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The brand-new PlayStation Plus: a frustration at okayem degree

Anybody that read my last column on the subject , that understands: I had wished that Sony was using the recentlies prior to the changeover of PlayStation Plus to build a game library across all PlayStation generations, which can stay on par with the Game Pass from Microsoft in the coming months without showing up. The transition has now been finished and I am as opposed to PS-Plus-Nun PS Plus Costs client (and also had the ability to test all the benefits of the solution). In the following I tell you why I am let down at okayem level.

the variety of games at Bonus

Which of the 2 game libraries finest suits you is of course very subjective. Apart from phases in which I overload in an on the internet role-playing game for months and also weeks, I feel comfy in a range of categories.

I stick to the fact that essential Playstation columns such as Cog & Clank: Break Apart or Grandma Turismo 7 would certainly have given the whole additional location an entirely various worth. On top of that, the library from even more than 300 games is synthetically bloated for by a large amount of maues filling up material and the nearly complete PlayStation And also Collection for PS5 customers. And some of the potential highlights like Shadow Warrior 3 or Red Dead Redemption 2 will soon disappear once again (on July 5, 2022 and on September 20, 2022).

The promise of the brand-new extra toll was a simple one: there ought to depend on 400 of the most amusing PS4 and also PS5 games. Furthermore, there are certainly all the benefits of important, which represents the old Playstation And also solution, i.e. the regular monthly games readily available, unique discount rates or on the internet multiplayer functions. This toll is more than likely to represent the deal of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is also at a similar price (EUR 13.99 versus 12.99 euros each month).

As necessary, I currently recognize a great deal of games from the Game Pass and the Extra tariff from PlayStation And also. The version is the most satisfied with which I am most pleased with the new PlayStation Plus (although absolutely not very pleased). With Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Returnal as well as Spider-Man: Miles Morales there go to the very least some hit titles that I still desire to make up for. There are likewise a variety of smaller games such as the Medievil brand-new version or Bloodstained: Routine of the Evening, for which I have actually been missing the time so much.

fantastic frustration with Costs

I am really let down with one of the most costly Playstation tariff Premium, since below Sony can have placed itself plainly in front of Microsoft, with the retro deal for the old Playstation generations. There are some highlights such as the God-of-War series, Red Dead Redemption, some components of the Homeowner Wickedness series, Resistance 3, some retro adventures with Ratchet & Clank, dolleteer or infamous.

And likewise with the PSONE generation, it looks mau: Where are Tekken 3, Soul Blade, Dead or Alive, aspiration, Grandia, Breath of Fire III + IV, Chrono Cross, Alundra, Final Fantasy Strategies, Vandal Hearts, Heart of Darkness, Twisted Metal, Road Rash 3D, Driver, Tony Hawk’s Skate boarding, Silent Hillside, Parasite Eve Chrisis, Heritage of Kain, Soul Reaver, Problem Animals, Tenchu, Burial Place Raider, Metal Gear Solid, Colony Wars as well as G-Police?

On the other hand, nevertheless, a great deal of games are missing out on that simply belong in this checklist. Below are simply a couple of examples from PS3 age: Steel Gear Solid 4, Little Big Earth 1 and 2, Trip, Flower and Killzone 3rd or Wipeout HD, Heavenly Sword, Grandma Turismo 5 and also Sly Cooper: Search via time. I would also like to have played in Uncharted: Golden Void, yet games from the PSP age are in short supply anyway. With Echocrome, just one PSP game made it right into the Costs library.

missing features, scary usability

If, like me, you likewise pick Premium, you will certainly still have a truly lot of games readily available that have additionally appeared on different platforms. Besides: the catalogs for added and also the traditional directory are called separately. Within the directories, however, you have no means to sort the checklist according to systems.

You can not also see at a glance at the games for which platforms they initially showed up because it is only shown for which current system the respective game has actually been maximized. And also the sorting of old or vice versa is simply in the retro location for the butt, considering that the initial launch day is not pertinent, yet the day when the game came right into the magazine.

