The Game Honors 2021 are rates that are handed over to the ideal computer game of the year 2021. The ceremony exists by Geoff Kafka at the Microsoft Cinema.

For some time the PC gamers on Steam could choose their favorites of the year 2021st In different categories the best, most beautiful and most relaxing games were awarded now. Who were the nominees and have finally won that title, we’ll show you now.

Steam Awards: These are the winners 2021

The Steam Community voted busy again and 2021 and selected the best games of different categories in the Steam Awards. The following winners are emerged from the nominees (Source: Steam):

Game of the year

STEAM 2021 Awards Revealed + Steam Breaks Record Again
Resident Evil Village (nominees: Latham, New World, Cyberpunk 2077, Fora Horizon 5)

For both casual and hardcore fans at the same time: Our crisp Video Resident Evil sums up the entire series in an exciting fast-forward together:

VR Game of the Year

Cooking Simulator VR (nominees: Sniper Elite VR, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, I Expect You To Die 2, Blair Witch VR)

work of love

Terr aria (nominees: Data 2, Rust, No Man’s Sky, Apex Legends)

better with friends

It takes Two (nominees: Latham, Back 4 Blood, Crab Game, Halo Infinite)

This choice we can support definitely like to read our test to It Takes Two:


It Takes Two in review: The chaotic couple therapy ever

John EPP

Outstanding visual style

Fora Horizon 5 (nominees: Psychopath 2, Subnautica: Below Zero, Little Nightmares 2, Bright Memory: Infinite)

In trailer for Fora Horizon 5 you can yourselves from the graphics convincing:

Most Innovative Gameplay

Death loop (nominees: Inscription, Twelve Minutes, Montage, Loop Hero)

Best game in which they are ill

Nigh 2 (nominees: World War Z: Aftermath, Nanak: Blade Point, Age of Empires 4, Battlefield 2042)

Best Soundtrack

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (nominees: Nair Replica, Persona 5 Strikers, Guilty Gear: Strive, Demon Slayer: The Hirobumi Chronicles)

Allan the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy excellent sound has to offer:

standout game with profound story

Cyberpunk 2077 (nominees: Life is Strange: True Colors, Resident Evil Village, Days Gone, Mass Effect Legendary Edition)

After the big Release debacle of Cyberpunk 2077 — how can this RPG a year later to play? Our author Daniel has tested:


Cyberpunk 2077 after a year: What improvements are there?

Daniel Hartmann

sit back and relax

Farming Simulator 22 (nominees: Unpacking, Potion Craft, Towns caper, Village Romance)

Your want more feel-good games to relax? Then studies Bilderstrecke on Cheats perfect for you!

With several nominations and the award for Best Steam game has 2021 Resident Evil Village probably fully cleared. And if you still want to know now, has in which games the platform Checkout rang most, you can check out these pictures route:

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