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Akasor Games MMORPG ‘Noahs Heart’, scheduled to be released on July 21st

-The realistic graphics that look like a movie, the strategic play of the Spirit by job

-In order to add to the best of travel, you can provide ‘encounter quests’, various titles and treasure chests

** -When you achieve a specific level, you can decorate your own space, find ‘Black Stone’, etc.

Akasor Games announced today that it has confirmed the release date of Open World MMORPG , which is scheduled for service.

Noah’s Heart is a steampunk style genre that was not easily seen in the existing MMORPG, which allows you to enjoy an adventure on an unfamiliar planet and applied a quarter view to show the sense of space on the planet.

In addition, strategic battles through the link between real graphics and Spirit are expected to be response from RPG users by adding immersion as they play games. When two or more ‘Spirit’ is used when the ultimate is used, it is characterized by a strategic play that combines and applied it according to the job of Spirit, which is being linked.

In addition, in order to add the beauty of the trip, the Noah’s planet meets strangers and solves the encounter quest to provide cooking recipes, how to make furniture, and information of various titles and hidden treasure chests. In addition, there is a encounter quest that can only be performed in fixed time and weather, adding to the fun of freely traveling around the planet, performing missions and gaining hidden rewards.

In addition, if you achieve a certain level, you can decorate your own space, such as arranging a house by arranging a house, and supporting high-freedom play, such as searching for treasure chests or finding and recovering ‘Black Stone’ in dungeons and unexplored.

Meanwhile, Akasor Games unveiled a TV CF trailer with the story of the Noah’s Law, which survives the Noah’s planet.

In particular, Kim Byung-man smiles with a versatile appearance in reality, such as taking a pickaxe from the bag or making a house using woodworking technology.

More details can be found on the official website.

Former victor of the League of Legends Worlds is guilty of drug accusations

For his engagement in profession with cannabis, a drug in category 2 in Taiwan, the ex-LOL expert might be with lifelong jail time or a short-lived jail time of at the very least 10 years and perhaps with a penalty of no greater than fifteen million New Taiawan Dollar occupied -that’s around half a million US bucks. His penalty is still pending.

Nearly 10 years ago, Toyz won the Summoner’s Mug as Organization of Legends World Champion after beating the South Korean Club Azubu Frost in the LOL World Championship, which was just held second.


A former Organization of Legends World Champion guilty concerning drug trafficking in Taiwan after being apprehended last year because he had tried to sell cannabis that is illegal in the Southeast Asian country.

Taipei Assassins was the last team that Lol Worlds won, which did not originate from China or South Korea.

As reported, Taiwanese media and viewed by Inven Global, Lau ‘Toyz’ Wai Kin, who won in 2012 as Midlaner for Taipei Assassins Lol Worlds, claimed guilty to the fees for which he was apprehended in 2015. Taiwan has strict regulations regarding the circulation as well as contraband of medications, and also Toyz might anticipate a high punishment.

While Toyz has guilty, his protector claimed that the Hong Kong person of Taiwan’s medication regulations did not totally understand and also often traveled between both countries.

Diablo 4: Quarters update of 30.3.2022

The Publisher Blizzard writes about this video (excerpt from the blog):

The environments of diablo IV cover a large extent of the game and its graphic components: five different regions and hundreds of dungeons waiting to be discovered by you. There you will kill monster, collect booty and explore the surroundings. Of course, nothing would be possible without the common efforts of our talented designers, programmers, ambient designers, lighting artists and technical designers.

When creating the environments of diablo IV we pursue a gloomier, more earthy approach than in earlier parts. The goal is credibility, not realism. This credibility rests in the use of our materials and conscious creation of architecture and artifacts that you will find in the dungeons and in the open game world. In addition, regional weather conditions, a wide variety of local biomes and the history of the game world, form the basis of looking like an object or a place in a medieval world like Sanctuario. Finally, Sanktuario is full of history, fighting and conflicts and offers us many opportunities to show a diverse world full of appealing places to a gloomy medieval scene.

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