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The Pros Guide on Building the Re-worked Aurelion Sol for the 2023 LCS Spring Split

Harry Her King picked him in both Team Liquids video games last week, though he only claimed one triumph. It was the very same case for Cristian Paradox Paradox, who additionally pulled Aurelio Sol out of his sleeve twice, yet won only when.

Aurelio Sol develop played by LCS pros.

There are 2 mythic options when it came to Aurelio Sol in the 2023 LCS Springtime Split. In among their video games, both Paradox and Her chose Landry Distress as opposed to the more common Pole of Ages. The last comes as the evident choice as a result of Aurelio Sols MANA pool problems, while it additionally gives him considerable health and also capacity rush to various other famous items.

Regardless of the nerfs, Aurelio Sol ought to remain a sensible choice in the solo line-up. And also if you’re looking to develop him the way that the North American pros did, here’s a failure of how they did it.

After the most recent rework, Aurelio Sol made his 2023 LCS Spring Split debut during week six of the competitors. Here show the pros built him if you want to attempt him out too.

As well as while having Pole of Ages appears reasonable, especially in the initial 20 minutes of the video game, the Star Counterfeiter is able to boost his MANA pool by having Seraphs Embrace. If you’re looking for a much more aggressive build, you must pick Landry Suffering. The product itself additionally empowers various other legendary things with capability haste as well as grants 600 MANA by itself, so you ought to be fine in that regard.

With a 2-3 document up until now in the North American competition, Aurelio Sol is yet to solidify himself as one of the much better mid-lane picks in the LCS. Although with week seven used Spot 13.4, where Aurelio Sol will remain unmodified in advance of his Patch 13.5 adjustments, It’s safe to state that he’s hosting likely to make some looks this Thursday as well as Friday too.

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An additional crucial thing that included in four of the 5 ready Aurelio Sol is Relies Crystal Scepter. It’s a vital part thanks to the champions AOE damage. When you hit enemies with your black opening or utmost, you desire your team to act on that, and having them reduced by Relies Crystal Scepters passive is available in handy.

What comes next after you protect Aurelius Sol core items

As soon as lcs pros obtained their hands on mythic things, Seraphs Embrace, and also Relies Crystal Scepter, they started choosing protective or offensive alternatives, depending on the state of their games. In the former cases, they develop Abandons Death cap, while in the last they opted for Banshees Veil and also Stop-watch. In either case, it’s a tip that once you obtain these three core things under your belt, you might complete your build with AP items that will certainly match your situation one of the most.

One more crucial thing that featured in four of the five games for Aurelio Sol is Relies Crystal Scepter.


It was the same case for Cristian Paradox Paradox, that additionally drew Aurelio Sol out of his sleeve twice, yet won just when. There are 2 mythic options when it came to Aurelio Sol in the 2023 LCS Spring Split. The last comes as the apparent choice due to Aurelio Sols MANA pool issues, while it likewise provides him considerable wellness and also ability rush to various other famous things.

The 2023 LCS Springtime Split returns this Thursday, March 9, with week 7 of the competitors.

League of Legends Patch 13.5: Aatrox, Kennen, and More Buffs in the Top Lane | Riots Balance Changes

Besides to planers, 5 other champs will certainly obtain buffs in Organization Spot 13.5: LeBlanc, Fizz, Jinx, Samira, and Diana. The former will be obtaining a brand-new mechanic on her Q, while Fizz will certainly be receiving a substantial buff to his Q and also W, which might see the champ return to mid-lane meta. When it comes to Jinx, she’ll be getting even more attack speed per degree, which can be pivotal.

The complete checklist of equilibrium changes coming to League of Legends Spot 13.5 are now offered on the BE servers, as well as they use a peek of what gamers can anticipate in Summoners Break next week.

Matrix, on the other hand, is receiving buffs to his W as well as ultimate. While they are small modifications, a more powerful Globe Under might make a genuine difference in team fights. Kandahar as well as Rumble, at the same time, are getting back at smaller sized buffs to their base stats as well as E, specifically.

