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The upcoming PAC-Man movie is filmed really actually played


Known for its large appetite, the yellow balloon gets its own so-called live action movie.
Originally, the filmmaking started with sonic the Hedgehog Deputy Producer Chuck Williams idea.
The original Pac-manin, now called Bandai Namco, now hit the hippopotamus with Wayfarer Studios for the movie.
The first Pac-man- game was released as early as 1980. The purpose of the game is to guide the yellow creature along the labyrinthis corridors, eating all the hippies on the floor, avoiding ghosts.
No more detailed information has been published in the film’s plot and aesthetics for the real actors’ film.

Dragon Ball The Breakers: Freezer in the spotlight in a new video, the collector also exposed

Considering that its statement in November 2011, Dragon Ball The Breakers has been a game that arises, possibly for its asymmetrical game proposal drawn from Dead by Daylight and also others. This multi game which occupies the manhunting technicians in between an assassin as well as a team of targets without being able to come to life in the semblance of 3 big poor people that are Fridge freezer, Cell and also Buu, while the remainder are characters That we are much less used to controlling such as Bulma, Oolong or personalities that we have actually created from head to toe. The new trailer released by Bandai Namco Entertainment has 3 purposes. The first is to go back to the launch date, currently wedged on October 14 on PC, PS4, Xbox One as well as Nintendo Change, with compatibility on New Gen gaming consoles. Then we learn that the video game will be marketed in three different versions:

The minimal edition will be offered exclusively on the Bandai Namco store. Along with the content of the special edition, the restricted version will have a steelbook, 3 stickers of the poor people, Cell’s covering porcelain figurine as well as the in-game device Potala (Green). This device is an unique bonus offer at the Bandai Namco shop for a limited duration.

The basic version will be offered for download just and will have the video game in addition to the C-18 transphere with the wall kick ability and also the detector (blue) accessory

Last point, know that Bandai Namco Entertainment organized a closed network examination on August 6 and also 7, and it will be essential to sign up to try to get involved. The 3 bad guys that are Freezer, Cell Etr Buu will certainly be usable, while on the enduring side, the players will be able to choose between the character, Oolong Survivor Skin and also Bulma Survivor Skin.

Saturday August 6-from 04:00 to 8:00.

Saturday August 6-from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday August 6-from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m.
Sunday August 7-from 4 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

The CNT will certainly come to the list below times:.

For those that will not have the chance to get involved, know that an Open Beta will certainly be arranged a little later.

The unique version will certainly be available in a physical and electronic version, and will certainly have the game in addition to the scandal sheet pack with an adjustable costume, the posture of victory Bravo with two hands and also the automobile skin Dragon (yellow). Individuals who pre-order this version will additionally have access to the C-18 transphere and the detector (blue).

Because its news in November 2011, Dragon Ball The Breakers has been a video game that develops, probably for its asymmetrical game proposal taken from Dead by Daylight as well as others. This multi video game which takes up the manhunting technicians between an assassin and also a group of targets without being able to come to life in the role of 3 huge poor individuals that are Freezer, Cell as well as Buu, while the rest are characters That we are less made use of to controlling such as Bulma, Oolong or characters that we have developed from head to toe. We discover that the video game will certainly be marketed in 3 various editions:

One Piece Odyssey: The new game is full of promising images for Luffy and its band!

Last month, the Bandai Namco publisher announced a big news for all One Piece fans. Yes, Luffy and all his band will come back soon in an unpublished game! In this new adventure, the man in hat and his companions swipe on an island and will have to find the way to extricate from this bad step. What dangers expect the crew of the straw hat? Answer in the coming months!


Since the trailer, this unpublished adventure, the speculations are going well to the fans of One Piece. What will you reserve this new episode? We do not have the answer yet, but the publisher is well aware of the wait aroused by this announcement and begins to deliver first information, but also and especially pictures!

A J-RPG with an interactive anime taste

2022 will be the year of the return of One Piece on consoles and PCs. Currently in development, the title should take the form of a role play in Japanese with a graphics that will remind the anime. For those who have made the previous episodes, it seems that the effects and that The lighting were the subject of a refresher. If we believe the visuals revealed this day, Luffy and all his troupe will have to fight against both terrestrial and marine enemies, but also strange entities. Some photos also suggest the presence of puzzles. What is certain is that the whole is rather pretty with great colors and that the modeling of the different protagonist is just impeccable.

