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How to get a lightning heart at Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has a number of materials that players find during their journey, and some of them are used to improve weapons. While some of these materials is easy to find, others are difficult to find. Four main elemental ores include Firecore, Icecore, Rockcore and Magcore. The heart of lightning is a more rare version of Maghore, and there are several ways to find this material. Here’s how to get a lightning heart at Tower of Fantasy.

How to get a lightning heart at Tower of Fantasy

The heart of lightning A rare ore with the power of the volt element. These are the highest variants of the magic, and you can get the heart of lightning by collecting elementary ores . In the same way, you can Fuse four magicors to get a lightning heart. Check your backpack to connect four magicors to get a lightning heart. These rare ores have a higher cleanliness of the volt element and are used to strengthen weapons such as Volt.

You can also find the heart of lightning by defeating certain enemies, such as student of the guards of the treasures of Esslessor . Players will find this enemy on northern ring ridges in Astra. Visit a place marked with a white circle on the image above to defeat this enemy and get a lightning heart. Players can also purchase Heart of Lightning in a weapon store for two black gold. Although you will need to increase the level of the wanderer to 35 to unlock the heart of lightning in the weapon store.

Weapons, such as thunder blades, thunder halberd, double electromagnetic stars and others, requires magicians to improve to higher levels. While magcore is easy to find, Hearts of Lightning can be difficult to assemble. We recommend stocking Magcores before converting the lot in Hearts of Lightning. You can also effectively process this material by destroying enemies, such as a student of the guards of the treasures of Esslessor, and collecting more elemental ore.

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Atomic Heart: Outstanding combat gameplay

The establishing of Atomic Heart remained in 1955 in an alternative, clinical development, which is thriving in every regard. An in fact utopian setting in which robotics reached its height throughout the 2nd World Battle and also the culture lives in serene harmony. In any case, until the moment when the robotics rebel versus their makers as well as make research laboratory mutants from secret experiments to make individuals’s lives hell.

The Russian developer as well as publisher Mundfish shocked at the Gamescom with a brand-new, brutal and long trailer to Atomic Heart- The game, which likewise as Soviet bioshock described as. The game was introduced as early as 2018 and also has been rumorable in the advancement heck ever since, so it is even more gratifying that we ultimately obtain a brand-new trailer for the encouraging title.

The new gameplay trailer

When is the release of Atomic Heart? .

The Trailer reveals us two female-looking robotics that make a type of peculiar ritual-a recommendation to the video game’s story. Furthermore, the trailer shows a whole lot battle gameplay , which in fact advises of the Bioshock collection In Atomic Heart you wear a special glove on the left hand, which provides you pressures such as electrical shocks and also telekinesis ; In the right hand you hold a weapon to thaw your opponents like Rambo.

The trailer additionally reveals a great deal of different opponent kinds – Ihr has to constantly adjust your skills, weapons as well as battle techniques to the particular circumstance and, if essential, utilize your atmosphere for your benefit. Mundfish guarantees us a action-packed video game with crossbreed battle system and Souls-Like elements . The perceptions are supplemented by the uncommon coming with music.

There is no exact day yet, yet so much the magazine for the fourth quarter 2022 has actually been set up. The Retrofuturist Action-RPG Atomic Heart ought to appear for Computer, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series designs and also Xbox One.

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The setting of Atomic Heart was in 1955 in an alternative, scientific progress, which is prospering in every respect. In Atomic Heart you put on a special handwear cover on the left hand, which provides you forces such as electrical shocks and also telekinesis ; In the right hand you hold a firearm to thaw your opponents like Rambo.

Mundfish promises us a action-packed game with hybrid battle system and also Souls-Like components .

Its pleasant to be cruel, release of the Atomic Heart battle -oriented play video

At the time of its first release, a new trailer of Atomic Heart, which received a lot of attention with the atmosphere and story of the bio shock and the fallout, was released.

Russian developer Budfish unveiled a new trailer at Atomic Heart at Gamescom on the 26th. Atomic Heart is a game set against the backdrop of a virtual history that the Soviet Union has won Germany alone in World War II. The Soviet Union, who has lost a large population, created various robots to replace it, but when these robots rebelled and hunted humans, the KGB special agent, the protagonist, came out to solve it. It has released new news and videos in six months since February.