The retro fun is not just torpedoed by the big number of missing out on games. In addition, the PAL variations of numerous games make certain that games with a refresh rate of 50 rather of 60 Hz flicker on the display. Poor: Such bonus are currently missing out on in the PS2 age games, and all the PS3 games have to be played via stream anyhow, with some noticeable input lag and also wall surface resolution (720p).


Final thought: Dissatisfaction at Okayem degree

In summary, it can consequently be mentioned that Sony missed out on a great opportunity with the changeover of PlayStation And also to position itself with a exclamation mark as a solid competitor of the Xbox Game Pass, as well as each time when Microsoft is crucial, securely intended brand-new launches such as Redfall as well as Starfield had to press into the coming year.

The Sony solution still has a great deal of room for improvement in terms of the top quality of the directories, however also in regards to functionality and also retro attributes. As well as for just all right 17 euros a month are in fact excessive. Specifically in contrast with the Xbox Game Pass, where you can simply sniff in for one euro or more months.

If you usually play on the PlayStation and you do not know adequate games of the additional directory yet, the new solution might really be really fascinating for you. For 1 or 2 months to move the 14 euros each in the direction of Sony as well as make up for a number of full-price games, this is always a bargain.

Do you desire that if you never ever know specifically which games will finish up in the catalogs in the coming 6 months? We understand practically exactly which games are planned for the Microsoft solution next year.

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Any person that read my last column on the subject , who knows: I had actually hoped that Sony was using the last weeks before the transition of PlayStation And also to construct a game library across all PlayStation generations, which can maintain up with the Game Pass from Microsoft in the coming months without coming up. In enhancement, there are of course all the benefits of necessary, which corresponds to the old Playstation And also service, i.e. the regular monthly games offered, exclusive discount rates or online multiplayer functions. As necessary, I currently know a lot of games from the Game Pass as well as the Additional tariff from PlayStation Plus. In addition, the Chum variations of numerous games make certain that games with a refresh price of 50 instead of 60 Hz flicker on the screen. Poor: Such extras are already missing in the PS2 age games, and also all the PS3 games have actually to be played through stream anyway, with some noticeable input lag as well as wall resolution (720p).

Blizzard Killt Overwatch 1, as soon as Overwatch 2 has been released

The hot hero-shooter Overwatch 2 is said to appear this year as a Free2Play title . To make sure that everything runs efficiently during the launch, the designers hold a number of betas . The very first possibility for followers playing the title was a while ago and the viewpoints were divided. Lots of players find the title greater than one expansion of the very first part than a completely brand-new game. The players are additionally divided with the new five-to-five style . Some specialists even fear their work. The next beta phase is set up to start on June 28, 2022 **. A message that will certainly be talked about at the very least as controversial is the organized shutdown of the Overwatch 1 server.

Overwatch 1 ought to be turned off

In a Reddit string, the designers of Overwatch 2 have asked each other all inquiries from the followers. In other words: Overwatch 1 will certainly after that no longer be playable and you are compelled to change to the follower.

One more reason for this choice is probably that you only need to focus on a game and you can pack your sources.

Originally, nevertheless, it went to Activision Blizzard various other strategies . After the news of the game in 2019, it was announced happily that gamers of the predecessor will certainly be able to play together with Overwatch 2 gamers on the same cards. Several Style decisions , such as the adjustment to five-to-five mode, have actually currently indicated that both games are no more so very easy to compatible.


Why does Overwatch 2 show up in the early gain access to?

The concept of publishing games in an incomplete version is no longer unusual today and also provides benefits as well as drawbacks. What precisely does this unclear declaration indicate at Overwatch 2? The designers also have a solution for this.

_ We use the word very early access to make it clear that this is just the start and several brand-new points will certainly come. We release new heroes, functions as well as maps, but there is also extra content in the form of the 9-week periods., consisting of the PVE campaign next year, _, according to the Overwatch 2 Game Director Aaron Keller.