For the moment, One Piece Odyssey is expected for 2022 on most market supports (PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series). For now, the information is light, especially since some visuals are drawn from the trailer, but it will be necessary to settle. There is no doubt that the publisher has new revelations in his boxes soon.


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luffy and autores it’s not really together

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One Piece Odyssey - Announcement Trailer

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Dragon Ball Xenoversee 2: Goku Ultra Instinct is the next person in DLC, here is the trailer

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Vous pensiez que Bandai Namco Entertainment en avait fini avec Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 ? Think again ! Six ans après sa sortie sur PC, PS4 et Xbox One, le jeu continue de s’enrichir avec l’arrivée prochaine d’un nouveau DLC en la personne de Goku dans sa version Ultra Instinct. Ce choix, c’est le public qui l’a décidé par le biais d’un vote qui avait pour but de designer le prochain personnage jouable, parmi Dyspo, Bergamo, Vegeta GT, C-18 version DB Super et Goku Ultra Instinct. C’est donc ce dernier qui a remporté le suffrage des votes de la communauté et arrivera l’été prochain (ouais, on a le temps). Pas de quoi s’extasier quand on sait que la version Goku Ultra Instinct Maîtrisé est d’ores et déjà dans le roster depuis plusieurs années. Un choix controversé puisque certaines personnes ont constaté que les animations sont exactement les mêmes entre les deux versions de l’Ultra Instinct. Doublon, vous avez dit doublon ? Qu’importe, c’est le public qui a voté, rappelons-le…

Sword Art Online Variant Showdown arrive en 2022

On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Animated Series SWORD Art Online, Bandai Namco Entertainment announces the next World Release of SWORD Art Online Variant Showdown. The mobile game should emerge in 2022, without more precision on the date for the moment.

In this action game, you will have the pleasure of finding Kirito and thus discover the rest of its history. When a whole new game, allegedly created by a high school student, makes his appearance, Kirito sees some of his memories go back to the surface. Memories that he would probably have preferred to forget. But what would worry it more particularly, it’s the rumors about this famous game, Cross Edge.

Sword Art Online Variant Showdown Official Reveal Trailer [New SAO Game]

The first rumor tells that a player came out of nowhere attacks others. But especially lose against this mysterious player leads to rather strange consequences. The loss of some memories for example. The second door on the style of this famous player who would wear a hood hiding his eyes. A detail that will immediately recall the Laughing Coffin players guild in Kirito. Guild he has already confrested in the past. To unravel this story, Kirito decides to start playing Cross Edge accompanied by his friends. Unfortunately, they will quickly be the target of a surprise attack.



Tekken: Bloodline is a busy netflix series coming later this year

Tekken Bloodline On NETFLIX
If you wonder what is happening with Tekken, it seems that the next bandai namco movement is not a new entrance in the famous combat game franchise. Instead, a freshly announced animated series of Netflix has surfaced, named Tekken: Bloodline.

As you can see in the trailer above, it is an anime focused on Jin Kazama’s original history. As he still trains to traditional martial arts, his house is attacked by a mysterious evil and it is forced to flee. He will train to acquire more power under the direction of his uncle, Heihachi Mishima, in order to take revenge. This will culminate of course with the King of Iron Fist tournament, and several secondary characters will be teased towards the end. We see insights from King, Paul, Leroy, Kazuya and others.

Its exit is planned for 2022, so it will be something to fill the void while we wait patiently Tekken 8. Will you listen to this series? Complete your destiny in the comments section below.

Elden Ring Jellyfish Puzzle Guide: What to do in Stargazers Ruins

Developed by fromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco, Elden Ring is a completely new RPG that has just been released for PC and consoles. The game is developed in a huge open world named Lands Between, and is full of small secrets to discover, along with some riddles that can be perplexed. Here is What to do in Stargazers’ Ruins and how to solve the jigsaw puzzle in Elden Ring.

As you progress in the main story of Elden Ring, you will eventually arrive at a new area called Mountointops of the Giants. There is a lot to do here, and you will also come across the ruins of star observers, where you will find a spirit of Medusa that looks for Him’s sister.

What to do in Stargazers’ Ruins in Elden Ring

Stargazers' Ruins Puzzle Solution - Full Narrated Guide - Elden Ring [4k HDR]

  • If you have not already done so, make sure you talk to Roderika at the abandoned cottage near the entrance to the Stormveil castle.

