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Will we have information about purple and also scarlet Pokemon this week? From Japan they leave us a track

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POKEMON NEWS! NEW Mystery Gift Ending Soon! Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gameplay Features and More!
At the end of February we attended the news of scarlet and also purple Pokémon, the new generation of the legend intended to launch this year at Nintendo Switch It is a more hand-to-hand delivery than the previous ones for the Spanish public due to the fact that it is ambient in Spain, however it as soon as we have the trailer of discussion that you can see about these lines.

Neither scarlet Pokémon neither Purple Pokémon still have a launch day established on the schedule, although its premiere is anticipated at the end of 2022 **, when it come down on the Nintendo crossbreed console. To captivate the delay, in 3D video games we have actually collected 5 lessons that need to have learned the saga in the face of these new distributions that are coming.

A television show will provide Pokémon information as it accumulates VGC, this goes down that the company can share news prior to that day and, although it is just recognized that these are mosting likely to be of Pokémon, the neighborhood anticipates it to be Purple as well as scarlet. They have spent almost 2 months from the ad, so it fits so much that they speak about both brand-new games as they update details regarding various other spin-offs, such as Pokémon Go or Pokémon Unite.

Nevertheless, we could find out extra about these brand-new releases this week. Or at the very least of the plans of The Pokémon Firm with its franchise business, considering that the Japanese television program Pokédoko has guaranteed that it will share brand-new information of the brand in its following episode, which is released on Sunday, April 24.

TEMTEM PREVIEW – MMO similar to a Pokemon with anticipated access of Dr. Frankenstein

Temtem is a pleasant surprise in the kind of collectors of monsters. It is inspired by Pokemon but brings a lot of other things on the table. The dialogue is well written, the customization is rich and the strategy involved in battles is as deep as any other game of the genre. TEMTEM is an essential Pokemon replacement for people who do not have access to a Nintendo Switch and an excellent alternative to the fans who do it. The title is still in anticipated access, which is obvious after meeting several blocked areas because of its development, but what works here works well.

TEMTEM is a massively multiplayer creature collection adventure that will seem familiar to Pokemon fans. The title brings a number of new ideas for monster fighting, such as an endurance indicator and mmo connectivity always online whose players have been dreaming for years. There are six islands of the airborne archipelago that players can explore as a customizable Temtem Tamem. The visuals of each zone are beautifully colored and although the parameters change, the artistic quality of the game never decreases. CREMA has opened its development process through a successful Kickstarter campaign and involving the community during the process, which will certainly improve the game over time.

Similar to Pokemon, there is a rival named max that is similar to Gary Oak of the original generation of Pokemon but with a more colorful personality. There is also a teacher who looks like Professor Oak named Professor Konstantinos. Konstantinos can look like a Latin oak teacher, but he has more attitude and a better sense of humor than Oak in original red, blue and yellow titles.

Tamers begin their adventure by personalizing their appearance and quickly meeting Professor Konstantinos to receive their first Temtem. Similar to Pokemon, there are only three options: Crystle The Crystal Temtem, Smazee The Melee Temtem or Houchic The Mental Temtem. Each monster has its strengths and weaknesses and everyone will be the foundation of your Temtem group so choose judiciously! Immediately after choosing your Temtem, Max challenges you to fight with a Temtem he had already and quickly cleans the ground with you. After the fight, Professor Konstantinos takes pity on you and offers you a second monster to venture.

Temtem (Pokemon-Like MMO) - Official Gameplay Trailer
The introductory fight in Temtem is a one-to-one battle, but most of the gaming experience focuses on two-to-two combat with duet coaches in Pokemon games. The battlefield is just as pastel as the overmould, but it is dynamic and therefore does not slow to make the visuals colored. TEMTEM uses endurance rather than PP or Mana to manage their attacks, adding an interesting strategic layer to the battle formula of monsters. To capture new monsters, a tamer must weaken them before launching a Temcard that swirls around the creature until it is captured or released.

Outside the battle, Temtem follows its tamer as in the best Pokemon games. This allows players to see not only their favorite monsters, but also those of their friends and enemies. Players can team up to the adventure in the airborne archipelago together, or brave the world of solo temter. The game requires a significant grip to stay competitive with the coaches you will encounter while you explore, forcing you to stay close to Healtem and Temdeck (the PokeCenter version of this game) to grind some levels and possibly change your Temtem.