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The hot hero-shooter Overwatch 2 is said to appear this year as a Free2Play title . Many players locate the title extra than one extension of the first component than a completely brand-new game. The gamers are additionally divided with the brand-new five-to-five layout . The next beta stage is set up to begin on June 28, 2022 . Numerous Style choices , such as the adjustment to five-to-five mode, have currently implied that the 2 games are no longer so easy to suitable.

There are few things that Starfield does not let you do: do you prefer to construct your ship or take that of others?

We do not wish to place a lot of limitations regarding what the gamer can or can refrain. The user has in his separation.

Can you steal a ship? You can do anything pete hines The discussion derived towards how the criminal activity is concentrated on the game, with hines verifying that we can steal the ships of others . You can do anything .

After an audio hold-up, Starfield plans its launch in PC, Xbox Collection X | S and Video Game Pass in the initial half of 2023 , without a specific day set in the calendar yet. We already understand various other details, such as the period of its major history or the tremendous size of its manuscript, that includes over 200,000 dialogue lines.

The major lead character of this recently as for video games is concerned is none aside from Starfield, the Space RPG of Bethesda that was lastly seen during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase last Sunday. With an extensive very first gameplay we saw what is capable of the video game, which is still just under a year of development.

In the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, the expanded variation of the event that Microsoft held a couple of days after Sunday’s seminar, Pete Hins exposed some extra information of what we can anticipate from the title. At one factor, Bethesda Softworks vice president discussed the intention of the study of not putting limitations to the player.


Register for the Video Game NETWORK ON YOUTUBE

Can you swipe a ship? You can do anything pete hines The conversation acquired towards how the criminal activity is concentrated on the game, with hines verifying that we can steal the ships of others . You can do anything .

Padian game writers First mouse operation experience -New options felt in Valorant, PUBG, and Battlefield 2042

Pad Kemau controversy is often featured as a topic between shooter game players . Based on the opinion that Aim by the mouse is indispensable, there is an Aim assist function depending on the work, so the outspoken discussion that it can be used in pads is repeated every day in the gamer community.

In such a situation, there are quite a few gamers who say that pads are better to enjoy without aiming for the competition scene. The author is one of them. Despite the environment where PCs and keyboards/mice can be used, I have been using pads for many years. When playing Battlefield 2042 ** with a friend, even if you say Let’s do it with a mouse! It was a gamer who was playing on the pad and had no morals.

However, the other day, I played the same work for a very easy reason, the excitement of the Valorant competition scene.

The stance on my game is Enjoy. To tell the truth, I was shunning Kemaw for this reason. There is also the property of being unfortunate to lose, but I thought that playing with pads would lead to enjoying, not only in shooter games.

Meanwhile, I was hit by the enthusiasm of VALORANT, and I wanted to play play with conscious competition from a boy heart. There are almost no routes that use pads in this work because it is a game developed only on a PC.

In this article, what did you feel when you were a long-standing pad lover of the key mall called Valorant? Including the surprise that the consciousness has changed just by using a tool called mouse, we will send you a rough gamer Valorant key mau mau operation repo.

Roughly looks back on the difference between pads and key mall

There is no need to explain now, but first of all, the difference between pad operation and key mau is roughly reviewed. Needless to say, the game pad is a style that makes full use of the controller. Kemaw is a style of fighting using a PC keyboard and mouse. These two are the agenda that heats so much that is called pad mouse controversy in shooter games.

In general, it is said that mouse operation is more advantageous in aim. It comes from the fact that the mouse can move more precisely and faster than the stick on the controller. This is the most important issue in this genre.

However, the pad is also convenient with pads. Compared to the keyboard, it fits the palm of your hand, and you can play intuitively with a brief explanation. I am grateful that there is almost no operation mistake. Recently, the Aim Assist function boasts accurate accuracy as mouse.