In this video, the gameplay is full of contents related to battle. You can check the various combat methods, such as firing water by using a polymer glove that allows you to use various psychic powers, electric electric shocks with electricity, or frozen enemies and cut them with a knife. Various enemies have been released, including a huge enemy who rolls up and rushes in a round, a humanoid robot that rushes like a zombie, a powerful laser from his mouth, and a robot that blocks humans in half. Players must make more than 30 weapons and deal with them.

Atomic Heart will be released at the end of this year as PCs (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It is undecided whether it is supported by domestic official launch and Korean language.

Atomic Heart: a Russian FPS increased with amphetamines with bioshock songs, a trailer that dislocates

A little unnoticed until now, Atomic Heart has simply been propelled to the rank of the games that will need to be kept an eye on in the coming months, considering that he dropped his new dedicated trailer for Gamescom 2022. It has to be stated that the Studio Mundfish put the little meals in the big ones to get observed, with this video of nearly 4 minutes, installed with the little onions to show us what it is all about. It should be stated that this atomic Heart has the stylish to display us graphics Following Gen ‘that Nvidia does not hesitate to sustain with its RTX modern technology. Visually, it throws it, however on the gameplay side, it is additionally extremely intriguing, with a concept extracted from Bioshock where the primary character can utilizing powers with his left hand. No plasmids to be provided, but abilities connected to the fact that our character should go to least one boosted human with robotics. History will certainly occur in a dystopian Soviet Union where a system failing has actually led the makers to rebel against the individuals. The player symbolizes Significant P-3, a personal representative committed to minimize the repercussions of this system failure and prevent the leakage of categorized information. If all goes well, Atomic Heart will be released at the end of the year on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and also Xbox One.

Atomic Heart: Soviet bioshock gets Combat

For a long time, it was quiet concerning the adoringly Soviet Bioshock Action-RPG of the developer studio Mundfish. Currently the Russian programmer has released a Fight trailer that permits further understandings into the battle system and also video game world of the Soviet Utopias, which is intended to appear in the 4th quarter of this year for computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

The optimistic dream is not what it seems… Atomic Heart takes you into 1955, extra precisely into a Soviet Union, which has actually been increased by clinical achievements. Yet the fact that resembles an optimistic desire initially swiftly develops into a dystopic problem:

A system failure in the Soviet facility No. 3826 implies that machines are rebeling versus people. They are Major P-3, personal day, as well as their task is to reduce the effects of this ‘system failure’ as well as to prevent the seepage of secret info.

puzzling, bloody, good

The trailer impressively reveals that Atomic Heart deserves its nickname. The futuristic, but still sentimental playing world, including its mechanical monstrosities, natural beings and paranormal phenomena, problems and develops a similar atmosphere as her genre rep in the spirit. The battle system also has particular similarities to Bioshock.

The battle system also has particular similarities to Bioshock. Mundfish pledges unsafe opponents with different actions, features and layouts, which ought to make you sweat effectively.


The trailer impressively shows that Atomic Heart deserves its nickname. The futuristic, however still sentimental having fun world, including its mechanical monstrosities, natural beings and also paranormal phenomena, challenges as well as develops a comparable ambience as her style representative in the spirit. The reality that the machines are attached to every various other by a neuronal network and to prevent being uncovered has extreme priority-unless you want to plunge right into a fight upside down-is appealing.

What precisely is everything about with the 2 female androids in the trailer and also whether Atomic Heart playfully results in utopian elevations or dystopian depths will most likely just be shown in the 4th quarter of this year. Those who have actually licked Soviet blood can remain to review into the game globe and also auto mechanics on the main internet site.

All locations of Max Up Heart in Paper Mario: The Origami King

An unknown force slowly turns the mushroom kingdom into origami, and Mario should save the situation. He will acquire all types of tools that will help him to accomplish this heroic feat, for example, various hammers and boots, but on the way of Mario there is one serious obstacle – his mortality. To fix this, a large number of Max Up Hearts are hidden all over the kingdom, although you first have to find them. Here All Max Up Heart locations in Paper Mario: The Origami King .

