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3. 4. 5.5 Quality of Life Updates for Scarlet and Violet Pokemon We Still Want to See – Nintendo Life / Pokemon

Image: Nintendo Life / Pokémon
Update 1.2.0 to scarlet and violet Pokémon brought many small additions and improvements to Pale.
A handful of errors corrections, such as a precise reflection of the damage caused in the Battles of the RAID and some updates of quality of life for the PC Pokémon boxes in the game, certainly contribute largely to eliminate Poison Sting from the problems
continuous that surround technically.
Conflicting adventure.
However, start Scarlet & Violet after installing this update reveals that, unfortunately, a lot of problems (including an apparent error of saved data) still plague the game as a moody cantata horde.
We move on and arm a brief list of changes and additions that we will still like to see aggregates.
From missing mechanics available in previous games to existing performance problems, take a look at five quality of life updates that we want to see in future updates, and especially before.
The hidden treasure of the zero DLC area (which includes the bluish green mask and the indigo disc) opens at the end of this year.

more performance updates

Image: Nintendo Life
Let’s remove the Citrus Berry in the middle that hang under: Scarlet & Violet still run like a fast with one leg.
Jumping to the play update shows that little has been done, if nothing, in terms of performance.
When traveling through Myrmidon or Portion, the game cannot still maintain a constant speed of 30 paintings per second.
The foliage appears randomly and NPCs continue to fail and disappear.
The camera loves to travel the environment as much as a Agreement loves to eat berries, and it still takes several minutes to load Pokémon images in the boxes of the PC.
We understand that there is a fundamental problem with the way in which the open world is generated in Scarlet & Violet, and there is no easy solution to bring it to the minimum standard, but at this point it is quite difficult to return to the game after playing.
Something that can maintain 30 solid fps or Areas does not want it, 60 fps or more in another system.
We sincerely hope something is done before the first DLC for The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero in autumn is launched.

An option to launch mass Pokemon

Image: Nintendo Life
Update 1.2.0 made a couple of great improvements in PC boxes, but did not solve a problem that has affected most Pokémon games and, honestly, we are surprised that it has not yet been solved.
The perfect Pokémon breeding or Shiny hunt results in pushing hundreds of Papal to the box of your PC so that they remain trapped forever, unless the releases before reaching the limit of 960.
With a growing approach to catching everything you see, it is strange that there is currently no way to release mass Pokemon.
Instead, you have to get rid of them one by one, which, with how slow are the pale pc boxes, can take a frustrating time long.
The only way to release mass Pokemon is to send them to Pokémon Hogarsoftware that requires a subscription and, at the time of writing this, home compatibility is not yet available for Scarlet & Violet.

A jingle for shines

Image: Nintendo Life
Pokémon Legends: Areas included a small tinting when a bright Pokémon was close.
This was a great addition to accessibility because he made sure you would not miss them in the new open zone format.
However, in Scarlet & Violet, Game Freak eliminated this function, so it is almost impossible to notice if a bright Pokemon is close unless you are looking for one specifically or if it is an obvious color change like a bright yellow beautiful.
And taking into account how small are some of these Pokémon in nature, this omission seems disconcerting.
It is not known how many Pikachu that are of a slightly different tone or axes with a purple scarf on the neck through which you have passed.
And other Pokémon like Char cadet Shines are barely seen different from their normal form.

In addition to this, the terrible lighting of Scarlet & Violet aggravates this problem at dawn or at dusk.
We often stopped and verified again that a Pokémon was not brilliant when we defeated the star team and defeated the Pokémon Titan, and we always disappointed.
This would have become much less annoying with a small jingle that we hope Game Freak will again present.