In the past, there was a pad with a series of fire functions, but depending on the type of shooter game, there are legendary professionals who have a pad.

However, this article has no intention of which is more suitable for shooter games or I end the pad mouse controversy…! **. I’m a genuine gachi-enjoy. It is a type that tends to receive guidance if you play team. If you are a professional gamer, you will not be eligible for those who have the ability close to professionals. It’s always like being carried, so it looks like a reverse.

However, what I want to emphasize is Which one can play the game more happily? . Focusing on enjoying in the game, I will use a repo that I played Kemaw.

Why did I love the pad, or I was not good at Keemau

The first fear that the pad user feels like a mouse is turning speed.

As a pad user, he defeats the stick and turns around slowly, but the key mau turns backwards at a speed like a monopoly. When I was just starting FPS, I slowly detoured the map against a great sniper who has struggled.

At the moment when pads are not completely turned, the sniper rotates at the moment that it is finally killed. I got a reversal head shot. At that time, the longing for Kemaw may have been born for the first time in the author.

I was a pad, but the greatness of the keemaw was even a longing feeling. Then, why did you stick to the pads, probably one of them? The feeling of I don’t want to lose may have turned to the key mau itself.

I think the gamer has a I want to be like this and an arrival point . In the shooter game, there should be I want to be this kind of existence so that RPG character makeup reflects my ideal image.

In my case, it was not aiming for the strong but I should enjoy it because it is a game. It’s not a serious or not getting stronger, but it’s a pad for enjoying, so don’t force your mouse. Conversely, if the ideal image was shooting directly and undefeated, you should have picked up the mouse without hesitation. In short, the play style using the pad matched your ideal image.

And the following reasons are that you want a feeling of playing games. Somehow, I have a strong image of controller is a symbol of the game. Gamers have a prejudice that they are exciting just by holding the controller. Don’t you play a retro game controller, etc., just grip it, but you feel happy with the feeling of loving the game?

It is quite a problem to deceive a friend like the author and play Battlefield 2042, but it is a moral different issue… At least the versatility and symbol of playing games in pads will be an important fun.

However, there are many people who think that fun and enjoy come here. The fun of winning is also the joy of a game that you must never forget. If you think you can lose, you can’t clear RPG.

In the process of enjoying the game, there is always winning or losing, and I think that the enjoy and gachi are created by the balance of the commitment to winning and losing. However, the two are just about where they are, and there are moments when they want to be an enjoying group.

The balance of I want to win/I want to have fun was influenced by the Valorant competition scene and leaned on Enjoying strongly conscious of competition.

At the same time, Valorant itself was a game that stimulated the pleasure of winning and losing and improving skills. That’s right, there’s the severity of aim and standing around. At present, the feeling that I feel strongly is that if I get stronger in this game, I will be able to enjoy more. The influence of the tool called mouse was great.

So, in the next section, I would like to talk about the impression that Nurgamer enjoy while being influenced by the Valorant competition scene.

Valorant PUBG Battlefield 2042 Kemau Repo

It’s still shallow and it’s really shallow… At the beginning of Valorant, I repeated the deathmatch while thinking, What if I accidentally pressed a strange key? In fact, isn’t there a fear of mistakes as a fear that pads are afraid?

The compatible buttons are different for each game, and there are countless it. In the first place, whether your finger reaches or the place of the palm is wrong, such a thing crosses your head. I think the biggest obstacle to Kemau migration is the lack of trust in the keyboard.

However, as I get out of the deathmatch and play Valorant several battles, I get used to the keyboard, and I feel like a trigger happy gradually…! You can do long-range head shots with handguns! This is amazing! To tell the truth, when I played with a pad, I was choosing a firearm with sweet elasticity from the perspective of discarding accuracy. The target position is below the neck. The idea was to aim for a head shot due to the variation of bullets. Meanwhile, it is wonderful to be able to aim for headshots intentionally with the mouse!

