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Launches: Beast Hunter, Formula 1 as well as iconic anime

In the coming week it will certainly be quick, beast and there is a plainly obvious emphasis on expansions. Because soon 3 interesting video games will be taken into consideration with new web content.

DNF Duel | June 28th


The Beat ’em- Up parlor game Dungeon Fighter Online will most likely not be acquainted to everyone instantly, but allow yourself be claimed that it is just one of one of the most played video games worldwide. With DNF Duel there is currently an offshoot that sees himself as a fighting game and comes from the Arc System Works. They are known for Dragon Sphere Fighterz or the Blazblue collection.

DNF Duel is quite classic: you can expect 16 different boxers **, a tale mode, in addition to regional matches as well as also online options. The designers remain real to themselves and also sit on a 2.5 D look that knows how to encourage stylistically.

For the launch, DNF Duel just appears for the PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It is still uncertain whether the Xbox gaming consoles and also the Nintendo Switch are also served at a later date.

Outriders: WorldSlayer | June 30th

COMPUTER/ PS4/ PS5/ Xbox One/ Xbox Series X

With Ereshkigal you will meet a brand-new villain that has gotten supernatural powers like your character. However, this has something various with her power and you have to stop it. In order for this to function, you rely upon the firepower of brand-new weapons, on enhanced tools as well as far more.

With WorldSlayer , the very first significant growth for Outriders shows up nowadays. As well as in terms of material, this supplies at the very least on the sheet of paper for lots of various other action-packed hrs. For instance, there is a brand-new campaign **, which you can again object to either alone or in co-op mode.

For the release, obviously, there is not a surprise when expanding. Outriders: WorldSlayer stands for the computer, the PlayStation 4 as well as 5, in addition to for the Xbox One and also Xbox Series X/S.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak | June 30th

Let’s remain on the subject of expansion: Monster Hunter Rise additionally gets his initial significant expansion with Sunbreak that leads you to a new area. As quickly as you get here there, you obtain to recognize the supposed 3 fans. These are anomalies of Malzeno, Lunagaron as well as Garangolm that are especially effective.

PC/ Switch

Unlike the launch of the primary game, the Sunbreak expansion currently shows up directly for the PC and the Nintendo Switch. All other systems continue to be vacant.

Before you encounter this magnificent beasts, it is time to obtain new tools ** to comply with an entire series of new missions as well as locate your way around in the new location. Your rope beetle ends up being more helpful, since this now obtains abilities for all 14 various tool kinds. Ultimately, Sunbreak provides a couple of even more thorough renovations.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Program | June 30th

PC/ PS4/ Xbox One/ Switch Over

It took almost five years, but currently the release is simply nearby: Certainly there is talk of the DLC The Delicious Last Course for Cuphead . The not precisely straightforward system with an emphasis on employer battles is thus provided a brand-new phase in the type of the so-called ink barrel island.

F1 22 | July 1

There you can anticipate new skills and also one of the most challenging final manager ** from Cuphead. However at the same time, Tassilo and Pottkopp likewise get assistance from the new personality Miss Kelch.

For the launch, the Delicious Last Course utilizes all platforms on which cuphead is currently available. Carefully, the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and also Nintendo Switch means.

COMPUTER/ PS4/ PS5/ Xbox One/ Xbox Series X

Allow’s remain on the subject of development: Monster Hunter Rise additionally gets his initial major growth with Sunbreak that leads you to a new area.

The release of F1 22 will certainly also occur this year for the 5 well-known platforms. So you can begin on the computer as well as on the 2 Playstation and also Xbox gaming consoles.

With WorldSlayer , the initial significant growth for Outriders appears these days. In order for this to function, you depend on the firepower of brand-new tools, on enhanced equipment and also much more.


The end of June and the beginning of July are specifically essential: If you have actually currently spent a great deal of time with Outriders or Beast Hunter, you can soon invest a lot more playing time. Additionally, Formula 1 likewise asks for you.

The Beat ’em- Up role-playing video game Dungeon Fighter Online will possibly not be familiar to everybody promptly, however allow yourself be claimed that it is one of the most played games worldwide. They are known for Dragon Sphere Fighterz or the Blazblue series.

While the present Formula 1 period has been running in truth for a few months, Codemasters and Electronic Arts just start in July. F1 22 provides the certificate plan that has been used for several years, that includes all current race courses, vehicle drivers and stables.