TEMTEM includes many secondary quests that focus on characters that you would otherwise have been able to right, adding to history naturally. The own user interface includes the most important information and the rest, with a bar D ‘Practical action on the left side of the screen and the health of your party on the right side. Since the game is always in anticipated access, many features and zones are blocked and reserved spaces are placed at random intervals to inform players that it is a work in progress. This is not normally a problem because you can bypass most of these areas, but some parts of the game give you the feeling of touching a brick wall due to continuous development. It remains to be seen how things are progressing, but for the moment Temtem is one of the best monster collection / fighter games the most expanding monsters from Pokemon and I can not wait to see what the full version looks like.

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Pokemon Go reveals photo with brand-new Pokemon from Gen 7 – come soon?

** For numerous days, you will find brand-new monsters from the seventh game generation in Alola period vonPokémon GO. Niantic shared an image with another Pokémon to it, yet which are still unpublished.

What is going on in Pokémon GO?

We reveal you right here the Pokémon at problem.

  • On March 1, 2022 Niantic started with the launch of brand-new Pokémon from the Alola area (generation 7).
  • How to recognize the others’ Launches generations currently, not all brand-new Pokémon enter into play concurrently, however will be released slowly.
  • On March 2, the team of Pokémon GO shared a photo of unreleased Pokémon. The Neighborhood believes that they are next on the release timetable.

Release of Gen 7 – What’s Following?

  • Bauz (already released).
  • Robball (currently released).
  • Kapu-Riki (already released).
  • Flamiau (currently released).
  • Alola-Exeggutor (currently released).
  • Miniras (already published).
  • Curelei (already published).
  • Sankabuh (Unpublished).
  • Knirfish (Unpublished).
  • Krabbox (Unpublished).
  • Lusardin (Unpublished).
  • Gufa (Unpublished).
  • Solgaleo (Unpublished).
  • Lunala (Unpublished).

Niantic shared a picture with an additional Pokémon to it, yet which are still unpublished. This tells Niantic: In Tweet the group composes Pokémon GO: “Alola, trainer. Even more Pokémon that were very first found in the Alola area now show up in the world of Pokémon GO. ** On the chart you can see numerous of Pokémon Alola region. Niantic itself already introduced that we will probably see also much more new Pokémon over the Alola period.

GEN 7 is Finally Here in Pokémon GO! (Season of Alola New Legendary, New Shiny, New Research)
What can you see? On the chart you can see numerous of Pokémon Alola region. Likewise the darkness of two fitness instructors. there are Alola Pokémon that you can already begin in Pokémon GO as Exeggutor component. Unpublished Pokéon as krabbox can be discovered in the photo.

Do you have favored from the seventh generation, you are dying to see you quickly in Pokémon GO? Niantic itself already revealed that we will possibly see even more new Pokémon over the Alola period. Especially with the forthcoming events there are many ways for it to publish amazing Pokémon.

On reddit and also Twitter hypothesize instructor for an early launch of a few of these Pokémon. Thus believed reddit customers 2kNoob11 that Knirfish would probably appear in the video game to the introduced shade festival: “Knirfish is extremely vivid.”.

You see there:.

This informs Niantic: In Tweet the group creates Pokémon GO: “Alola, train. Even more Pokémon that were first found in the Alola region currently show up worldwide of Pokémon GO. We can just presume what kinds of Pokémon appearing in the Alola period and after that! “.

should currently released five monsters from Gen. 7 that capture her currently.

For this purpose they shared following visuals:.

The shade event begins on March 15 in Pokémon GO. In our overview of all March events you learn what else occurred in the weeks that.

Pokemon GO: All missions, rewards and bonuses of the preparatory event to the GO Tour: Poke Balls

February has left us with a few Pokémon Go events, including one that will take place during the next days called Preparatory to Go Tour: Poké Balls . As everyone else is accompanied by a series of special missions and bonuses, so we invite you to read the following guide to discover what they are.

All missions, rewards and bonuses of the preparatory event to Go Tour: Poké Balls

Until next February 25 will be active this new temporary event in which when spinning the Poképaradas or Gyms you will have the probability of receiving certain special field research tasks . The requirements to carry them out are very simple and will serve you to scare a few Poké Balls.

