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Change from Bayern star Lewandowski? Seoane does not fear a chic

Bayer Leverkusen’s trainer Gerardo Seoane also fears no development on the transfer market with a possible departure of Bayern starstrifts Robert Lewandowski, which could result in the departure of attacker Patrik Schick.

“We are aiming that Patrik will still be with us next year,” said Seoane on Friday: “We are building a competitive team with which we can also convince the players with our playing style to take the next step. And We play Champions League, which is also a step forward. “

I've said it for a LONG TIME, Robert Lewandowski is NOT happy - Jan Aage Fjortoft | ESPN FC
According to Seoane, the fact that Schick could rise to the Leverkusen season record shooter in the last game of the Bundesliga season against SC Freiburg (3:30 p.m./Sky) to the Leverkusen season record shooter. “Individual goals are always on the edge,” he said: “If Patrik is in the box as usual as usual, he will surely get his possibilities.”

The Czech has so far been on 24 goals, the record of a Leverkusener in a season has been holding 25 goals since 2010. Club record shooter Ulf Kirsten was three times a league goalkeeper king, but he always reached a maximum of 22 hits.

According to media reports, world footballers Lewandowski does not want to extend his contract with FC Bayern in 2023 and absolutely leave the club this summer.

Whether the Munich interest in chic is not yet secured, but he would be a logical successor candidate. Leverkusen’s club boss Fernando Carro and attacker Patriks director Simon Rolfes recently categorically excluded a sale in summer.

FC Bayern: Barcelona apparently cannot pay for Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski would like to leave FC Bayern to switch to FC Barcelona. But from Spain it is now said that Barca cannot finance the Poles at all.

After Robert Lewandowski informed FC Bayern that he will not extend his contract that expires in the summer of 2023, FC Barcelona is becoming more and more important because Barca is the desired goal of the 33 -year -old striker.

However, this project is not unproblematic: the well -taught mundo Deportivo reports that FC Barcelona has no financial scope to sign Lewandowski. FC Barcelona already had big problems this season to get a right to play for the new additions in summer and winter, as the expenses are still very high.

Robert Lewandowski wants OUT of Bayern: Could he be Barcelona bound?! | ESPN FC
In addition, there is the problem that some player contracts will become more expensive at FC Barcelona from July 1st. In new additions such as Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or Ferran Torres, salary increases were anchored in the contracts. But this also applies to veterans such as Sergio Busquets or Gerard Pique.

Robert Lewandowski: The total volume could be too big

So Barca has to activate “economic lever”, as President Joan Laporta put it to generate income that enables the association to pay for salaries. For example, Barca is working on a new sleeve sponsor. Another obvious solution is the sale of players like Philippe Coutinho, which was sold to Aston Villa. More could follow.

However, it is a race against time and so the Lewandowski case remains complicated. Even if the pole should be ready to reduce his salary ideas to play for Barcelona, the total volume in a three-year contract that is in the room, according to kicker, could probably transfer 40 million euros in which FC Bayern could become weak.

The vague situation at Barcelona could also cause problems FC Bayern. If Barcelona needs a lot of time to create financial space for Lewandowski, the record champions would also be tied to the record champion.

On the one hand of the top strikers who wants to go and hopes that a solution will be found. On the other hand, the planning of having to replace it when it really happens. Because it is also clear that for financial reasons, Bayern alone will not commit a successor until Lewandowski’s future has been clarified. A hot summer threatens.

Lewy wants to go: These strikers could inherit him from Bayern

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Robert Lewandowski: Statistics at FC Bayern

Games Tore Templates yellow cards
373 343 72 36

Eintracht Frankfurt: Lindström and the possible point landing

In the 2-2 in Mainz, Jens Petter Haug ran again instead of Lindström. The 22-year-old Norwegian would probably also be in Seville on Wednesday in the first eleven if Lindström should not make sense from the start for health reasons.

But now the confidence is growing that the Danish international is available against the Rangers. “Jesper is on the right track and pain -free. It may be a point landing. This will show the next few days. He is already running, doing things with the ball and has increased the stress significantly, so that he may now get into team training Can. It will be a tight box, but it may be that it works, “said sports director Markus Krösche after the game in Mainz.

EUROPACUP - Caser Nova

Coach Oliver Glasner also said that it looks “quite good”: “It is important for him to have two or three days of training to be ready for the intensity that awaits us on Wednesday.” Even if it shouldn’t be enough for a mission from the start, the chances are apparently not bad, according to these statements, that Lindström will be at least in the squad and could help as a joker.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: The 7 novelties and Missions of May 2022 that you cannot miss

Unlike animal crossing new horizons, the mobile version of this popular franchise among Internet users is updated very regularly. Every month many events are carried out, new objects and new characters are added that can visit their camp. At the beginning of the year, the game for iOS and Android also received a great content update, the perfect opportunity to try it or return if you have not yet done so.