If you realize that you don’t have to have a discarded thought , you’ll feel like you’re free from the pressure of pad and mouse that has been stuck like a stiffness somewhere in your heart. became. I am worried about the keyboard operation, but I feel more free from unconscious repression.

Under the situation of 1vs2, it was refreshing when I decided the double head shot. I was so impressed that I was decided to win with my aim, but at that moment I heard a voice from a voice chat saying 444444!

Valorant is defeated unless the bombs installed even if the enemy is destroyed even if the enemy is destroyed. The writer who had forgotten how to release the bomb after immersing in the trigger happy lingering lingering lingering lingering, saying, I do not know that it can be released with 4 of this keyboard! Great judgment. I was really saved. At the start of the next round, I’m sorry I won, but I’m sorry… The problem of the pads… it’s a problem that I didn’t really remember the button arrangement. I’m sorry.

By the way, in writing this article, I also played PUGB and Battlefield 2042, which I was once familiar with. It is an intention to consider multifaceted. However, in conclusion, PUBG did not really feel the benefits of the mouse. I think this is the cause of the author.

Under the situation of 1on1, it was released from the prejudice that Aim is not good, but the permeation that permeated itself was basically no longer aiming. Winning without relying on Aim in a solo mode means how to get out of the recognition of the other party. In that respect, PUGB was easy to play with pads. When I was cornered by my opponent, I was confused and played like a rabbit, and I was actually playing in that way.

On the other hand, personally, Battlefield 2042 may be the most inconvenient pad. It is difficult to hit the back with a strategic push that breathe in a group. Since it is a game that aligns the foot and eliminates the blind spots in the group, it may be that the reaction speed and the Aim skill were considerably required.

Because I thought so, I revenge as much as I wanted for AI in Battlefield 2042. Impressive that you can snip the driver in the helicopter. You don’t have to do a rough job to hold a shield from the angle, approach and kill it as it is.

The biggest merit that I felt by switching from the pad to the mouse this time was the buddy feeling of the mouse. It is relatively confused by the keyboard, but the trust in the mouse is starting to sprout steadily.

This is strange, and it was something I didn’t feel so much when it was pad. This article has a subjective aspect, that is, a lot of mental aspects, but holding a gaming mouse and being conscious of the keyboard greatly enhances the concentration in the game.

The biggest advantage of the pad is getting used to it. I have been familiar with other games so far, and I think I will continue to use pads other than shooter games in the future. However, the tension that enters the screen may be the merit of Kemow.

In that sense, the mouse/keyboard became a new option for me. The image is not I can’t return to the pad anymore! It is the pad that actually works for versatility, and somehow I just started out of my parents’ house and started living alone I feel tight, but I still have my own room in my house Something like that…

The advantage of the mouse is not only aim or reaction!

Of course, the game has not changed, not just seeking improvement, but above all. However, you can see that the pleasure of I want to be strong is growing.

There is a long-standing pad that has long been a pad, not a keyboard/mouse operation. It would be great that the complex that Aim is moderately weak was dispelled. The conflict between pads and mouse can be pressure for some gamers. In an environment where you can do a key mow, it may lead to enjoy if you try it once.

As opposed to 36.99 euros currently at no cost: Epic handed out insane activity

The days get much longer, the temperatures rise-summer is just nearby! To cool down a bit, Epic Games gives you a jump right into the amazing water today. PC players can currently break the bloody action-RPG maneater for cost-free because in the online store.

epic hands out maneate

In the past few weeks, Epic Games has actually removed one biscuit after one more: Borderlands 3, the Bioshock Collection, Wolfenstein: The New Order-especially shooter fans got their money’s worth.

This moment, good friends of the Action RPG genre can eagerly anticipate, due to the fact that from currently on the online shop Maneater . In the role of a bullhais you make the coastlines of the open game world uncertain and also not just intimidates the undersea world, however likewise feasts on one or the various other when your diet plan has actually just been.

