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Big Game Studio Black Clover Mobile 2nd FGT ends

-2nd FGT proceeded through partnership with Gyeongil Game Academy with a scale of around 150 people

Big Game Studio announced today (13th) that it has completed the 2nd FGT of (hereinafter referred to as Black Clover Mobile) under development.

This 2nd FGT was privately recruited for game academy students with high passion and understanding of games in Korea, and was conducted with about 150 people in cooperation with Gyeongil Game Academy. Students studying Unity programming and game planning participated in the 2nd FGT of Black Clover Mobile for about 4 hours, and after the game test play was completed, a total of three surveys were conducted.

As a result of the 2nd FGT of , more than 80% of the testers gave favorable reviews about the fun of the game and showed high satisfaction. Compared with the first FGT conducted in February, it was confirmed that the user satisfaction score for the play was significantly improved.

In the subjective response, many opinions were that it was a mobile game that would be attractive enough to catch the attention of users and happy for anime fans, and more than 68% of the total respondents said, If is officially released, you should definitely play it. I will, he replied.

Big Game Studio announced that it plans to further improve user convenience, combat tempo and difficulty, etc. in the future improvement direction by actively reflecting the opinions of the 2nd FGT testers.


‘Black Clover’ is a work serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump published by Japanese publishing house Shueisha, and it is a work that is well received not only in Japan but also in the global market, with a cumulative circulation of 17 million.

After being aired on TV, the animation is currently being aired on several OTT platforms in Korea, and Black Clover fan base visits the official community after hearing the news about the game’s development to receive various development news.

Currently, Official Cafe and Official YouTube Channel provide game information.

All characters and abilities Apex Legends Mobile

APEX Legends Mobile will be launched later this week, and players are happy to see all the new elements that will appear with a global launch. The developers emphasized the notes to the patch that a new legend named Faid will be added to the game. Since the last period of game testing has ended, fans cannot be patient to find out how many legends will be in the Apex Legends Mobile at the start. APEX Legends Mobile will start a game with 10 legends: Bloodhaund , giblatar , Bangalor , Life Line , Rastype , Ghost ,octane , mirage , caustic, and dull *.


passive: * tracker
* Allows you to see traces left by opponents
Tactical: Eye all -father
* Detects enemies, traps and other structures using directed scanning.
final: hunting beast
* The Bloodhand is in a frantic state with increased speed and visual feelings, which allows him to quickly find enemies.


passive: * arms shield
* Gibraltar receives a weapon shield, which is activated when aiming from weapons.
Tactical: Dome of protection
* Gibraltar drops a domed shield that protects the teammates from shots and explosions.
final: defensive bombing ****
* Gibraltar causes a concentrated mortar blow that affects all the enemies that are in this area.


passive: * double time
* During the fire, Banglore receives a small increase in speed for a few seconds.
Tactical: smoke launcher
* Bangalor knocks smoke that deprives vision in a small area
final: rolling thunder
* Bangalor causes an artillery blow that destroys the enemies that fell into the zone of its action.

Life Line

* Passive: Combat physician
* Lifeline unfolds his DOC drone to revive the teammates shot down.
Tactical: Therapeutic drone doc *
* Lifeline triggers the treating DOC drone for the treatment of allies nearby.
* final : ** Care package
* Lifeline causes a high -level booty care package, and it can be an excellent cover for use in certain situations.


Passive: * Insider knowledge
* Pathfinder can scan viewing beacons to find the next circle of zone.
Tactical: anchor
* Pathfinder shoots with a hook, allowing Legend to move forward using directed input
final : ziplas-gun
* Pathfinder deploys Zipline, which connects the two areas, teammates can use Zipline.


Passive: * Voices from the void
* Rape may feel when enemies are chained to her with his weapons.
Tactical: In the void
* The ghost enters the inter -spatial void for a few seconds.
final **: spatial break
* The ghost breaks through the measurements to create a temporary teleport, connecting two points.


Passive: * Quick recovery
* Octane automatically restores a small amount of health over time.
Tactical: Steam
* Steam Ortina allows the legend to move shorter for a while, while receiving a little damage.
final : Starting platform
* Octane starting platform allows players to easily move from one place to another, using two jumps forward.


Apex Legends Mobile All Legends or Characters Abilities Full Guide | Tips and Tricks ALM

Passive: * Now you see me…
* Mirage becomes invisible in the revival of a teammate or revival in lighthouses.
Tactical: psyche
* Mirage uses a controlled bait, the movements of which imitate the trajectory of the original Legend.
final **: Soul of the company
* Mirage uses a team of six lures to distract the enemies.


Passive: * Knox Vizhn
* The passive ability of the caust allows the legend to clearly see enemies with NOX Vision.
Tactical: Gas trap Nox
* Caustic can install up to three gas traps at the same time. Enemies in contact with traps will receive damage
final: gas grenade Knox
* The NOX gas grenade covers a large area with poisonous gas. Opponents receive damage while the gas is inside.


Passive: * micro
* FADE receives short -term acceleration after sliding
Tactical: * memory
* FADE is teleported to the previous place, tearing the measurements

* final : phase camera
* Fade uses the kernel activator of his costume to call an explosion, which for a while immobilizes everyone who is in close proximity. This makes them unable to apply or receive damage.

To learn more about Apex Legends Mobile, read the information on how to get a preliminary registration for Apex Legends Mobile or Rift Stalker Legendary Wraith, as well as the details of the Sanguine Bundle Apex Legends set in the game for professionals.

Recently regrettable overseas abroad Bamner users influx, solution?

Recently, there are a lot of overseas users in the game that is service only in Korea. Particularly, when the game of popular IP or genre in overseas is released, it is also possible to have more overseas users than domestic users in the game.