Kennel will certainly obtain an aficionado to his Q, which will certainly now have more standard damages along with a greater converter of capacity power. It will certainly additionally have a lower cooldown, while his E deals even more damages to minions. These modifications must strengthen his landing stage and also possibly make him a more capable champ in team fights if he does well in lane.

In overall, 9 underplayed champions are expected to obtain minor buffs, including 4 off-meta to planers– Kennel, Matrix, Tryndamere, and Rumble. The adjustments to the former 2 can see them go back to the meta.

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The following patch is scheduled to strike the live servers on Wednesday, March 8.


Spot 13.5 will likewise bang a variety of champions with the nerf hammer, consisting of Aurelio Sol, who has preponderated on the Rift considering that his rework in Spot 13.3.

Jensen attempts– and also fails– to take down the Organization GOAT in an ability

Oct. 13 noted the start of the second phase of the group stage at the 2022 Organization of Legends World Champion, with Group A fearlessly stepping onto the screening grounds of Summoners Break to confirm they are worthwhile of the knockout phase. Since T1, Cloud9, Fanatic, as well as Edward Gaming stood a possibility to advance to the next phase, it would certainly be an exaggeration to claim that the other day’s matches were adrenaline-packed rollercoasters for audiences throughout the globe. Among the largest highlights of the evening was quickly an ethical one-vs-one between Lee Faker Sang-hyeok and Jensen.

During the match in between C9 and also T1, the veterans ofLeaguelastly clashed in a skill-intensive standoff with Jensen playing Alkali and Faker on Silas. The competition is historically known for being among the largest ability matches in the mid-lane given that both Silas and Alkali have the needed devices to outplay each other, like recovery, dashes, CC, as well as invisibility. At the 22-minute mark, Jensen as well as Faker came across each other in T1’s jungle for a legendary face-off.

C9 won’t proceed their run at Globes 2022, Evil Geniuses as well as 100 Burglars– although heavily behind the remainder of the pack– can still make the knockout phase if they roll their sleeves up this weekend.

Saving no effort, Faker and also Jensen made use of every device at their disposal to outlast each other, consisting of capabilities, products’ actives, and also flashes. Ultimately, Faker won the duel many thanks to a timely Stop-watch that rejected Alkali’s Perfect Implementation. As faker and jensen were measuring their skills in the forest, the rest of T1 were sending as well as finishing the game C9 packing.

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Riot Games enthüllt EDward Gaming LoL Worlds 2021

League of Legends’ Worlds-Skins are always a hot topic, and this year’s year is no exception. The winner of the Worlds 2021, Edward Gaming, has the privilege of having the achievements of his players converted into code, and according to the Splash-Art previously published by Riot Games, they look spectacular. Now the developer has gone further and has unveiled the skins in the game through his public beta environment (PBE).

At the beginning of this week, Riot confirmed that Graves, Viego, Zoe, Aphelios and Yuumi received this year’s Worlds-Skins selected by Li ‘Flandre’ Xuan-Jun, Zhao ‘Jiejie’ Li-Jie and Lee ‘Scout’. Ye-chan, Park ‘Viper’ Do-Hyeon and Tian ‘Meiko’ Ye.

The players of Edward Gaming originally indicated during the press conference after the Worlds 2021 Grand Grand final what champions they wanted to be immortalized, and it looks as if they all fulfilled their wish.

The most delightful part of the skin position process is the skin of Yuumi’s Worlds, which is modeled by Meiko’s cat Raccoon. According to Skin producer ‘Riot Tiny Bun’, support has expressly asked for his cat-like friend to be immortalized in the game. As you will see in your recall animation below, Yuumi is lifted up by ghostly hands and caressed, which-unfortunately we have to admit that we are talking about Yuumi here-is hellish.

World championship skins were unveiled on the PBE ????

DK vs EDG - Game 1 | Grand Finals S11 LoL Worlds 2021 | DAMWON Kia vs Edward Gaming - G1 full game

???? EDG Zoe
???? EDG Viego
???? EDG graves
???? EDG Yuumi
???? Edg aphelios

  • League of legends (@leagueoflegends) 26. April 2022

Since the Worlds-Skins debut on the PBE, it is only a matter of time before they appear on the live servers. The 2020 Worlds-Skins of DWG Kia were released on April 29 last year, so it is likely that Edward Gaming’s skins will arrive at some point at some point or while MSI 2022.