If you have actually fully bumped right into the chubby, you can withdraw and broaden your abilities that make you a lot more fatal. There are all types of different abilities to select from that assistance your individual style of play.

Deafen free of charge in the Epic Games Store

You do not do all of this for fun-your shark seeks a bigger objective: track down his mom’s human killer and also get him between his razor-sharp teeth .

Maneater can be downloaded and install from the Epic Games Store absolutely free by June 16, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. **.

To fulfill your function as an alpha animal of the seas, you can battle with other pinnacle fish . You can look onward to special abilities if you handle to refine them into fish feed.

Next totally free video game is a mixture of Zelda & Metroid

While Epic has always made a trick out of the following totally free video game in the previous couple of weeks, this time around you play with open cards. From June 16 there will be Supraland – an open globe activity journey with a great deal of appeal.

Watch Supaland in the Epic Games Store

_ Gameplay from the video game can be seen in the trailer: _

With a Metscore of 85 points and also a customer rating of 8.8 out of 10 possible points, Epic Games will certainly appear to distribute a tiny expert pointer to its individuals next week (resource: Metacritic).

The days obtain longer, the temperatures rise-summer is simply around the corner! To cool down a little bit, Epic Games provides you a dive into the awesome water this week. Due to the fact that in the online store, Computer gamers can currently snap the bloody action-RPG maneater for free.

Cult novel Mahoutsukai No Yoru received a specific release date for PS4 and Switch

The cult novel Mahoutsukai No Yoru received a specific release date. Earlier, Type-Moon Games only confirmed that the visual novel, popularly known as Mahoyo, will appear on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in December 2022.

The release of the “Night of the Witches” will be held on December 8, 2022 in Japan. Since yesterday, preliminary orders were opened on Mahoutsukai No Yoru. The game will have English, Japanese and Chinese text localizations.

The Mahoyo Movie is Amazing News!
The original Mahoutsukai No Yoru entered the PC in 2012. It is based on the story written by the co-founder of Type-Moon Kinoko Nasu, which became the basis for almost all subsequent Type-Moon games. These include TSUKIHime and Fate/Stay Night, as well as their various spin-offs and related games.

Lol: Riots error in the last patch that a monstrous champion has created

The last League of Legends patch has been one of the most extensive in history. Update 12.10 introduced the great changes to the durability and reduction of the effective damage of the champions. A situation that has had the busy community trying to try what the strongest characters would be. However, among so many modifications Riot Games has made a bulk mistake that has given rise to one of the most remembered mismatches.

Bel'Veth is NOT Riot's New Monster Champion

The mistake made by Riot Games when trying to solve a bug

The developer failure is related to Shyvana . Since the introduction of patch 12.10 the champion has been able to win 58% of the games. Far from being a great improvement due to changes in systems, it has been a great error of Riot Games who has given rise to this situation. The company’s employees were trying to solve a failure related to their Q (double bite) when she is transformed into a dragon, since the ability only once hit the structures instead of the two that was planned.

The problem is that the change of the developer has also affected the times in which her attack connects on the champions. Instead of doing it twice, apply the damage up to three times. An increase of 50% in the effect of the ability that seems to have been unnoticed by the developer. Only now that their statistics are reliable to have played in more than 12,000 games , the community and Riot Games have been able to realize the problem. Of course, the company is very likely to solve the problem very soon or disable the champion.

In general terms, this has been the big surprise of patch 12.10 of League of Legends. The truth is that the adjustments are notable in departure and have had great effects on a lot of champions that will need reviews. However, The situation has not been as chaotic as the community or the Riot Games developers expected. It is still early to draw conclusions, although as soon as this situation is solved it seems that everyone will be happier with the game.

Small return to Paris Fan Festival

As usual on this kind of living room, various stands of goodies of all kinds are present. T-shirts, figurines, manga, etc., there was enough to empty your wallet. But a little more behind are also present small craft shops, whether jewelry or larger accessories. I admit that I did not pay much attention to these last stands, but there seemed to be nice things. There were also offers for larger budgets, gaming chairs and large PC gamers.