Table of contents

Where to find all Max Up Hearts

+20 hearts

+10 hearts

+5 hearts

where to find all Max Up Hearts

Three types of Max Up Hearts: +20, +10 and +5 hearts are scattered throughout the Earth, which will increase Mario’s health by twenty, ten and five units, respectively. In total, 14 hearts can be found, and their location is as follows:

+20 hearts

Temple of the Earth Vellmental *
* Having reached a giant rolling stone, let him safely go over you, leaving one of the recesses in the st1. The stone will fall into the gap at the end of the journey, creating a bridge along which you can get to this heart.
Studios of shoguna
* Give the princess a bone found next to a pair of dry bones to get this heart from a chain champ in this area.
Princess Pich
* Rise to the upper deck of the ship and open the chest to the left of the chimney to get this heart.
* Heart island
* Use Mario hammer on the bushes to find the buttons, then press the left and right buttons to make a folded toad. From there, press the button in front of the toad statue to open the bridge leading to the folded toad, then hit it to get this heart.

+10 hearts

Mushroom city *
* While at the SHROOM CITY hotel, turn off the fountain in the hotel pool. From there, talk with Snifit, which seems to stand on some pizza to find a toad and get this heart.
Temple of mushrooms
* While in the temple of mushrooms, use faceless toads to open the coffin with the emblem of the heart to get this heart. As an alternative, returning to this room after stripping the temple will lead to an automatic opening of all coffins.
* Go to the right side of the area and click on a blue umbrella to release green Snifit. This heart can be bought from Snifit for 10,000 coins.
* Spring of the rainbow
* Being inside the source, follow the fragile stalagmit located above the geyser on the ground. Break the stalagmit to close the geyser, as a result of which the nearest platform will rise higher than it was possible earlier. Climb on the platform to the destroyed wall, then follow the recently open path to find two more stalagmites. Break them to connect more geysers, allowing the platform to rise high enough so that you can get this heart.

+5 hearts

Autumn mountain *
* Going through the plains of tall grass, go to the left side of the field to find a small hole hidden in the grass. Spray into the pit to find a toad and get this heart.
Vellmental of water
* Having gained access to the right side of the main room of the temple, go down the floor below and hit the window on the back wall to knock down the toad and get this heart.
Studios of shoguna
* This heart can be obtained by solving a riddle in the house of riddles.
scorched sandpaper *
* Go to the southwestern part of the desert and dig in the center of the Ring Ring to find a wrinkled heart. From there, throw it into the lake found in a whispering forest to return it to normal and get this heart.
Great Sea
* Swim in the southeastern part of the Great Sea and place your boat in the center of the star icon on the map, then dive down to find a canned heart. From there, return to Friendship Square on Autumn Mountain so that Kostostyna Gumba opens the bank and gets this heart.
Ice Vellment Mountain

Paper Mario: The Origami King - All MAX UP Heart Locations
* After winning the first Sledge Bro found here, use a magic circle to go down a new open path. From there, return to the entrance to the room and jump over the icicle in the left side of the room to get this heart.

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All locations Giants Hearts in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has many different types of collectibles. These collectibles can usually be exchanged for various awards. One of these items of collectibles are the hearts of the giants that you need to find 15. That’s where to find all the hearts of the giants in Lost Ark .

Where to find all the hearts of giants in Lost Ark

  • 1st Heart of Giant : Tortoch, Quest “Five scattered brothers”.
  • 2nd Heart of Giant : Tricksion, Beatrice Rapport.
  • 3rd heart giant : Saint sources, Sasha Rapport
  • 4th Heart of Giant : Lake Eternity, Boss Tarsill RNG DROP
  • 5th Heart of Giant : Linger of black canine, can be purchased from a rose for a 3,300 mint of hyena.
  • 6th Heart of the Giant : Atlas, you can buy at the Merchant Merchant Grant for 33,000 pirate coins.
  • 7th Heart of Giant : Any island of Tuki, award for killing a king of the 3rd level.
  • 8th Heart of Giant : Island of Freedom, can be purchased from a black fang for 4,000 hyena coins.
  • 9th Heart of Giant : Eyes Hypno, Rapport Calvasus.
  • 10th Heart of Giant : Tower, Shadow Spire, Floor 35.
  • 11th Giant Heart : Azure Wind Island, Insects with Herbal Fields.


