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Pokemon GO: All missions, rewards and bonuses of the preparatory event to the GO Tour: Poke Balls

February has left us with a few Pokémon Go events, including one that will take place during the next days called Preparatory to Go Tour: Poké Balls . As everyone else is accompanied by a series of special missions and bonuses, so we invite you to read the following guide to discover what they are.

All missions, rewards and bonuses of the preparatory event to Go Tour: Poké Balls

Until next February 25 will be active this new temporary event in which when spinning the Poképaradas or Gyms you will have the probability of receiving certain special field research tasks . The requirements to carry them out are very simple and will serve you to scare a few Poké Balls.

Without a doubt it is something that will come very well to prepare for the Tour de Pokémon Go: Johto that will take place on February 26, to capture a lot of Pokémon from the Johto region. Also, thanks to this new event you can evolve a HISUI Voltorb on an electrode of Hisui , something that was not possible so far.

Along with all this will remain active a special bonus that will make you your partners Pokémon bring you objects more frequently than normal , so do not hesitate to get them out of the Poké Ball from time to time to check what a gift they bring under the arm. As for previously mentioned missions, these are the ones that may leave these days:




Capture 2 voltorb.


Poké Ball X3.

Make 3 great releases


Super Ball X5.

Make 3 good shoots with curved ball followed


Berry Pinia X3.

Make 5 good releases



Poké Ball X5.

Finally, if you are from those who like to modify the appearance of your avatar, give you a tour of the internal store of the game, because for 400 coins you can acquire the Boliface set , which will allow you to dress as the peculiar character of the Liga Pokémon of Galar of the Editions Pokémon sword and shield.

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Following “Dream 100” of 12 million downloads all over the world, Dream World Series Latest Work, Dream Spinning Fantasy Vocational RPG “Dream Human and Forget Black Fairy” will be started!

Siegrest Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Owami) is the latest work of the dream world series latest work, dream spinning fantasy occupation RPG “Yumeko person and forgetful black fairy” (“Yumekuro” Informed that it started delivery from February 18 (Fri), 2022).

Siegrest Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Owami) is the latest work of the dream world series latest work, dream spinning fantasy occupation RPG “Yumeko person and forgetful black fairy” (“Yumekuro” We will inform you that the delivery started from February 18 (Fri) 2022).

“Yumekuro” is a smartphone game app that says “Dreams Fantasy Vocational RPG“.

This work is a new story that is the same “Dream World” as “Dream World” released in March 2015, “Dream Kingdom and 100 Prince Sleeping”, and from “Dream 100” different from time and angle I’m drawing the world of

In addition, this work will be a work of joint delivery with Bilibili that developing China’s largest online entertainment service.

“Dream 100” is more than 1,2 million downloads worldwide, and we will deliver this work to more people in joint delivery with Bilibili as a global expansion.

The number of pre-registrants has topped 250,000 people.

# Delivery Commemorative Campaign Overview

At the campaign implemented in advance, 3,000 Yuka Start (20 units), Meister 10 Rena Tickets, and one black fairy 10 consecutive gautical tickets have been decided.

# # (1) Yumeko and forgetful black fairy delivery start commemorative campaign

In commemoration of the delivery start of “Yumekuro”, we will carry out follow and retweet campaigns.

“Yumekuro” Official Twitter Follow and Campaign The AMAZON gift certificate (for 5,000 yen) will be presented in 100 people from among those who retweeted the tweets.

· Holding period: February 18 (February 18) -February 20 (Sun) 23:59 · Present contents: Amazon gift certificate (for 5,000 yen) 100 people · Application method: (1) “Yumekuro” Follow Official Twitter (@yumekuro_info) (2) Campaign Retweeted tweets

※ Amazon, and their logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

# # (2) Release Memorial Login Bonus Campaign Held!

We will carry out a release commemorative login bonus until 5:00 on March 13, 2012.