In the categories of purchases, the important presence of ASMODEE and HASBRO , which were there with a fairly large area. The big plus of these publishers was that there were several tables to try their games. In the case of the first, it was a whole bunch of board games, with the assistance of the staff present for the occasion. On the other hand, curious not to offer more attractive prices for the show (for those checked, it was the same as the Cultura or Fnac standard, damage). The fact remains that the principle and logistics of the thing were good. For the second, it was Hero Quest (Le Remaster) and Donjons & Dragons 5th edition. It was the latter who particularly attracted my attention. Indeed, there were several people making the game master (MJ) and offering very short parts (about 30 minutes) to learn the genre. There was even a scenario planned for the little ones. I admit that I did not carefully observe the three MJs, but from Visu, the players seemed to be interested and have fun. For a little more personal note, I was able to participate in a game with Quicky, and then observed several others (sometimes in the same story to observe the variations) with him (that is a little stalker, right?). Very good MJ, the explanations were clear, the top animation, and him very friendly. In short, very good idea of Hasbro, I recommend trying there on another opportunity for those who would like to discover the genre.

A large part of the space was occupied by various exhibitions. There were magnificent superhero costumes on mannequins, or small sketches with figurines, of the same theme. One in particular caught my attention, the manga and animated dioramas (accompanied by illustrations above the manufacturing of the same theme). It was very successful. There were also various exhibitions of paintings, illustrations, photo-montages, perhaps in a little small quantity each time, but nice. Obviously, the famous 501st Legion was present with a small stand and its members which traveled the surroundings. There was also a makeup, initiation to GN, but I admit that I did not linger on it.

A few words about the presence of a few series elements to take a picture, such as the sofa of Friends,or the Tardis of _Dr Who. This is again, an animation that seems to have had a little success since there was very often someone during the passage in front. For the anecdote, the Tardis was between the game for the photos with the stars and the toilets. And it seems that Matt Smith was caught on the way, he let himself be taken in pictures (free) with a small group of fans.

For the video game side, there was something to do too. The Nintendo League, an association, was there to offer playing games Switch . Whether in testing (recent or not games) or for small friendly tournaments, there were a good dozen consoles and perhaps a dozen animators. A space for the arcade was also there, with more than twenty terminals available for various more or less classic games of the genre, and without having to put a piece to launch a game! Finally was a small retrogaming part via the MO5 association to try or have the pleasure of finding old games on old consoles.
This whole video game part was not very magnitude. I would have appreciated that the retro space was a little larger for example, but it was again a good section, in particular the part of the association on Nintendo.

Two schools were present to train in the cinema, audiovisual and video game profession. The thing is appreciable without a doubt. But one could formulate a small reproach on the fact that there were only the first or second years only, for training which generally has five. Beyond the simple fact that they did not have a great decline and the experience of several years, that makes a little think that the school has not given more interest than that to the idea… The fact remains that the young people I was able to discuss with were very nice and there was something to find out.

Last part, and not the least important, animation. With two scenes, a large and a much smaller, this is where the different shows, conferences, questions / answers, rhythmed the festival.

A Little Girl Gives A Coin To A Street Musician And Gets The Best Surprise In Return.
The opening of the festivities is made on a Capella choir session by Negitachi. It is rather of quality but I found the number of pieces a little light. Followed by a K-POP session by the Stormy Shot group. Full of energy (at the same time it is better), they gave a beautiful spectacle to each of their representation. Two passages over the two days for the first group and four for the second.