Formidable Crystal: The resource to harvest in May

Mid-May 2022 Items & Events (Dates) ???????? | Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

During this ACPC season, you mustcomplete events and missions to collect incredible crystals. * If you have not played for a long time, you will notice that the different tabs of the application have changed a lot. To find your crystals obtained, you must click on the agenda in the lower right of your screen, then in “Seasonal event”. Then you will see a kind of frieze that goes from top to bottom with numbers: for each square completed, you get crystals. The medium column is “free”, which means that you can get everything without paying. The right column refers to the subscription within the payment game that gives you green tickets.

* This seasonal event takes place from April 30 to May 29, 2022 at 7:59 a.m. m.
* The glass fragment material is mainly obtained when completing the events of the month of May (fishing tournament, planting of special flowers, investigations, etc.)

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: The 5 events of the month of May

Here are the complete program of the month of May at the ACPC, so as not to miss anything:

  • April 30 to May 10: event Gardening with Carla (go to her camp to plant special flowers and capture unique insects). She allows you to get crystals and furniture,
    May 11 to 14: Challenges of clams . You have to go to the beach and collect as many shells and clams as possible to get rewards, including a lucky cake,
    May 12 to 19: Fishing Tournament . You have to go to the beach and catch as many special fish as you can, then bring it back to get crystals and other rewards.
    From May 19 to 22: Drink Challenge *. You have to go to the island of insects and capture as many dragonflies as you can.

May 20-29: Giroides hunting *. Walk all the places on the island, even in OK Motors, to collect girooides and obtain crystals in return. You can also create special furniture using them.

new cups, cakes and furniture.

Finally, every new season welcomes new campers, customization of the land, furniture and other fate cakes. We must also keep in mind that reissues are regularly available if you missed the previous seasons.

new campers

  • Figaro
  • Plácido
  • Pigeon
  • Almendra
  • Maelle
  • Curtis
  • Martin
  • Bollito
  • Miguel
  • Jorge
  • Camember

New Lucky Cakes and Furniture.

  • Glasado coffee cake
  • Iridiscent costume series
  • Light Wall and Floor Series
  • Stabbing and stained glass series
  • Capri nap cake
  • Gulliver carpet
  • Pajamas party clothing series
  • Wall and Easión Blue Night

Problem for Lost Ark: the effective MMORPG loses a vital number of its development

Shed Ark has actually been including documents given that his arrival in the West in February by, however much earlier, the MMORPG of Smilegate currently enjoyed wonderful popularity in South Korea and also his fans had handled to develop a relationship of Trust with its supervisor, Keum Kang Seong Hyung , recognized by the area as Gold River .

The director has actually been an extremely dear number by the gamers Gold River has actually been going with a fragile health scenario, leading him to perform direct with anesthetics , prior to as well as after remaining hospitalized. His scenario has not boosted and as he discussed, he has actually determined to pay attention to his body as well as not aggravate things. The response of the area has been definite, with countless samples of love , great unhappiness and also uncertainty concerning the future of the video game.

Nevertheless, the beloved supervisor has actually sought to assure followers, making sure that he has complete self-confidence in his group, that will proceed functioning on Lost Ark over the following few years. He has also intended to thank the gamers who have allowed him to “make their desires happen” operating in a game that every person has actually taken pleasure in. If you have not yet attempted the MMORPG Free To Play of Amazon, bear in mind that in 3Dgos you have our analysis of Lost Ark readily available.

Asmongold BLOWN AWAY By Lost Ark | First Time Playing

The director became very respected by MMORPG fans, coming to be a number similar to what Yoshi-P is for the Last Dream XIV Online community. In a retransmission of YouTube from which Jeuxvideo has echoed, Gold River announced that because of Health and wellness troubles He has abandoned his placement and discharged from the firm.

Austria Vienna gets James Holland back from Lask

With James Holland, a master kicker from the 2013/2014 season returns to favorites in summer.
The Kurier reports.
Between 2012 and 2015, James Holland completed 126 games for the Viennese Austria and even became an Austrian champion under Peter Stöger.
In 2017, MSV Duisburg, Adelaide and Liaoning FC led the way to LASK.
There, the 32-year-old Australian completed 32 season games in the current season.
As the kurier reports, Holland’s return to Vienna favorites is already fixed.
Despite the contract by 2023, the Linzer does not put a stone in the way of the central midfielder, probably to get a top earner from the salary list.
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WW2 Historian James Holland Breaks Down World War 2 Movies
In the violets, Holland Vesel Demaku is said to replace, who switches to Sturm Graz.