In this campaign, it is possible to acquire 200 peaks on the fifth day of login, on the 10th day.

· Holding period: February 18, 2012 (Fri) -March 13 (Sun) 5:00

# # (3) Release Memorial Gacha & Memorial Pack appeared!

With a fee limited, ★ 4 Meister will be able to get one person, and we will sell the release commemorative pack where 1500 paid tumors and items in the game are set.

· Holding period: February 18, 202 (Fri) -March 13 (Sun) 15:00

# About the Dream World Series

The fantasy of the “dream world” is a generic term for smartphone game apps produced by the ZIKRest.

Under the concept of “Female”, I will love the many characters that live in the dream world, and fostering the bond, and the one of the one of the guests heats the chest, the dream-like experience I am aiming for.

The 1st series of series released in March 2015, “a dream kingdom and a thousands of sleeping” is 12 million downloads over the world, “I released” in February 2022.

# “Yumeko and forgetful black fairy” service outline

· Title: “Yumekaku and forgetful black fairy” · Genre: Dream spinning fantasy occupation RPG · Usage fee: Basic play free, item charge system, delivery: App Store, Google Play (Native app) · Joint delivery: Bilibili Siegrest Co., Ltd.

App Store Google Play Official Site https: // www. Official Twitter (@yumekuro_info) Official YouTube Channel

# # Cast list (in order of sonal order, honoring abbreviation)

Shota Aoi, Akihei, Tenzo, Takahiro Ishii, Aki Ishii, Ishitani, Ishii Harima, Iwasaki Yoho, Uema Yoho, Shuhiko Uemahara, Hinhiko Okamoto, Hirohiko Okamoto, Hirotaro Okamoto, Hirotaro Okamoto Ono Tomoki, Kashihara, Kazuki Kato, Makoto Kano, Kano Sho, Kano Sho, Kawano Kawano, Kogawara, Kobayashi Yu, Kobayashi Yuzu, Kobayashi, Saito Saito, Sako Sakai, Sato, Sato Takuya, Shimono, Yutaka Shinkagaki, Suwamu Kenichi, Takaaki Takasaki, Takahashi Takahashi, Takeuchi Hideaki, Tamoto Motohisa, Chiba Yoshiya, Kojiro Tamoto, Kojiro Tsuda, Wataru Tsuda Terashima, Takajima, Toyunaga Yoshida, Masayoshi Nakazawa, Nakata Hajima, Yuka Nagano, Hirotaro Nishiyama, Shoho Nogami, Hanji Yue, Hanayoshi, Sakae Hayashi, Shunsuke Hasaku, Shunsuke Hakugawa, Fukamachi, Mie Fukuyama, Mie Furugawa, Kei Furukawa, Kogawaki Horie, Masaaki Masakusa, Masuda, Matsuda, Takumi Miyama, Miyasae, Taku Miyasa, Hayashi, Taku, Haya Yoshitani Yamamoto, Yamamoto, Yamamoto, Yamamoto, Yoshiyoshi Yoshiyoshi, Yoshino Yoshida, Yoshino Yoshino, Yoshino

Company Profile

Company Name Co., Ltd. HTTPS:// City of Shibuya-ku, Uda-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo No.1 ABEMA TOWERS Established November 4 IP and Games Planning, Development and Operation

Kingdom Hearts 3 recalls the DLC outputs in 2020

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind DLC would be published on January 23, 2020 for PS4 and February 25, 2020 for Xbox One. The disclosed exit dates would have been revealed via a recently returned YouTube official trailer by Square Enix.


A new trailer of Remind DLC can be consulted below.

The new trailer includes several Final Fantasy Characters, Kairi Combat Gameplay, and more. The new CMD features include a more difficult difficulty, new Keyblades and new bosses.