This year is a setting for Virtual Truth and F1 Life. The last allows you to design your life as a F1 star in a saus and also shower, i.e. you can set up your very own house as well as purchase pricey luxury cars. With the last you can also drive on the race tracks. However, the tale mode from in 2015 is not proceeded in F1 22.

Cult novel Mahoutsukai No Yoru received a specific release date for PS4 and Switch

The cult novel Mahoutsukai No Yoru received a specific release date. Earlier, Type-Moon Games only confirmed that the visual novel, popularly known as Mahoyo, will appear on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in December 2022.

The release of the “Night of the Witches” will be held on December 8, 2022 in Japan. Since yesterday, preliminary orders were opened on Mahoutsukai No Yoru. The game will have English, Japanese and Chinese text localizations.

The Mahoyo Movie is Amazing News!
The original Mahoutsukai No Yoru entered the PC in 2012. It is based on the story written by the co-founder of Type-Moon Kinoko Nasu, which became the basis for almost all subsequent Type-Moon games. These include TSUKIHime and Fate/Stay Night, as well as their various spin-offs and related games.

Switch successor in conversation: Nintendo is worried

The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for over 5 years – and for a felt eternity, fans have been shouting for a new console with improved hardware. But Nintendo is worried. Because switching to the next generation could give the company a difficult task.

Switch successor presents Nintendo with a difficult task

The Nintendo Switch has now sold almost 108 million times. And even if the sales figures have fallen by almost 20 percent compared to the past few years, the handheld family is still one of the absolute console bestsellers.

But the switch is not getting younger either. After all, Nintendo’s Goldesel has been around for more than 5 years. So is it slowly getting time for a successor? Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa made it clear in a question-and-answer round with the company’s investors that The start of the next generation of consoles also has a potential problem.

He describes it as follows:

“Unlike in the past, we still have a large selection of games that are to be published after five years. This is because the Nintendo Switch had such a smooth start that made it possible for us to concentrate all of our development resources on a single platform. However, the question of whether we will be able to go over from the Nintendo Switch to the next generation of hardware is also a great concern for us .

Based on our experience with the Wii, the Nintendo DS and other hardware, it is very clear that one of the greatest obstacles is to make the transition from hardware to the next as easy as possible. ”

(Source: VGC)

_ With the OLED version of the Switch, Nintendo has revised some criticisms of the normal model. But for whom is the surcharge for the premium model? We’ll tell you in the video: _

Watch OLED switch (white) at Amazon

Switch Pro still unlikely

But what about a 4K version of the current Nintendo Switch? According to the official statement by Nintendo, the company is not planning to launch another model after the OLED version .

Reading tip

Switch Pro: Is the 4K console still coming? Nintendo speaks plain text

Robert Kohlick

Nintendo President Discusses

These plans can change in theory at any time, but we now also assume that Nintendo will reveal the official successor instead of a Switch Pro in a few years . When it comes to the time is still open – but before 2024 you shouldn’t expect it. We will keep you up to date.

Will we have information about purple and also scarlet Pokemon this week? From Japan they leave us a track

Register for the 3D video game network on YouTube .

POKEMON NEWS! NEW Mystery Gift Ending Soon! Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gameplay Features and More!
At the end of February we attended the news of scarlet and also purple Pokémon, the new generation of the legend intended to launch this year at Nintendo Switch It is a more hand-to-hand delivery than the previous ones for the Spanish public due to the fact that it is ambient in Spain, however it as soon as we have the trailer of discussion that you can see about these lines.

Neither scarlet Pokémon neither Purple Pokémon still have a launch day established on the schedule, although its premiere is anticipated at the end of 2022 **, when it come down on the Nintendo crossbreed console. To captivate the delay, in 3D video games we have actually collected 5 lessons that need to have learned the saga in the face of these new distributions that are coming.

A television show will provide Pokémon information as it accumulates VGC, this goes down that the company can share news prior to that day and, although it is just recognized that these are mosting likely to be of Pokémon, the neighborhood anticipates it to be Purple as well as scarlet. They have spent almost 2 months from the ad, so it fits so much that they speak about both brand-new games as they update details regarding various other spin-offs, such as Pokémon Go or Pokémon Unite.

Nevertheless, we could find out extra about these brand-new releases this week. Or at the very least of the plans of The Pokémon Firm with its franchise business, considering that the Japanese television program Pokédoko has guaranteed that it will share brand-new information of the brand in its following episode, which is released on Sunday, April 24.