In fact, it is not illegal to enjoy overseas games using VPN. In the position of the game, the user is a lot, it is good, and it is also a proof that it was recognized as much as possible. If our gamers do not really want to make a formal release, do not you can see if you are making an account of other countries.

However, the problem is, but it is a non-mulner action of some of the overseas users. Using a nuclear program, a macro, and a macro, and the game economic system is broken, and it is reported to have a lot of performance, including the lifetime of the game, such as a non-mater act. This is spreading to a disgusting emotion for a particular country, and there are a number of comments to make the source of overseas users.

From Dunpa Mobile Ranking to Blue Archive Unlocked Account Stop

Recently, the game that has the fastest overseas user inflow is the “Dungeon and Fighter Mobile (Dunp Mobile). In fact, in Dunpa Mobile, you can easily see the ID that converts Chinese in English in the village in the village. In the case of Dunpa Mobile, it was originally scheduled to be released in China. Although it was expected to have gathered more than 60 million pre-reserved members in the local, the issuance of the posting of the guardian is either. If you think of the popularity in China in China, you will be an enthusiastic that Chinese users will enter the game.

The problem is that some Chinese users have occurred the top of the World Boss Ranking with the score of Chinese users using the nucleus. It was only a day. These users have boasted impossible scores, equipment, and growth, which were impossible, and then the users were sanctions and disappeared from the ranking rankings to the nucleus. Not only. Search engine is a ‘Dunpa Mobile Nucleus’ to easily search the nuclei manufactured by China. If you leave it, it is a situation in which you can broke the auction system system.

In recent years, another example is an example of a blue archive domestic edition. Recently, blue archives have sanctions more than 10 million accounts using games abnormally. A 100-year-old account in the game that is 100,000 units of the number of players are counted. Most of the Chinese workplace used illegal programs and macros to obtain a good character after the tutorial. This is not at all, and it can be called abroad in an abnormal way.

Not only the nucleus but also trolling

In addition to the illegal program, if you broaden the range to a trolling that interferes with the game progress, you have a “League of Legend (hereinafter referred to as a” League of Legend (hereinafter referred to as a complaint). Roll operates a server for each region, which is the highest level of our servers in the world, and it is pretty much looking for foreign users. In particular, it was a public fact that China’s professional players have been able to take a paid a paid a vision by a riot game for practice.

Inside Story - What's the solution to the world's drug problem?

However, the fact that the users do not enjoy the game normally, and that the so-called “trolling” was cast on a few years ago. The super account is a legitimate trolling from the tier to leverage the characteristics that the tier does not fall well. I even had trolled to participate in broadcasting of Korean professional players, and I was reported until I used it on illegal gambling in the sense. Recently, ‘Pakers’ Idol Hyuk is a direct complaint about the trolling of Chinese professional athletes on personalized broadcasting. The rare “Paker” was taken to the emotional response of the ‘Paker’, and the rhiot Games and the player’s team immediately responded. This case is well finished, but it is obvious that there are still many unrecorded events.

If you expand the case, you have already been a long time ago, there is a ‘Player New Battle Ground (hereinafter referred to as a “Player Nouns Battle (Baek), which is a long time due to overseas nuclear areas. The reason why the vague loses the incurable momentum is so that it is purely due to China foot nuclear user. This is the same as GTA online, including many other steam games.

Related holes as many influxings are wide as possible

Users who do this illegal and implicitly have a relatively fair process of values and their guilt for nuclear use. This idea is spanning in the preaching, and in February last year, the Bag, which has been consisting of official streas, and the Chinese players were used as a group of Chinese players. I prompted to promote the nuclei of the bug, and it is representative of the event that was promoted. Although China examples have a lot of toxic, these non-mnerships are in Korea, but also in other countries, not China.

However, recently, there is a need to aggressively sanction of this as an overseas user inflow, and the proportional to the proportional to the proportional to it, as it is exponentially increased. Of course, it is difficult to block the source of the overseas connection or apply a complete nuclear anti-prevention program, and it is difficult to avoid it to a good user who enjoys the game normally. Here’s the best measures to do this, reinforce manual coping. You should broaden the window to receive the user and increase the personnel to manage it. In the early days of the release, it is necessary to comply with the TF team for the TF team, and it is necessary to receive and intermittently reported.

Without the domestic and foreign users, the non-meridian user is public enemy. There is a guardian in the event, and there is a castle guard. The more people, the more the atmosphere, the longer this intermittent personnel. You only have to enjoy the game with a dose that you have to do. It is necessary to provide a more easy reporting system, a recruitment of the personnel capable of quickly responding, and the cultural response manual, such as the cultural response manual, is necessary.

Promocodes of Call of Duty Mobile in February 2022: All active promotional codes for the mobile cod

Who does not like to unlock free things? Especially for games that are by themselves free, such as CALL OF DUTY: Mobile . Since it debuted at the end of 2019, it achieved more than 180 million downloads in just three months and EN 2022 remains a _Shooter online, very played on Android and iOS mobile devices.

And if you are looking for promotional codes, we offer you on February that are still active. Then check the notifications within the game and enjoy.

Cod Mobile: promotional codes of February

Here we leave with the list of the remaining codes:


  • Bqibzbzjsu.
  • Bpibzbz4qx.
  • Bqihzbzc4q.
  • Bjmmzczaqs.
  • Bfnuzildfz4ju43.

And how do promocodes be exchanged at Cod Mobile? You have to go to the “Exchange Center” of the official website. There you should paste your uid (you can see what your profile is inside the game, at the top left of the main menu), redeem the code in question and verify that you are not a bot with a random code.

After this, returns to the game and collects your free reward .

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