Final Fantasy XIV: Pechvogel sheds beneficial item because it overlooks a basic rule that you recognize all of them

Zahlreiche Spieler kommentieren das und bemitleiden den Pechvogel, andere machen sich über ihn lustig, so hat er doch eine der simpelsten Regeln beim wohl härtesten Raid im Spiel ignoriert.

Denn wenn man ein volles Inventar hat und dann Items aufheben will, verschwinden diese. Der Spieler hat somit aufgrund seiner Unachtsamkeit eine sehr wertvolle Belohnung verloren.

  • Der Screenshot zeigt, welche Belohnungen von den Beteiligten empfangen wurde. Einer der anderen Spieler bekam einen Drachenkrieg-Token, ein besonders wertvolles Item.
  • Der Token lässt sich gegen mächtige Waffen eintauschen, kann aber maximal einmal professional Woche eingelöst werden.
  • Das Problem: Der Spieler hatte ein volles Inventar. Offenbar hat emergency room nicht darauf geachtet, zuvor sein Inventar in Ordnung zu bringen und somit eine der Grundregeln von Final Fantasy XIV beachtet.

** MMORPGs wie Final Fantasy XIV lassen Spieler oft endlos grinden, um an die beste Ausrüstung zu kommen. Doch ab und zu sind Spieler auch selbst schuld, wenn sie nicht für die härtesten Aktivitäten belohnt werden.

Ein Spieler hat im Subreddit von FFXIV nach dem Abschluss es neuen Ultimate Raids, dem Drachenkrieg, einen Screenshot geteilt, der für Spott und Mitleid sorgt. Einer seiner Gruppenmitglieder hat einen fatalen Fehler gemacht.

„ Stellt euch vor, ihr habt genug Ability für einen Ultimate Raid, aber nicht für ein aufgeräumtes Inventar”

Eine weitere Idee ist, dass „ verlorene” Items einfach per Message an das Ale der Spieler geschickt werden sollte, wie das in vielen anderen MMOs auch der Autumn sei. Generell hat Square Enix in den vergangenen Jahren bereits Verbesserungen vorgenommen und unter anderem die Kapazität erhöht.

Grundsätzlich empfiehlt sich aber: Räumt euer Inventar auf, dann verliert ihr auch keine wertvollen Products.

So reagieren die Spieler: Einige Kommentatoren spekulieren, ob es nicht theoretisch möglich sein müsste, das Thing von einem Game Master noch nachträglich zurückzubekommen. Hier gehen die Meinungen auseinander, ob das möglich ist und wenn ja, ob man es tun sollte.

Aber wie seht ihr pass away Sache? Findet ihr das halb so wild, oder stimmt ihr den Kritikern am Inventarsystem zu? Wie sieht es mit eurer Ordnung aus?

FFXIV: Levequest Tutorial

Offenbar scheint das Item dem betreffenden Spieler aber ohnehin nicht so wichtig gewesen zu sein. Meldete sich reddit-Nutzer MierinEronaile zu Wort: „ Das ist ein Bild von meinem Raid-Leiter und er hat es zwar nicht absichtlich gemacht, aber pass away Symbols interessieren ihn nur nicht so sehr, weil man sie ohnehin bekommt. Das ist ihm mit TEA auch passiert.” Ob die Aussage zutrifft, lässt sich leider nicht nachprüfen.

Doch beim zweiten Mal sollte es dem Pechvogel deutlich leichter gelingen, da emergency room nun pass away Mechaniken kenne: „ Es hat 100 Stunden gedauert, das erste zu bekommen. Es dauert wahrscheinlich 100 Minuten, die zweite zu bekommen.”

Einige Kommentatoren machen sich über den Spieler einfach nur lustig. So schreibt LightSamus: „ Stell dir vor, du hast pass away Zeit und die Abilities, einen Ultimate Raid zu schaffen, aber void Skills, ein ordentliches Inventar zu haben.”

Es herrscht auch Uneinigkeit darüber, ob der Verlust für den Spieler kein großes Issue darstellt. Schreibt beispielsweise plantainrepublic, dass es zwar gedauert haben dürfte, den Raid zu meistern.

Einige kritisieren das Inventar-System als Ganzes und schlagen mögliche Verbesserungen vor. So gibt es ein paar Vorschläge, beispielsweise sollte es für solche Things eine Art Timer geben, damit Spieler noch Platz im Inventar schaffen können.