According to the official story of Remind, it takes place “during the apogee” of kingdom Hearts 3 and implies that Sora Save Kairi:

_ “Re Mind – The other story that took place during the apogee of Kingdom Hearts 3. Determined to rescue Kairi, Sora goes to Keyblade cemetery shortly before the final battle takes place. Without form. Body, it traces the heart The seven guardians of light. By living his personal fights, Sora is about to discover the truths he has never imagined before. “_

What did you think of the new trailer of Remind DLC? What part of the trailer was your favorite? Are you delighted to play this new DLC next year? Go ahead and express yourself in the Comments section under the article.

Releases: Lost Ark finally comes to Europe

In the coming week, February will continue to be rather varied: From Kung-Fu adventure to the large action role-playing MMO, a lot is there.

Sifu | 8 February 8

PC / PS4 / PS5

In Sifu is beaten. Granted, which happens in many games, but the new project of the absolute makers continues consistently on close combat, more precisely Kung Fu. As a player, she slips into the role of a young martial art student who wants to revoke the murderers of his family.

On the way there is numerous enemies to defeat in direct confrontations. If you fail, the game is not lost yet, but you will be revived, but ages in return. Anyone who is too often defeated, then dies at age weakness and may border the ratchet from the front.

Similar to the time of absolvers, Sifu does not appear at the beginning for all platforms. Instead, the release has so far only planned for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Ollioli World | 8 February 8

Lost Ark's Launch Update ARRIVES! (Western Changes, New Content, and MORE!)

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X / Switch

In the third part of the Ollioli series, everything becomes a little bigger: Ollioli World takes you to Radlandia, a colorful place that is considered skateboard paradise. Once there, you can immediately go to exploring tour, follow-up and main missions, unlock rewards and much more.

Playfully, the turn is faithful. Your skatet in a 2D view and scores points to set up a new highscore. The developers promise millions of different levels , which can master their own way in the sandbox mode.

To release, Ollioli-World serves as well as any platform, ie PC and the entire console bandwidth of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo.

Kingdom Hearts: Integrum Masterpiece | February 10th


On the PlayStation, on the Xbox and on the PC, the Kingdom Hearts series has been available for some time now. Now follows a release for the Nintendo Switch as Kingdom Hearts: Integrum Masterpiece .

The version contains the three large packages that accompany you throughout the history of role-playing: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix , Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts 3 Mitsamt The extension remind . Thus, switch owners can now experience the complete adventure, which originated from a collaboration between Disney and Square Enix.

However, there is one thing to pay attention to: On the Nintendo Switch, the series appears only as a cloud version , ie your needs permanently access to the Internet. An offline version will not exist.

Lost Ark | February 11


Since the first announcement of Lost Ark , players in Europe have been waiting for the mix of action role-playing game and MMO – but so far Smilegate covers only Korea, Japan and Russia. Now Amazon jumps and brings Lost Ark to Europe and North America.

Again, Lost Ark will be a “Free 2 Play” game in which you can hatch in the role of 15 different classes and hunt for ever better equipment. For this you fight through a story campaign, exploring different dungeons, find you together in guilds, shows in the PVP who is the strongest and much more. In addition, you can design your own island and even travel the seas of the game world.

As in the other regions, the release of Lost Ark also takes place only for the PC. An implementation for the consoles has not been announced so far.

After many years finally Lost Ark play or again experience the entire history of Kingdom Hearts on a platform? In the second February week, the agony of choice is like always with you.

Sunday Tose, its popular game 3 kinds of events

Sunday Loses said on the 26th that it will proceed with its popular mobile game ‘Knifing 3’, ‘Knifing Sichuan’, ‘Knifing 4’.

The ‘Knifing 3’, which gains a solid response from a variety of age groups, is a Bags Money Event to receive various items and character drawings such as Heart and Thunder bang whenever it clears the stage from January 26 to February 1 Open. In the attendance event, which can only receive a variety of items, we will present a limited edition character ‘Snow Beam Lucy, which is the last seven days, and will add a holiday atmosphere.