During the weekend therefore took place various events on the main scene, such as cosplay, quizzes, etc. It’s not really my thing but it seems to have liked a lot of people. On the other hand, I had much more interest in Q&R sessions. Located on the secondary stage for the first, there were quite interesting subjects, with speakers who were in general too. Unfortunately it was spoiled by a fairly mismanagement of sound and space (scenes too close to each other, not enough to do enough barrage). For example, I looked forward to the session with Fortiche Studio (the directors of the Arkane series) to finally leave after a few minutes, it was barely audible, especially because of bad sound equipment settings… This problem was much less present on the main scene but which also had a lot of saturation in sound, problems on returns, etc.

Finally the presence of stars of the small screen obviously caused a sensation, because there were beautiful people all the same. At the head of the poster, the presence of Tyler Hoechlin (teen Wolf or more recently his very good interpretation of the famous Kryptonian in the very good series superman & Lois) and Matt Smith (the extraordinary eleventh doctor of the series doactor who). Obviously, there have been the usual autographs and photos (against remuneration), but also half-hour Q&R sessions. For having followed several, it was very good, both on the side of the behavior of the latter and on the side of the Festival staff. The opportunity to talk about Dan Cardosso who officiated as a translator for these passages. A regular for fan festival, he enabled very fluid exchanges and in a very good atmosphere with celebrities. It is incidentally someone very friendly and accessible, for having been able to exchange with him. Let us mention Ted Etienne who kept the main scene very well during these two days, it was he who ensured almost all of the animation. Joy, good humor, he has certainly contributed to the right atmosphere.

There are still things to say no doubt, but it already seems a good summary of the festival. So in concluding? It is not the Japan Expo, far from it, nor the Paris Games Week , phew. But there was in this living room a real good atmosphere, a true love of pop culture, whether exhibitors, animators, speakers. There were obviously logistics faults, and content in the end very limited (hard to spend a whole day there and even more the two days, without being interested in a particular conference) but it was the first edition. For those who knew it, the show made me think a little about the video game festival , and it’s a good compliment. In any case, these two days at Paris Fan Festival were very friendly and interesting. A good little living room that begins, which will certainly grow and become better. Look forward to seeing the next edition.

Leave the Gungeon by shooting consoles and PCs this year

After spending a few months exclusively in the Apple Arcade service, Dodge Roll Games »Sortez du Gungeon is about to make your way to other platforms.

In a new poster on his Twitter account, the developer confirmed that rapid filming will arrive on PC and consoles “at the start of this year”. No release date has yet been given, but Pax South and Pax East will soon take place. One or the other of these shows would be an ideal place to reveal information about this.

Exit the Gungeon - Now Available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Apple Arcade

Aside from that, the original version of the team, _ Hold in the Gungeon, _ has become one of the most popular independent games on the market. In the same Twitter message, he confirmed: “ Hold in the dungeon has exceeded the three million copies sold and we are very grateful for the support of the community!” Sort de Dunge will also arrive on all these platforms.

Finally, Dodge Roll Games reminded the players that he brings the Gungeon experience to the arcades, too. Maison du Gundead should start this year, although no new information is available at present. However, for those who love a good arcade shooter like crise of time and Maison of death, keep an eye on it.

If you need to remember how much a game is radi Sort from the dungeon is, see the trailer below. You can check it on Apple Arcade now.

Dozens of games available for PC: The sales of returning electronic in Heavy steam leave us these prominent

Steam initiatives continue to connect to video games. Not pleased with having a successful Steam Deck that is improving with each update, now the system charms us with a whole lot of provides . While a few days ago he promoted his determination event with discount rates at Metaidvania, Roguelike and more, currently assault our profile with a new project committed to return electronic.

We have actually currently discovered everything that offers to return digital in Steam and, as always, we advise some most interesting discount rates . But, if you desire to know all the promotions of the promo, you better have a look at the Valve system.

Customarily in the application, Shutoff go back to the lots with sales dedicated to among the most praised representatives of this market. Therefore, we currently have the opportunity to look for bargains among all the titles of returning electronic and appreciating their elegant experiences. Beware, maintain in mind that this promotion will certainly be energetic up until Might 16 , which gives us more than a week to decide our purchases.

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