IO interactive teases the first 5 minutes from Hitman 3

IO Interactive officially launched the new year by publishing the first five minutes of Hitman 3 gameplay sequences that we all need to dissect. The gameplay takes place entirely at the location of the first mission, Dubai, and it is the first day of work of the agent 47 in the future following. Dubai is fully realized in this magnificent gameplay sequence that really shows the power of today’s consoles, as well as attention to detail by IO interactive. Hitman 3 will be released on January 20 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch, PSVR and PC.

Hitman fans will be relieved to know that when Io Interactive will come out Hitman 3, their progression from Hitman 2 will continue to the new title. For PC fans, this suite will be launched as timed exclusivity for EPIC Games Store, which means that truly dedicated fans should consider downloading the showcase of EPIC before leaving. While Hitman 3 is the last chapter of this trilogy of Agent 47 titles, it seems that IO interactive continues to intensify things with another beautiful masterpiece known as Dubai and we expect to see more Hitman at the ‘to come up.

Watch the First 5 Minutes of Hitman 3's Opening Dubai Mission
Dubai has some of the world’s largest skyscrapers and agent 47 is able to explore their rooms in the first five minutes of taquined game by IO interactive. The city of the desert rightly releases a golden glow while the trailer shows the attention to detail that Io Interactive has put in the recreation of Dubai as for many other cities of the Hitman trilogy. Although we are delighted to explore this city in the Middle East in Hitman 3, we can not wait to see where the agent 47 will go to Hitman 3.

Does this gameplay sequence make you passionate about Hitman 3? Let us know in the comments below!

Vengeful Heart: The Novel Visual inspired by old PC games

Already available on Steam since August 2020, the visual Novel Vengeful Heart will defend the aesthetics of PC-98 games on consoles, from the end of March. Are concerned Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, but also the Epic Games Store, a story to leave no one on the touch, at the launch rate of 9,99 €.

Launched by NEC In the early 1980s, the PC-98 was a tremendous experimental ground for many Japanese developers and studios, from Konami to Falcom, Enix. It is to these exposed display lines that the graphic style of this visual novel, without forgetting all the SF works of Japan of the 80s, like Bubblegum Crisis and akira.

In Vengeful Heart , you will follow the exploits of Josephine Lace, a young hydraulic engineer living in a world where water has become as rare as liquid gold, and where the most disadvantaged must deal with a permanent shortage. Aspiring to a better life by climbing the ladges, Josephine will have to face a blow to the fate that will crash the germs of the revolt. The goal is visibly clearly clear: shoot down the pyramid system that caused its ruin, and find other companions to reject the cards of civilization, just that. “Deture the oligarchy with style“, a whole virtual program that will beat the pulsations of a soundtrack synthwave that can already be appreciated in this first trailer.

Vengeful Heart - PC 98 Style retro futuristic cyberpunk world visual novel comes to consoles


Vengeful Heart – Trailer

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is still unstoppable: more than 20 million downloads, new history as well as totally free gems

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is picking up the fruits of a success that has searched with a title where Duelists have at their disposal more than 10,000 letters that collect two decades of Popular JCC . The game premiered on January 19 at PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch, although it would not be up to a couple of weeks later when it would arrive at Android and iOS devices.


You can claim the gems until April 25 Still have not been or two months since the duels of Yu-Gi-Oh! They arrived at the market and, however, that has not prevented the veteran Konami franchise from getting overwhelming figures with more than 20 million downloads . The rhythm is overwhelming, counting that Yu-gi-oh! Master Duel exceeded 10 million downloads a little over a month ago.

The new story will arrive at the solo game mode No doubt Konami is congratulations and fans of collection card games too, but to celebrate it, the company has confirmed that will give 1,000 gems to all duelists * * Let them start session before April 25. In case this was not enough, Yu-gi-oh! Master Duel has confirmed that it will add a new story into solo game mode **: The Fairies Who Paint The Weather.

The free tolay card title of Konami supposes A faithful JCC , a game that does not intend to summarize or facilitate the rules and that points to the veteran player achieving the purest experience. It also has a full solo game mode, although if you want to know more about this interesting card game, remember that you have available our Yu-Gi-Oh analysis! Master Duel.

Pokemon legends: Arceus – find great Bamelin

In our Guide to the Second Mission 4: A big Bamelin in Pokémon legends: Arceus Learn:

  • Where you can find a big Bamelin
  • How big the Bamelin must be at least

Extend now as a subscription at Nintendo Switch online!

Side Mission 4: A big bamelin – how big must the bamelin be?

