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Ghost of Tsushima: The 10 million sales are soon!

The checklist of PlayStation Studios games that have actually crossed the threshold of 10 million sales will certainly widen a little a lot more, considering that Ghost of Tsushima is gradually approached this symbolic score, with 9.73 million copies sold.
This info is the Sucker Punch studio that shared it with a tweet in which the developers commemorate the 2 years of existence of the game. They seize the day to reveal some vital numbers Just for Fun as we state
We discover as an example that 78 million photos have already been taken, that 540.8 million duels have actually been performed, that 91.4 million objectives were played in the multi legends mode, that 94.76 million onsen (warm resources) were
Visited or 75.18 million foxes were caressed.
While waiting for the 10 million to be crossed, we recall that a Ghost of Tsushima movie is being produced which it is Chad Stahelski, the director of the very first John Wick, that gets on it.

#Summer Game Fest: Sony talks about the future of The Last of Us

Taking advantage of the enormous showcase of the summer presentation Summer Game Fest, Sony wanted to deliver information on its franchise The Last of Us, of which The Last of Us Part II is already returned to 10 million copies. Also the time to confirm for Sony that the remake of The Last of Us will be released on September 2, 2022 on PlayStation 5 console and on PC.

Here are the details:

_ Independent multiplayer _

_We know that many of you have not only been captivated by the history of The Last of Us, but also by the multiplayer mode Factions of the original game released for almost ten years, and that you claim more.__

This, we can finally reveal to you that we are working on something much more important than a simple game mode. We are delighted to be able to share with you a concept of artwork of our multiplayer experience to come. This is an extremely ambitious project. We have never stopped developing our studio to manage to create this independent large-scale game that will offer a huge world worthy of The Last of Us and Naughty Dog. Games._

_Ot this goal for this new multiplayer opus is to attract new players, while offering a new exciting challenge to our most seasoned fans. We will tell you more next year, but we look forward to presenting the team that works on this new experience! _



_ The Last of Us on HBO _

Dès the beginning, the story of The Last of Us was thought of to be cinematographic and narrative, and HBO left in the same direction to carry this story on the small screen. With the orders the creator and author of the Chernobyl series, Craig Mazin, and executive producer Carolyn Strauss, but also Neil Druckmann, the whole team worked hard to offer an authentic adaptation of history as well as a swarming world of details.

_ It is in this same spirit of collaboration and authenticity that Neil, executive producer and author of the series, also produced a whole episode. To give life to The Last of Us, an ultra-creative collaboration has been set up between our studio and HBO._

The universes of video games and television continue to overlap while Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, the actors who embody Ellie and Joel in the Games respectively, join the team. We look forward to seeing them on the screen, alongside those who just discover the universe of The Last of Us and its lifelong fans.

_ The Last of Us Part I _

_THE LAST OF US was released almost ten years ago on the PlayStation 3 console, and our studio was transformed forever. The story of Joel and Ellie is still as evocative today for players around the world, and we are touched that these characters have left such a lasting impression.

Inch to the technical and material progress made, we were able to push the limits of visual fidelity and interactivity, and we are delighted to announce that the remake of The Last of Us will be released on September 2, 2022 on PlayStation 5 console. The game is also under development on PC.

Stardew Valley exceeded 20 million soldish

Success has been expected for a long time, but when also pretty figures fall, it’s even clearer. Stardew Valley , the immense farm management game developed by Conjuredape, crossed last March the 20 million copies sold.

A NEW NPC IN 1.4? Squirrel Quest | Stardew Valley 1.4 | Rebus Plays
Whether we prefer gameplay to the Harvest Moon to plant and harvest vegetables, the acute collection aspect, or even the social experience to get to know all the inhabitants of our adopted town: the field of possibilities is If large in Stardew Valley that all player profiles can find themselves there. Since its PC release in 2016 – and many times updated since – this continuous management game to dig its hole so that it has been exceeding since March 2022, the twenty million copies sold, all platforms combined.

Carried on PS4 and Xbox One, then on Switch and mobile devices, and now even available in the Game Pass subscription, Stardew Valley remains a safe bet of the PC: it sold thirteen million copies On the total, as the latest figures shared on the official title website specify. We let you convert all this into potatoes.

SIFU: Batman, Daredevil and John Wick sneak into the game using mods

SIFU is one of the launches that hmillion copies caused the most impact on what we have of 2022; The work of Sloclap hmillion copies already managed to overcome the million copies sold and hmillion copies harvested very positive criticism among genre lovers. And since it could not be otherwise, it already hmillion copies a series of mods very interesting million copies those that we show you today: nothing more and nothing less than * batman (that of Robert Pattinson), John Wick and Daredevil * They are the characters that have been cmillion copiest in the game thanks to the user Voyagers Revenge, creator of the three.

Then we leave you videos with GamePlay of all these mods. The most interesting thing is that if you look at you, the cinematographic bill and the details million copies far million copies the fighting style refers to marvels with the characters represented.



John Wick.

Daredevil, Chun Li, John Wick & Shaggy in Sifu Hallway Gameplay | 6 Awesome Mods

SIFU: The new king of the neighborhood

In our SIFU analysis, the title achieved a rating of 9 over 10 . In the conclusions, we said that “Sifu is a plemillion copiesant and challenging surprise that demands a lot to the player at first, but who is grateful to him in the long run. The combat system is very well memillion copiesured, but The most important thing is how the player hmillion copies the ability to learn and improve : know how to dodge, when blocking, when you come back “. You can read the full analysis through the following link. We also tell you the title keys in a gameplay video, where you can see the first game time and some final leaders.

SIFU arrived at the stores on February 8 and is available on PC, PS5 and PS4. The game wmillion copies also recently added to the GeForce NOW catalog, the Streaming Game Service of NVIDIA, million copies part of the lmillion copiest wave of titles.

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