With Deep Silver’s restart of the Saint’s Row franchise just around the corner, you may wonder if you could fill a void of the size of Grand Theft Auto in your heart. The series looks a lot like GTA in many ways, but over the years, it also left Rockstar’s shadow to forge its own success and identity. Here is everything you need to know about If Saints Row is like Grand Theft Auto.

Is Saints Row like Grand Theft Auto?

The original Saints Row was launched in 2006 and presented the player’s character driving through an open world based on real American cities, participating in shootings and assuming a lot of NPC missions to advance in history. If that sounds familiar, it is because it is. The original Saints Row was coined as a ‘clone of GTA’ and, to be honest, for the first two entries, that description is quite precise.

However, even in those first days, a base that differentiated Saint’s Row from GTA was established. Saints Row gave the players the ability to create their own character and determine their ethnic origin, physical state, face and hairstyle. Saints Row 2 would then offer players the option of a female character. GTA did not include a characters creator until 2013 with the launch of GTA: online.

Saints Row: The Third marked a full-tone change for the series, with Volition developers with the aim of carrying the franchise in a more comic direction. They attached to their weapons. Saints Row IV sees your character becoming president of the United States while fighting an alien invasion in a virtual world with an expansion that sees a favorite character of fans fight against the legions of hell. GTA has his most crazy moments, but Saints Row takes him to another level.

The franchise also adopts a different approach to tell stories. Grand Theft Auto’s titles are usually one and are made with some exceptions such as Vice City: Stories and Liberty City: Stories. Saints Row, on the other hand, before the restart, told a continuous story during the four games and focused largely on the same cast, for the most part.

The protagonists of GTA also tend to be lonely wolves that motivate themselves, while Saints Row focuses on your gang, the Third Street Saints, who have a group of sympathetic characters in their own right. As The Boss of the Saints, your goal is to help the gang defeat their rivals in territorial wars and eventually become icons of pop culture.

If you like to cause butcher shop and chaos in GTA: Online, then there is a good possibility that Saints Row is right on your street. It is possible that you prefer the stories of GTA darker and mature and feel that the madness of the franchise can discourage it. Deep Silver Volition developers have promised that the restart will have a return to the most dim and balanced tone of Saints Row 2.

These games are fun, first of all, and accept their nonsense. If you enjoy the main gameplay and mechanics of Grand Theft Auto, it is very likely that you have fun with Saints Row.

Players can explore a living city while facing rival gangs with a huge arsenal of weapons that can be discovered along the way. Some are a little more out there, such as Shark-O-Matic, which can invoke a shark to devour complete enemies.

There is also a missions structure similar to most GTA titles, since players assume missions of several NPCs and gang members with their corresponding icons that are read throughout the map. It is a very familiar design and a way to assume missions. You can also undertake secondary missions, which include drug deals, join a fight club, earn the loyalty of your gang and tear down the bastions of enemy gangs. If you want to take a break from the saints or Liberty City, you will feel at home in Steelport.

That is all we know about If Saints Row is like Grand Theft Auto . Be sure to see more of our Saints Row coverage in the coming weeks before its launch on August 22.

Source of the main image: Deep Silver Volition.

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