Without a doubt it is something that will come very well to prepare for the Tour de Pokémon Go: Johto that will take place on February 26, to capture a lot of Pokémon from the Johto region. Also, thanks to this new event you can evolve a HISUI Voltorb on an electrode of Hisui , something that was not possible so far.

Along with all this will remain active a special bonus that will make you your partners Pokémon bring you objects more frequently than normal , so do not hesitate to get them out of the Poké Ball from time to time to check what a gift they bring under the arm. As for previously mentioned missions, these are the ones that may leave these days:




Capture 2 voltorb.


Poké Ball X3.

Make 3 great releases


Super Ball X5.

Make 3 good shoots with curved ball followed


Berry Pinia X3.

Make 5 good releases



Poké Ball X5.

Finally, if you are from those who like to modify the appearance of your avatar, give you a tour of the internal store of the game, because for 400 coins you can acquire the Boliface set , which will allow you to dress as the peculiar character of the Liga Pokémon of Galar of the Editions Pokémon sword and shield.

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Pokemon legends: Arceus – find great Bamelin

In our Guide to the Second Mission 4: A big Bamelin in Pokémon legends: Arceus Learn:

  • Where you can find a big Bamelin
  • How big the Bamelin must be at least

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Side Mission 4: A big bamelin – how big must the bamelin be?

Relatively at the beginning of Pokémon legends: Arceus you will receive from Tomo – who stands at the entrance gate of Jubeldorf – the order to catch him a Bamelin , which is larger than its own Bamelin. But how big does the Bamelin have to be at least? You have to find a Bamelin and catch over 0.8 meters.

Where To Find A Big Buizel In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where can I display the size of the Bamelin?

If you select a prisoner Bamelin in the menu and click on “Report”, the size of the Pokémon will be displayed.

Where can I find a big Bamelin?

The Pokémon Bamelin can be found in several places in Obsidian Grassland: horseshoe meadows, wind passage and northeast of the obsidian waterfall. The easiest way is if you travel from the base camp in Obsidian Grassland to the horseshoe meadows and run along the river. Here are always a pair of Bamelin.

Although you can also estimate whether a Bamelin is big enough. However, we recommend that you catch all Bamelin you find and then look briefly in the report of the Pokémon, whether it’s big enough. With a little luck, you even meet a elite-bamelin , which should be big enough with certainty.

In our guide to the Elite-Pokémon you will learn everything you need to know about the special pocket monsters with the red glowing eyes.

Have you caught a Bamelin, which is over 0.8 meters tall, returns to Tomo in Jubeldorf and gives him the Pokémon. As a reward, you will receive five sinelberries and an EP candy p.

Other guides to Pokémon legends: Arceus on Bamelin :

  • Pokémon legends: Arceus – secret gifts received
  • Pokémon legends: Arceus – Earn money quickly
  • Pokémon legends: Arceus – Fang & Develop

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Glasson – Pokemon Arceus Legends

Glasson is an ice type pokemon appeared during the sixth generation, and available in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.


Useful information

Pokedex tasks




Location in Hisui

List of Glasson Attacks in Pokémon Arceus Legends

Legendaries Got A LOT Easier in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Useful links

Useful information

Pokedex tasks

The fat tasks count double for the search level


NIV 37


Weaknesses and resistances

| | | | | | | |
2 | 2 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2 | ½ | 1
| | | | | | | |
1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1



Statistics | Lev 50 | NIV 100
PV | 55 |

| 115 – 162 | 220 – 314
Att | 69 |

| 66 – 132 | 128 – 259
Def | 85 |

| 81 – 150 | 157 – 295
ATTSPE | 32 |

| 33 – 92 | 62 – 179
Defspé | 35 |

| 36 – 95 | 67 – 185
Vit | 28 |

| 29 – 88 | 54 – 170
Total | 304
The mini stats are calculated with EV and IV to 0, and a penalty of nature, if possible.
Max stats are calculated with EV at 255, IV to 31, and a bonus of nature, if possible.

Location in Hisui


List of Glarels Attacks in Pokémon Arceus Legends

To come up

Useful links

  • Previous sheets of NosFerapti
    • Sword – Shield
  • How to play Glasson (English form)

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