A more convenient way to farmers term fragments

Image: Nintendo Life

A frankly ridiculous quantity of Term fragments is needed to change the type of your Pokemon.
For competitive fighters, this is especially frustrating because Scarlet & Violet, such as Pokémon sword and shield before, introduced a lot of characteristics to make equipment creation much more agile and that consume less time.
It is a step forward, another step back.
At the moment, the most efficient way of collecting mass shards is completing the Raids, but it can still have hours to collect the 50 needed.
Find an incursion of the type you want, travel to this incursion, defeat the Pokémon Term and wait for more than one or two fragments: rinse, repeat.
Competitive coaches solved this once they collected 50 sharing their online battle team and then rebooting their game, allowing them to access their team to play competitive and recover all their term sales.
However, update 1.2.0 eliminated this solution by requiring to save before sharing online equipment.
Before the integration of Pokémon Home arrives at Scarlet & Violet, which will bring tons of Pokémon without term types, we hope Game Freak will present a better way to raise them.
Or could they simply make term types interchangeable without term shards?
A radical thought, we know.


A faster battle flow

Image: Nintendo Life
Pokémon battles are barely more energetic in 2023 than in 1996. The skills, state afflictions, the increase or decrease in statistics, the change of Pokémon (which somehow did it slower in Scarlet & Violet?)
, Tantalization and movement animations combine to take a long time for a given party.
In previous games, you could deactivate battle animations to make a specific Pokemon grind or hunt it was much less tedious, but Scarlet & Violet macho this function completely.
We understand perfectly why battle animations cannot be deactivated during online games.
However, it seems that it could be a great carelessness or some type of technical limitation in a single player, and we hope that Game Freak considers recovering the function.
In addition, a more simplified system, instead of individual text pictures, to show that a Pokémon is burned, passed out, it went out, instead of clumsy text boxes, it would contribute greatly to the Pokémon battles felt more accessible
and long.
Perhaps a small state menu on the side that shows this information with fast and easy to understand symbols instead of text would work, but what do we know?
We are writers, not supervene games designers.
What updates do you want to see in scarlet and violet Pokémon, whether additional functions or technical improvements?
Be sure to vote on our survey below and in the comments below.

What update of quality of life would you like to see in Scarlet and Violet Pokémon?

(317 votes)
More performance updates55%The option to launch mass pokémon4%

Ash Ketchums Retirement: The Pokemon Company Reveals What They Will Do Without Ash

After 20 years of journey and friendship, Ash Ketchup and Pikachu, the protagonists of the Pokémon anime series, have decided to step away from their iconic roles. The news was revealed during last week’s Jump Fest, leaving fans wondering what the future holds for the beloved characters. In this article, we will explore what the Pokémon Company has planned in this new era without Ash and Pikachu.

While recently’s Dive Fest included some major news in the anime world for Shōnen series brand-new and old, possibly the biggest statement in the medium was the reveal that Ash Ketchup and Pikachu were seeking to retire as the lead characters of Pokémon’s anime. Prior to the dynamic duo leaves the precious series as the stars, Pokémon is aiming to commemorate their long journey by means of extra anime episodes, in addition to a unique entry called Pocket Monsters: The Far Off Blue Sky which arrives just in time for the holidays as a present to pocket monster fans.


The official statement for the upcoming episode dropping later on today checks out as such from Pokémon’s website:

To celebrate Pokémon’s animated series’ twenty-five-year history, a special episode called Pocket Beast: The Far Off Blue Sky will air on Friday, December 23rd, 2022. We have actually called upon staff from the initial 1997 series to provide us Ash and Pikachu’s regular, big day in a unique episode that’s perfect for the last broadcast of the year.

Goodbye Ash

The production personnel likewise confirmed some of the developers that helmed this task including director Kunihiko Guyana, screenplay writer Shoji Connemara, character designers Saudi CHI’Ishim and Shula Masada, as well as musician Shinji Miyazaki.

The Authorities Twitter Represent Pokémon’s anime series likewise shared brand-new images from the upcoming special which will act as the television show’s final entry for 2022 following the earth-shattering news that Ash and Pikachu’s period as the series leads would be waning:

Are you unfortunate to see Ash and Pikachu lastly leave the series after their twenty-plus-year history? Do you think Like might be related to Ketchup according to the popular fan theory? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments or strike me up straight on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokémon.

Though Ash and Pikachu might be leaving the series as the stars of the program, 2 brand-new fitness instructors are set to take the check Like and Roy. While a couple of details have actually been exposed about these new trainers so far, a popular theory is that the female fitness instructor Like may just be the child of Ash in the future, sporting a hairpin that looks quite familiar to the logo that Ketchup uses on his hat.