Relatively at the beginning of Pokémon legends: Arceus you will receive from Tomo – who stands at the entrance gate of Jubeldorf – the order to catch him a Bamelin , which is larger than its own Bamelin. But how big does the Bamelin have to be at least? You have to find a Bamelin and catch over 0.8 meters.

Where To Find A Big Buizel In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where can I display the size of the Bamelin?

If you select a prisoner Bamelin in the menu and click on “Report”, the size of the Pokémon will be displayed.

Where can I find a big Bamelin?

The Pokémon Bamelin can be found in several places in Obsidian Grassland: horseshoe meadows, wind passage and northeast of the obsidian waterfall. The easiest way is if you travel from the base camp in Obsidian Grassland to the horseshoe meadows and run along the river. Here are always a pair of Bamelin.

Although you can also estimate whether a Bamelin is big enough. However, we recommend that you catch all Bamelin you find and then look briefly in the report of the Pokémon, whether it’s big enough. With a little luck, you even meet a elite-bamelin , which should be big enough with certainty.

In our guide to the Elite-Pokémon you will learn everything you need to know about the special pocket monsters with the red glowing eyes.

Have you caught a Bamelin, which is over 0.8 meters tall, returns to Tomo in Jubeldorf and gives him the Pokémon. As a reward, you will receive five sinelberries and an EP candy p.

Other guides to Pokémon legends: Arceus on Bamelin :

  • Pokémon legends: Arceus – secret gifts received
  • Pokémon legends: Arceus – Earn money quickly
  • Pokémon legends: Arceus – Fang & Develop

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Nintendo Switch (TM) version “Limit convex flag Seven pirated H” Released today!

Compilation Heart Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ideal Factory Corporation, was notified of the launch of the Nintendo Switch version “Limit convex flag Seven Pirates H”.

Compiling Heart Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ideal Factory Corporation, has launched the Nintendo Switch Videic “Limit Limit Fuvian Seven Pirates H”.

Idea Factory Co., Ltd. (President and CEC: Sato Kaga / Location: Tokyo Toshima Ward: Tokyo Toshima Ward) Compilation Heart Co., Ltd. (President of Director: Fukaya Seichi / Location: Tokyo Toshima Ward) is Nintendo Switch Version Launched the convex flag Seven pirated h “.

The Nintendo Switch Version “Limit Little Flag Seven Pirates H” released today is sold only in the download version. You can purchase this work for your sale at the sale price until Thursday, February 10.

[Sale period]
February 10, 2022 (Thu) up to 23:59
[Sale selling price]
3,800 yen (tax included) ※ Regular price is 4,800 yen (tax included)
[Purchase is here (Nintendo E shop)]

Please enjoy the world of “Limit Limit Fuzz Seven Pirates H”.

# Limit convex flag Seven pirate H

This work is a transplantation work of “limit convex flag Seven pirates” released in PlayStation Vita version.

The Nintendo SWITCH version, which is released this time, with the effect of changing the status of the character, the acquisition of skills, and the change of parameter changes, and the Nintendo Switch version released this time all recorded downloaded content delivered in the PlayStation Vita version. There are also new elements such as L / R stick operation and HD vibration response.

# Story

Pirates’ Girl “Palte” finds her treasure, and she dropped to the sea by a monster son “Otton” that has suddenly appeared in the middle of a voyage.

She is a visionary sea “Monphan Sea” that is rumored to be a treasure hiding ahead.

There was no human being, and a group of “Pie”, who had a wide variety of “monster daughter” and a readable head.

She was a narrow land, but while being surrounded by unusual living things, a palte who has determined to look for a hidden treasure.

She finds a treasure that sleeps in the Monspo Sea and can I go home safely…


Palte Kairi (CV. Shizuka Shizuka)
Casual girl wearing the Mospu Sea. With her own brightness and positive, she decides to find the treasures of the Monspian Sea at this opportunity.

Waffle (CV. Masaka Saka)

Seven Pirates H | Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Mon daughter who is looking for treasure in the Monspo Sea. She likes fun and she likes mischief. She has her nose with her treasure.

Jewel (CV. Ashuna)
She owns a pirate ship and mon daughter who is pirated in the Monspo Sea. She has a ship, but she struggles with poor.

Claret (CV.M · A · O)
Mon daughter of pirate who attacked a pirate ship. She drifted she hit a pirate ship, she hit a pirate ship that she was hit.

Sucula (CV. Yonezawa Yen)
A mon daughter who is ruining a pirate ship to do bad things. She is confident in colorfulness she uses fascinating attacks.