  • 12th Heart of Giant : Shadow Moon Market, Light Heart Quest.
  • 13th Heart of Giant : Tower, Tower of Fate, Floor 35
  • 14th Heart of Giant : Whispering island, Rapport Ninevei.
    15th Heart of Giant : Quest received after receiving the 14th Heart of Giant.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wedding Event – How to get more heart crystals

While weddings in the real world are usually laid on ice, the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons are not affected by global pandemics. So June is wedding season and there is a lot to enjoy the whole month. The large part of the event includes the arrival of Reese & Cyrus on Harv’s island, where they can become part of their wedding event. The key to get the most out of the event are heart crystals. So let’s summarize how you get more heart crystals in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to get more heart crystals

Every day of Animal Crossing Wedding Event: New Horizons you can fly to the island of Harv and Help Resse & Cyrus by decorating the wedding chapel and make the photo. You want to select elements that best fit your style for this particular image. Just experiment until you have put together something that corresponds to the topic given by Reese, and you will be fine.

When you’re done, make the picture and show it Reese to get your reward. In the first 6 days of the event you can get between 5 and 11 heart crystals per day. Thereafter, the maximum is increased to 15 so that you can unlock even more special wedding topics. In the first 6 days each item will be unlocked for the purchase. So you just have to earn enough heart crystals to buy them all.

If you visit the island every day, decorate to Reeses theme and make a good picture, you get all the heart crystals you can. The difference between the maximum and the minimum reward seems to be a bit random. So visit us every day to get everything you can. This is how you get in Animal Crossing: New Horizons more heart crystals. You have 30 days to collect them all, so you should have a lot in the end. But the key is to visit every day and get a good picture.

???? How To Get Heart Crystals in Animal Crossing New Horizons ???? Wedding Set GIVEAWAY


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Hyper Light Breaker is announced, the first trailer is revealed

Vagundo hyperligero is receiving a sequel with work in a hyperligero player currently running, announced the Heart Machine developer this week. The revelation of this new game coincides with the sixth anniversary of vagundo hyperligero, the elegant and acclaimed game released on several platforms since its debut. Heart Machine is developing the game with Gearbox Publishing on board to publish it, and along with the Revelation, we obtained the first progress of the game and some details about how it will be played compared to the first Hyper Light game.

As those who played the first could have expected, Heart Machine, the study that also created the original, is driving _ switch automatic_ a little different instead of being a 2D game as vagabundo, automatic switch_ will be in 3D and will also admit the experience of a Only player and cooperative through the online game. The game is planned for a Steam launch in the spring of 2023, where it will be available for the first time in advance access.

You can see the trailer below to take a first look at -switch Hyperligero after it was revealed on Thursday.

Those who remember with love the first game will also be delighted to know that together with the original studio in charge, Alx Preston, the creative director who worked in vagabundo has returned for automatic switch_. Preston shared comments on the plans for the new game in a press release while remembering the collective funding trip that brought _vagabundo to life.

“It’s a madness to think that six years have spent since we launched vagundo hyperligero,” said Preston. “The long journey since the dreamed project was launched in 2013 until now it has been incredible. We feel deeply fortunate to be able to celebrate the franchise in this way. Collective financing for the game exceeded our most outflowed expectations, which led millions of players from all over the world to fall in love with _vagundo hyperligero. The fans trusted us at that time to fulfill the vision; We can not wait for our community to experience _ minister lingerie – is a new path and the culmination of everything we have learned during the last eight years of development in Heart Machine ».

Hyper Light Breaker - Reveal Trailer

The steam page for Hyperligero_ __ switch is already active, so be sure to be attentive to him and the social networks that are seen up to keep up.

Heart Machine announces a sequel for Hyper Light Drifter

The Heart Machine studio has announced a sequel species for Hyper Light Drifter, set in the same universe as its 2016 game. Hyper Light Breaker has an estimated release date of 2023, it will publish Gearbox Publishing, and we can see some images in
Your Steam page.
Perhaps what the most is striking is that, on this occasion, the game presents a world completely 3D that we can explore freely.

Heart Machine Announces Hyper Light Breaker, Enters Early Access In 2023

The game page explains that the title will have “a huge and changing world with massive and deep biomes and deep labyrinths” and that in it we can use different Parkour skills to navigate the areas.
You can see a small trailer below:

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