These Are The 10 Cutest New Pokemon In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

With so many new Pokémon, it can be difficult to know which ones to capture and which ones to collect in order to complete your Pokédex. But don’t worry! In this article, we’ve rounded up the 10 cutest new Pokémon from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet for you!

In the most recent period of the Pokémon anime, among the three Kant beginners returned in a huge method, as the present world champ, Leon, had an extremely effective Harvard that helped him hold on to the crown for quite a long time. Throughout the Masters 8 Tournament, Ash as well as Pikachu were able to defeat Leon’s Harvard, along with the other Pokémon at his disposal, making Ketchup the brand-new globe champ. In spite of achieving his imagine becoming the strongest in the world, the anime series has actually verified that Ash will certainly stay the lead character moving forward, leaving many anime audiences left wondering where the following season might enter adhering to the trials and tribulations of the new ideal fitness instructor in the world.

Pokémon Mecca

Throughout the years, hundreds of Pokémon have been presented over the program of numerous generations, and also with the arrival of Pokémon Scarlet and also Violet on the Nintendo Switch over, a lot more pocket monsters are now readily available for fitness instructors to record. Though an increasing number of Pokémon arrive over the passing years, the initial 3 beginners remain cherished psychological of Pokémon fans, with one follower artist seizing the day to visualize what Character, Bulbasaur, and also Squirrel would certainly look like if they were provided a metal shine.

Twitter Artist Open Pong seized the day to visualize what the three Kant starters would certainly appear like if they were of an even more robotic aesthetic, with Bulbasaur, Character, and Squirrel continuing to be an important part of Pokémon years following their launching in both the anime adaptation and the video games:

In spite of Ash Ketchup finally coming to be the world champion, the anime seems to be tossing some even more difficulties his means as it appears as though his right-hand male Go his aiming to strike off on his own to make his very own dreams become a reality. With Go just recently encountering the epic Mew alongside the trainers that make up Task Mew, it seems as though the trainer will leave from Ash, providing a lot more concerns as the anime is aiming to bring Journeys to an end.


Which Pokémon do you assume followers are passing away to see given a metallic makeover? Where do you think ash Ketchup goes now that he has acquired the globe champion? Really feel complimentary to let us know in the comments or hit me up straight on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, as well as the globe of Pokémon.

All Changes in Pokemon TCG in Scarlet and Purple, Explained

The next block established for Pokémon TCG, Scarlet and Purple, is quickly approaching and brings some changes to the game.
You are probably wondering what will be different when the new set is launched, so here is everything you need to know about all the changes in Pokémon TCG in scarlet and purple.

What do you have of different scarlet and purple in Pokémon TCG?

All these changes are confirmed on Poké from its announcement of December 9, 2022.

The tools are your own card type

The most important change made by the SCARLET & PUP URA joint block is that the tools are no longer object letters.
They are now a separated coach category as stadiums and fans.
The effects of locking elements no longer prevent a player attached to tools to his Pokémon, but the Trick Wind attack by Star of Whimsical still does so.

New prices for packs

Individual packages are also increasing with Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, and will now be $4.49 per package.
However, the packages will now have three letters of aluminum foil to maintain the same value for the players.

Elite Trainer boxes will have one more package and another complete art card to keep up with inflation price increases.

new card edges

There are also minor cosmetic improvements with the new established block.
All cards will now have silver edges on the front instead of the current yellow edges to maintain coherence with Japan.
Another change is that the established symbols will be replaced by codes established as SV1, and will be in the lower left corner of the cards.
Japanese cards have had this function for years and is now reaching international cards.
Image Source: The Pokémon Company

New energy card design

The energy cards will now have the type symbol in the lower right of the letter, which will facilitate the amount of energy attached to a Pokémon.
In addition, the basic energy will appear at the top of these cards and the symbol of the type of energy will be in the name of the card.
That is all to know about each change that comes in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple TCG.
Check out some of our other Pokémon contents, such as the Pokémon Scarlet and Purple VGC rules, and the best cards to get Silver Stat and Lost Origin.


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