Mollusous hard-sided mechanical action “Punifier 2” STeam store page released. My strongest Robo creating from over 100 parts of parts

Domestic game developer 221Games published the Steam store page of Action Shooting “ Punihorider 2 ” on April 5. The compatible platform is PC.

“Punihoroida 2” is a mechaga stormy shooter that “Puno”, a single-headed mystery organism boarding a unique mechanical. The stage of this work is Neo Sahikawa. In Neoa Sahikawa, Puni Hitachi is a big deal of competitions fighting on the mechanical. Players are Punit, collecting friends, earned activities, and we aim at the top of the “Neo Sahikawa League” buying Mechanical Parts.

The mechanism of Puni Havings consists of five parts: torso / left arm / right arm / leg / back equipment. A player combines parts that appear more than 100 points, and aims to be your own strongest mechanical. For example, in the legs, various types of types such as biped walking type and tire drive type, hover type, etc. are prepared. As arm parts, we can choose weapons such as gatling and two swords. You can choose your favorite combat style by the combination of parts. By the way, you can enjoy various fashions that boarding the mechanical.

As the game mode, it is equipped with 1ON1 / 3ON3 mode aiming at the top of Neo Sahikawa League. In addition, there is also a survival mode that can participate in the competition feelings and a byte mode that earn activities funding.

The previous work “Punifera” is sold in Booth from 2019. As an additional element in “Punihoroida 2”, one or more mechanical mechanisms continue to continue, and more than 10 mecrot. In addition, the “back equipment” is implemented that grants various auxiliary functions to the mechanism. Activate effects such as jump / recovery / Aim assist. In addition, “3ON3 mode” to fight with three teams first appeared in this work. The team ‘s complain is likely to be able to battle in a variety of styles by instructing the player.

221Games, which develops this work, is a two-man indie game developer. It is a team consisting of the development of this flood and mechaden, who works on development. As a past work, the “Punihoroida” mentioned above released. Then it seems to send out a sequel to volume up after two years.

“Puni Heroder 2” is scheduled to be released for PC at STeam. Experience version delivery is scheduled for the summer of 2022.

A Robot Named Fight review
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Champions League Live: Bayern – Salzburg today exclusively on Amazon Prime [ad]

In the second round of the UEFA Champions League Bayern Munich meets tonight on RB Salzburg. Since the FC Bayern did not come out about a 1: 1 in the first leg, and generally does not seem to struggle against self-confidence, that could be quite exciting. The game is transferred exclusively to Amazon Prime Video and is included in the normal prime subscription. Stiff is at 9 pm, the discussion at Amazon begins but already at 20 o’clock. Following the game, there are also highlights from the game Liverpool against Inter Milan. Here you come to the stream:

Bayern Munich vs. Salzburg: Champions League Live on Amazon Prime

Amazon has secured the rights to selected Tuesday games of the UEFA Champions League this year, even in the group stage were already greetings from Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund to see. Next week, there is an exclusive live broadcast again, namely the match between Manchester United and Atletico Madrid. More about this and other programs such as background reports and interviews around the Champions League can be found here:

Champions League at Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime 30 days for free

You do not have a prime subscription yet, but still want to see the match tonight? This is not a problem because Amazon offers a free 30-day test membership. Through this, you also receive access to thousands of films and series on prime video, over two million songs on Prime Music, free premium shipping and other benefits. Here you know more:

Amazon Prime: Test 30 days for free

But you should note that the test membership automatically transforms into a paid subscription, if you do not notice before the end of the 30 days.

Further interesting offers can be found on our Amazonals overview page .

LIVE: Bayern Munich vs RB Salzburg | UEFA Champions League free livescore and video stream

The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links your Amazon supports: without the effect on the price we get a small commission from the provider.

