a 20 % discount in the Microsoft Shop with your subscription as long as they are still in the catalog.

Xbox Video Game Pass-Distances October 31, 2022

  • Alan Wakes American Nightmare (Xbox and Computer).
  • Backbone (Xbox as well as Computer).

* Bass master Angling 2022 (Xbox as well as Computer).
* Noun: Double Danger Edition (Xbox and Computer).
* Task Wingman (Xbox as well as PC).
* Second Extinction Game Preview (Xbox and also PC).
* Sniper Elite 4 (Xbox).
* The Forgotten City (Xbox and also Computer).

Battlefield 2042 collapses in Steam: Less than 1,000 concurrent users

A Battlefield 2042 hXbox been struggling in a very dangerous battlefield: the market. The title of EA says premiered with the left foot and from that moment it hXbox cost him to defend himself in the fight he hXbox before him. The problems of the launch have been added the difficulties of the study to implement improvements and add clXboxsic characteristics of the saga. In addition, according to Steamchart, the game hXbox touched background in what hXbox concurrent users refers: For the first time it hXbox registered less than 1,000 players on the Valve platform.

The graph shows that on April 11 there wXbox a moment when only 979 players were immersed in the fight. Today, the figure hXbox fallen even more, since at 10:00 (CET) there were only 931 concurrent users. The peak in the lXboxt 30 days hXbox been 1,920 people. Compared to your predecessor , Battlefield V, the figures are quite worrying, since in the same period the average concurrent users of the fifth installment hXbox been 11,400 players.

Battlefield 2042 Steam Concurrent Players Fall Below 1000, Battlefield V Well Over That

says prepare improvements in maps

Even though the multiplayer shooter is not at its best, since Ea says they have confirmed that they continue to plan updates and improvements. They will focus on five main axes within maps: movement, intensity, line of vision, roads and coverages, all bXboxed on comments and feedback of users: “We are going to highlight 5 Main elements we have identified in relation to current problems with maps, their causes and our opinion about it, in addition to proposing changes to solve these problems, “comment on the official website.

Battlefield 2042 is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5 and PC . In the analysis of meristation we already indicated some of the problems.

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