Exhaust your dialogue to receive the Medusa Spirit Ash.

  • Locate the spirit of the jellyfish in the ruins of the contemplates, standing on top of the stairs that lead to the basement.

  • Invokes the spirit of the jellyfish and a notice will warn you that a seal has been broken.

  • Low the steps and opens the door to find a chest that contains a talisman.

That is practically everything you have to do. You can still conserve and convene the spirit of the jellyfish after completing this puzzle.

The Primal Talisman Glintstone Blade that you get in Stargazers’ Ruins is also a pretty good reward for magic users, as it decreases the amount of FP consumed by spells and weapons skills, although it reduces your maximum HP.

That’s all you need to know about what to do in Stargazers’ Ruins and how to solve the jigsaw puzzle in Elden Ring . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice and information about the game.

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  • Elden Ring’s sales exceed 12 million units around the world

  • A Speedrunner has just beat Elden Ring in less than 30 minutes
  • NPD February: Elden Ring heads software lists and is the larger launch of 2022 so far
  • Public service announcement of Elden Ring: You can get 75,000 runes easily in 15 minutes
  • Here is a public service ad from Elden Ring about Stormveil’s castle guardian

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One Piece will have a new card game

With more than a thousand chapters under his name, _ One Piece _ is undoubtedly one of the most popular animes in the whole story. It seems that a very good time is still missing before the story of luffey comes to an end, and if you are a fan of this franchise, then you will be glad to know that soon you will be receiving a new game of cards.

A One Piece Trading Card Game Just Got Announced! (Brand New TCG!)
As part of the 25th anniversary of ONE PIECE, Bandai Namco announced One Piece Card Game, a game of cards that will reach Japan in July and the rest of the world at the end of 2022. Continue You can see your revelation trailer.

There were not many details about it, except that it will use manga art on the cards and that they had planned to launch multiple decks of beginners and expansions. Players will be able to choose between four different beginner decks, each with theme of some faction of One Piece, including Straw Hat Pirates, Worst Generation, Animal Kingdom Pirates, and Seven Warlods of the Be.

Today is the last day to buy Jump Force Digitally

As we were told in November of last year, today is the last day to acquire a digital copy of _ Jump Force _ at any of the stores of PLAYSTATION, XBOX, NINTENDO or PC before That disappears forever. Bandai Namco will be withdrawing from digital platforms, so starting tomorrow, you can only acquire it in physical format.

_ Jump Force _ will disappear from digital stores today , February 7, at 7pm Time from Mexico City , so you are still on time to buy this game before it is permanently removed. In addition to the title, all its DLC and premium currency will also be deleted.

The game will remain playable both online and offline up on August 24 and 25 of this year , when the servers will be deactivated during those two days. Subsequently you will lose access to multiplayer lobbies and online events, clan functionality, news and leaderboards, and qualifying items. Once this is completed, you will only have access to offline content and all the DLC that you have previously acquired.

Editor’s Note: I wanted to give a chance Jump foresee, but this is a game that never ended up liking me. Yes, the graphs and movements of the characters were incredible, but compared to other titles within the genre, Jump Force became extremely simple and without much profuse.

My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble: Free-to-Play Battle Royale

This is a list of video games for the Nintendo Switch video game console that have actually marketed or shipped at the very least one million duplicates. As Nintendo shares the sales of their video clip games every quarter while most various other authors do not share sales figures per console, this list consists primarily of Nintendo-published titles.


In September 2019, Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch Lite, a handheld-only version of the system. By the end of 2020, total Nintendo Switch household devices had actually outsold the lifetime sales of the Nintendo 3DS, its portable console precursor, by offering virtually 80 million systems. As of September 30, 2022, the Nintendo Switch has actually sold nearly 93 million consoles. Sales of Nintendo Switch software have been driven by brand-new launches and constant evergreen sales of older titles.

In the latest edition of the Weekly Jump Magazine, Banzai NAMC Entertainment formally announced the game My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC Via Steam platforms. The information about the game is still sparse. However, it is a Battle Royale multiplayer game for 24 players. My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble appears to a previously unknown date as a free-to-play model. The developer also plans a Closed Beta Test. Details are not known and will be available at a later date at

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