Loss ihr neu in FFXIV seid, empfehlen wir euch unseren Guide mit weiteren Dingen, die ihr unbedingt beachten solltet:

Final Fantasy XIV: Einsteiger-Guide für einen glatten Begin ins MMORPG

** MMORPGs wie Final Fantasy XIV lassen Spieler oft endlos grinden, um an die beste Ausrüstung zu kommen. Doch ab und zu sind Spieler auch selbst schuld, wenn sie nicht für die härtesten Aktivitäten belohnt werden. Offenbar scheint das Product dem betreffenden Spieler aber ohnehin nicht so wichtig gewesen zu sein. Meldete sich reddit-Nutzer MierinEronaile zu Wort: „ Das ist ein Bild von meinem Raid-Leiter und emergency room hat es zwar nicht absichtlich gemacht, aber die Symbols interessieren ihn nur nicht so sehr, weil guy sie ohnehin bekommt. Ob die Aussage zutrifft, lässt sich leider nicht nachprüfen.

Switch successor in conversation: Nintendo is worried

The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for over 5 years – and for a felt eternity, fans have been shouting for a new console with improved hardware. But Nintendo is worried. Because switching to the next generation could give the company a difficult task.

Switch successor presents Nintendo with a difficult task

The Nintendo Switch has now sold almost 108 million times. And even if the sales figures have fallen by almost 20 percent compared to the past few years, the handheld family is still one of the absolute console bestsellers.

But the switch is not getting younger either. After all, Nintendo’s Goldesel has been around for more than 5 years. So is it slowly getting time for a successor? Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa made it clear in a question-and-answer round with the company’s investors that The start of the next generation of consoles also has a potential problem.

He describes it as follows:

“Unlike in the past, we still have a large selection of games that are to be published after five years. This is because the Nintendo Switch had such a smooth start that made it possible for us to concentrate all of our development resources on a single platform. However, the question of whether we will be able to go over from the Nintendo Switch to the next generation of hardware is also a great concern for us .

Based on our experience with the Wii, the Nintendo DS and other hardware, it is very clear that one of the greatest obstacles is to make the transition from hardware to the next as easy as possible. ”

(Source: VGC)

_ With the OLED version of the Switch, Nintendo has revised some criticisms of the normal model. But for whom is the surcharge for the premium model? We’ll tell you in the video: _

Watch OLED switch (white) at Amazon

Switch Pro still unlikely

But what about a 4K version of the current Nintendo Switch? According to the official statement by Nintendo, the company is not planning to launch another model after the OLED version .

Reading tip

Switch Pro: Is the 4K console still coming? Nintendo speaks plain text

Robert Kohlick

Nintendo President Discusses

These plans can change in theory at any time, but we now also assume that Nintendo will reveal the official successor instead of a Switch Pro in a few years . When it comes to the time is still open – but before 2024 you shouldn’t expect it. We will keep you up to date.

Warner Bros. is already considering Ezra Miller with her role as The Flash

One of the actors of Hollywood that has most drowned in controversies today is Ezra Miller, who for now is at a crossroads due to the arrests that were awarded. That makes some fans out the doubt of what will happen with his role The Flash, an important and infallible piece for the universe of dc comics.

The situation leads to many media to find out that Warner Bros. He is already looking for a substitute to represent such an iconic hero, being Dylan O’Brien one of the most popular names in the world of acting. A Dylan is known for participating in the television series _teen Wolf For mtv. Although he highlighted much more in love and monsters for netflix.

Ezra Miller FIRED and REPLACED as The Flash?

Similarly, fans also have their applicants for the role of The Flash, there is Grant Gustin, who at the time gave life to Arrowverse for the chain of _CW. Some think it could be impossible for him to arrive at the DC universe, but with examples as seen in spider-man: no way home** Everything is possible in terms of actors.

For now this is a mystery, but it is evident that Warner Bros._ It will not be left with the crossed arms, especially if you have already planned to roll an upcoming film in which the character takes relevance. It may seem hard, but the decision to replace someone from Hollywood is only a distance call, or also through a casting.

In news related to dc. It was confirmed that Alfonso Herrera, Mexican who participated in rebel, will play Batman in an official franchise project. You can read all the information in the following link.

Stardew Valley exceeded 20 million soldish

Success has been expected for a long time, but when also pretty figures fall, it’s even clearer. Stardew Valley , the immense farm management game developed by Conjuredape, crossed last March the 20 million copies sold.

A NEW NPC IN 1.4? Squirrel Quest | Stardew Valley 1.4 | Rebus Plays
Whether we prefer gameplay to the Harvest Moon to plant and harvest vegetables, the acute collection aspect, or even the social experience to get to know all the inhabitants of our adopted town: the field of possibilities is If large in Stardew Valley that all player profiles can find themselves there. Since its PC release in 2016 – and many times updated since – this continuous management game to dig its hole so that it has been exceeding since March 2022, the twenty million copies sold, all platforms combined.

Carried on PS4 and Xbox One, then on Switch and mobile devices, and now even available in the Game Pass subscription, Stardew Valley remains a safe bet of the PC: it sold thirteen million copies On the total, as the latest figures shared on the official title website specify. We let you convert all this into potatoes.

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