Polon (CV. Hashimoto Konami)
Mon daughter living in a ghost ship. She was pulled by a ghost ship, so she is a great personality, but she is not good at she.

Lindo (CV. Motoko Makiko)
She is a mon daughter who is the captain of the pirate team. I am confident in her arms, she is troublesome, she tries to fight from the story and tries to make her decision.

Otton (CV. Seiwa Sugita)
Montworms with bra. He is a veteran as a pirate and has the secret of treasures. He can also teach paignment.

Riviera (CV. Yuka Kana)
Mon daughter who aims for Parte. She doesn’t hear what he says, she is useless and she strikes.

Mimi (CV. Kazumi Kazumi)
Mon daughter who hides the treasure. She still cherishes her treasure for her childhood.

Drois (CV. Toda Megumi)
Mont daughter who attacks what she visits the unexplored land. She behaves chessfully, but she has a bad personality.

Garnet (CV. Higashiro Sakai)
Mon daughter who guards the ruins. She is a serious personality and she does not allow an intruder that she ruins the ruins.

Cat (CV. Sakura Sakura)
Bold fearful mon daughter. She looks like a part of Palte and challenged her fight.

Product Summary

Title: Limit convex flag Seven pirated H reading: Gencai Together Platform: Nintendo Switch Genre: Paulous RPG CERO: D (17 years old or more) Player: One person Release Date: February 3 (Thu) Price: DL version / 4,800 yen (tax included) Official site URL: Compilation Heart Official Twitter: Manufacturer: Compilation Heart Right Notation: ( C) 2022 Idea Factory / Compil Heart / Felistella

※ Compiling Heart Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Idea Factory Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Sato Ji / Location: Tokyo Toshima Ward).

Releases: Lost Ark finally comes to Europe

In the coming week, February will continue to be rather varied: From Kung-Fu adventure to the large action role-playing MMO, a lot is there.

Sifu | 8 February 8

PC / PS4 / PS5

In Sifu is beaten. Granted, which happens in many games, but the new project of the absolute makers continues consistently on close combat, more precisely Kung Fu. As a player, she slips into the role of a young martial art student who wants to revoke the murderers of his family.

On the way there is numerous enemies to defeat in direct confrontations. If you fail, the game is not lost yet, but you will be revived, but ages in return. Anyone who is too often defeated, then dies at age weakness and may border the ratchet from the front.

Similar to the time of absolvers, Sifu does not appear at the beginning for all platforms. Instead, the release has so far only planned for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Ollioli World | 8 February 8

Lost Ark's Launch Update ARRIVES! (Western Changes, New Content, and MORE!)

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X / Switch

In the third part of the Ollioli series, everything becomes a little bigger: Ollioli World takes you to Radlandia, a colorful place that is considered skateboard paradise. Once there, you can immediately go to exploring tour, follow-up and main missions, unlock rewards and much more.

Playfully, the turn is faithful. Your skatet in a 2D view and scores points to set up a new highscore. The developers promise millions of different levels , which can master their own way in the sandbox mode.

To release, Ollioli-World serves as well as any platform, ie PC and the entire console bandwidth of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo.

Kingdom Hearts: Integrum Masterpiece | February 10th


On the PlayStation, on the Xbox and on the PC, the Kingdom Hearts series has been available for some time now. Now follows a release for the Nintendo Switch as Kingdom Hearts: Integrum Masterpiece .

The version contains the three large packages that accompany you throughout the history of role-playing: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix , Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts 3 Mitsamt The extension remind . Thus, switch owners can now experience the complete adventure, which originated from a collaboration between Disney and Square Enix.

However, there is one thing to pay attention to: On the Nintendo Switch, the series appears only as a cloud version , ie your needs permanently access to the Internet. An offline version will not exist.

Lost Ark | February 11


Since the first announcement of Lost Ark , players in Europe have been waiting for the mix of action role-playing game and MMO – but so far Smilegate covers only Korea, Japan and Russia. Now Amazon jumps and brings Lost Ark to Europe and North America.

Again, Lost Ark will be a “Free 2 Play” game in which you can hatch in the role of 15 different classes and hunt for ever better equipment. For this you fight through a story campaign, exploring different dungeons, find you together in guilds, shows in the PVP who is the strongest and much more. In addition, you can design your own island and even travel the seas of the game world.

As in the other regions, the release of Lost Ark also takes place only for the PC. An implementation for the consoles has not been announced so far.

After many years finally Lost Ark play or again experience the entire history of Kingdom Hearts on a platform? In the second February week, the agony of choice is like always with you.

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