LOL: Riots gift to Tyler1 for its unrepeatable achievement in qualifying games

He is the most controversial content creator in the story of League of Legends , but he managed to redeem himself on an effort and dedication to become an praised figure even by Riot Games. Tyler1 continues to have emerged opinions regarding the state of the game to which he dedicates countless hours, and has achieved an almost impossible milestone in qualifying games: reach the highest range of the game in the five positions that we find in the loyalty crack. A fact that the company has wanted to compensate with a very special gift .

Riot’s gift to Tyler1 after meeting his great challenge

To recognize the difficulty of the challenge assumed by the creator of content and the time he has dedicated to fulfill it, Riot Games sent the creator five medals . Each of them has the old logo of the Challenger range (challenger) and is accompanied by a ribbon in which an embroidery appears indicating the position in which he got it and the date on which he reached the range. A unique detail that developers have wanted to share with the community.


The Tyler1 challenge also allows you to make certain readings of how all the League of Legends positions work. According to the creator of content the simplest role is support , where he needed less than 500 games to achieve Challenger. Similar situation for Mid Lane and something more complex for jungle , which was not given especially good. However, where he has suffered is in the top lane : he needed almost 3,00 games to complete his ascent, and was stuck for a long time between the master and great teacher scores.

It has been 6 years since Tyler1 was permanently banned by Riot Games in one of the toughest sanctions that are remembered: not only had a suspension in his game account, if not that his person was completely vetoed until the end of the times. An unprecedented disciplinary measure that developers raised after the player continued to create great content about League of Legends spectating games or organizing tournaments. An unexpected journey that concludes with a unique achievement that Riot has wanted to recognize.

LOL: The failure of the players with Zeri confirming a theory of Riot Games

Zero has not landed with a good foot in the loyalty crack. Since the champion arrived at League of Legends she has barely harvested victories and does not seem justified Riot Games’ decision to reduce her power when she was still in the BE. The players are suffering to get out of it and have barely been able to reach a victory rate that can be equated to that of the worst game champions. However, this situation is not due so much that it is a bad character or too difficult to play: it is the community that is making a much simpler mistake.

The error of the players with Zero

If we serve the statistics, almost no player is choosing it more suitable Build to win games . 90.7% of the players are deciding for Zero a traditional object construction that has proven to be completely inefficient. With mythical objects of shooters, the champion just manages to win 43.7% of the items at best. However, if we change from third and build Strength of Trinity , our victory expectations increase up to 49.35%. Stratospheric numbers for what is expected of a new character.

There are several customs that have made the players of League of Legends commit an error so remarkable and can be explained by several causes. The simplest would be custom. It is a shooter, and we all expected certain objects to work. It is also easy to follow the indications of players with greater MMR and blindly trust. However, the main problem is that the functioning of the champion is so particular that it was almost impossible to know all the interactions of it.

The choice of strength of the Trinity is related to the mechanics of unique basic attacks that brightly activates the brightness, but above all, as it opens on its way to an object choice that it takes the most out of its Q (fire Explosive) and in which all items are feedback . In it, we have four main items that work as follows.

  • Trinity force : Increase damage for each basic and movement speed gain by up to five loads.
  • Hurricane of Ru naan : It allows accumulating the five speed loads of the Trinity in just two blows and its rays inflict damage to the secondary objectives instantaneously.
  • Titanic Hydra : Complete Ru naan Hurricane Granting Great Damage in Area that allows you to subtract life to enemies without even hitting them and combines very well with the R (crash of rays)
    • Black Blade : It is applied on the main objective in a single blow of explosive fire, since each of the seven shots counts as an accumulation.


Different employees of Riot Games have secured on numerous occasions that, on many occasions, the champions do not work because we usually follow the indications of professional or high-level players and these also make obvious mistakes. There are several examples over the past few months, although one of the most evident was the situation of glacial improvement after the introduction of the preseason, which was the best rune in infinity of champions and barely received attention from the community (nor Even in the highest ranges).

With Zero, the players of League of Legends have experienced a very similar situation. Riot Games considers diamond players 2 or higher ranges as the elite group, applying for them a special way to adjust the champions. However, Even in this section, only 10.67% of the players choose the strength of the Trinity and its perfect combination of objects. Sometimes the champions are not so bad, and we are all that we are wrong with them.

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