The Knifing Sichuan, which is popular in the women’s popularity, commemorates the New Year holidays, Making Annie’s Guys from January 26 to February 8th. This event that increases the size of various sizes obtained by stage play, the event that increases the size is the content that is ranked in the size of the combined rice cake. Especially, we expect to be a diverse gift that will be a diverse gift for a diverse gift and a group consisting of a group consisting of a conception that applies a concept of reinforcing to the combination of rice cake. In addition, various items that receive up to 500 coins, depending on the size of the rice cake, and a variety of items that are received as a daily mission are also expected to benefit from users.

In recent years, the Knifing 4, which is a large update in the first half, is also the Proceed to the event. As a result of the result of the result of the result of the deceased, the number of people who gathered with the connection, puzzle play, etc., the ‘윷 play bout, which receives the item, and it is in the way that 10 people compete on January 27 to February 10th. The two daily hot-time hot-time hot-time hot-time voters to give participants twice the participants will be afraid that they will be more fun to have fun.

The Sunday Those official said, I expect the Events of the people who have a holiday atmosphere and the recipient of the animals, and the game design, said the event, said the event,

On the other hand, Sundays’ holidays will be held for more than 1 million users, and Sunday Loses will continue 24-hour monitoring and customer response for stable service with special event progress.

Shin Megami Tensei Veterans Monark Launches February 2022

NIS America has actually revealed that Monark Monark– a video game created by previous Shin Megami Tensei developers— will launch on February 22 in The United States And Canada as well as February 25, 2022, in Europe for Computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

The statement was revealed in a new trailer showcasing the different adversaries the lead character will come across in Monark. The very first one is Kurama Hitotsubashi, that takes control of as student council head of state after the previous student, Hinata Nozomi, was eased of her function.

Subaru Ikariya is a disturbing first-year student that reviews the occult as well as the dark arts at the library every day. He s additionally been threatening fellow trainees by asserting that he s behind the unusual events tormenting Shin Mikado Academy. Hayate Tsumabuki is a teacher at the academy that numerous trainees admire for his mild temperament.

How to Redownload DELETED Nintendo Switch games
There are additionally the Tono doubles, Akane and Sumire. Akane is the older of both as well as is nicknamed the White Swan of Shin Mikado. She has an innocent air concerning her and is lovesick. Sumire is the Black Swan of Shin Mikado and also is fairly flirty with guys around the academy.

The last enemy revealed is Yoru, a mysterious entity that appears in the lead character s desires. Her look is obscured, being a black silhouette with glitched effects.

Monark was very first revealed back in June, as well as NIS America shortly after confirmed computer as one more release platform for the West.

Nintendo Switch still performs sales of equipment in states

According to the NDP Mat Pisatella analyst, the Nintendo Switch is leading US hardware graphics through record sales in February. Nintendo Switch dominated unit sales and dollars in February while beating all the platforms in the history of the month since February 2009 with Nintendo Wii. It seems that February is the month of Nintendo to shine on the basis of these numbers. The new owners of Nintendo Switch will have to access Nintendo Switch Online if they wish to play multiplayer with their online friends.

It s the highest total for one month of February since the $ 468 million achieved in February 2011, said Mat Pisatella. Since the beginning of the year, equipment expenditures totaled $ 724 million, an increase of 130% from last year. Given the leap of 130% this year, it seems that the Nintendo Switch continues to dominate and February continues to be an excellent month for the Grand N.

Nintendo Switch is the second best-selling platform in the history of the United States, just behind the Nintendo Wii, which stormed the world when leaving in 2006. Despite the recent exit of Xbox Series X. / S and ps5, it looks like Nintendo Switch continues to fly out of store shelves while shops have trouble getting the next generation consoles on store shelves. While Nintendo Switch was one of the original consoles affected by COVID shortages, it seems that Nintendo is back to pump the hybrid console.

Are you a new fan of Nintendo Switch or are you one of the first owners of the hybrid platform? Let us know in the comments below!

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