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The study behind Bayonetta intends to transform dramatically and submit a nintendo exejecutive

Platinum Games has actually replicated the information of the video game sector many thanks to the new Bayonetta 3 trailer, which places the next adventures of the Umbra Witch for the following October 28 in Nintendo Switch. The programmer has actually additionally been preparing vital adjustments in its structuring as a firm, which starts with the signing of Takao Yamane , Nintendo exejecutive.

As for Nintendo’s exejecutive, it ought to be kept in mind that he will join Platinum Games as Vice Head of state . Yamane has actually stood out recently for being the vice president of Nintendo France and for managing the business’s planning as well as method in Nintendo Europe. Before getting in the Bayonetta developer, he remained in the Nintendo Licensing Department as a basic supervisor.

Of course, Platinum Games has signed a heavyweight in the sector, although we will certainly be conscientious tomorrow to know the new enhancements of the study . While we are shocked to know Yamane’s brand-new location, it must be born in mind that the programmer has already made adjustments in the firm’s instructions and also, according to February declarations, they desire to preserve their origins not to be classified by their games of activity.


Platinum Games will certainly disclose the brand-new structuring of the firm tomorrow, July 20 Origin of that, they prepare to alter the business framework of the firm with new faces. Currently they have actually introduced us to Yamane, however assure to give us more info tomorrow, July 20 , via a short article in Famitsu.

Nintendo Switch: Be careful with the heat wave, it can be fatal to your console!

As video game users, we know very well, but our consoles are still fragile and must be careful, especially in these periods of very heat. When we turn on our consoles in the summer, they tend to heat much faster, and Nintendo alerts Nintendo Switch players through several tweets about the precautions they must take .


Nintendo gives us advice during the heat wave period

At the time of writing this article, while Spain crosses a rather exceptional heat wave, in Japan heat is also present with temperatures around 30 degrees. Therefore, sometimes it is tempting to want to relax by the water with the console in the hand, or cool off at home to enjoy our favorite console on television.

However, if you want to play without fear of damaging your switch, you must follow the valuable advice of the Japanese firm . According to the manufacturer, in fact, it must guarantee _a good ventilation around the input and output grids the console, and can bring problems to your performance. **

In addition, this may seem obvious to some but not so much for others, but avoid paste your machine near a wall if it is on a TV furniture.

However, if your console reaches a temperature too high, observe if Nintendo shows a message that warns you that you are about to go out. If this happens, follow the instructions and rest for a while to play, since overheating could be fatal.

A new model arrives!

Speaking of summer and Nintendo Switch, there is good news for fans of the Japanese firm but also for Splatoon fans. No, it is not about the arrival of the Nintendo Switch Pro, but a special model inspired by Splatoon 3.

In fact, the manufacturer has announced the launch of the Switch OLED Splatoon 3 for August 2022 and more precisely on August 26. Unfortunately, at the time of writing these lines we still do not know their price.

Switch successor in conversation: Nintendo is worried

The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for over 5 years – and for a felt eternity, fans have been shouting for a new console with improved hardware. But Nintendo is worried. Because switching to the next generation could give the company a difficult task.

Switch successor presents Nintendo with a difficult task

The Nintendo Switch has now sold almost 108 million times. And even if the sales figures have fallen by almost 20 percent compared to the past few years, the handheld family is still one of the absolute console bestsellers.

But the switch is not getting younger either. After all, Nintendo’s Goldesel has been around for more than 5 years. So is it slowly getting time for a successor? Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa made it clear in a question-and-answer round with the company’s investors that The start of the next generation of consoles also has a potential problem.

He describes it as follows:

“Unlike in the past, we still have a large selection of games that are to be published after five years. This is because the Nintendo Switch had such a smooth start that made it possible for us to concentrate all of our development resources on a single platform. However, the question of whether we will be able to go over from the Nintendo Switch to the next generation of hardware is also a great concern for us .

Based on our experience with the Wii, the Nintendo DS and other hardware, it is very clear that one of the greatest obstacles is to make the transition from hardware to the next as easy as possible. ”

(Source: VGC)

_ With the OLED version of the Switch, Nintendo has revised some criticisms of the normal model. But for whom is the surcharge for the premium model? We’ll tell you in the video: _

Watch OLED switch (white) at Amazon

Switch Pro still unlikely

But what about a 4K version of the current Nintendo Switch? According to the official statement by Nintendo, the company is not planning to launch another model after the OLED version .

Reading tip

Switch Pro: Is the 4K console still coming? Nintendo speaks plain text

Robert Kohlick

Nintendo President Discusses

These plans can change in theory at any time, but we now also assume that Nintendo will reveal the official successor instead of a Switch Pro in a few years . When it comes to the time is still open – but before 2024 you shouldn’t expect it. We will keep you up to date.

Command Nintendo64 Bluetooth

nostalgia is a very strong factor in the video games and Nintendo knows it well. A few months ago we brought us back some games of n64 a online switch and, accompanying them, something very special: reissue of command of the original console . A limited edition that was exhausted as soon as you get on sale. The legacy of Nintendo 64 is still very powerful.

The same design 25 years ago

This reissue _ Bluetooth _ of the _ controller _ _ n64 is so faithful that it is difficult to distinguish it from the original. A design that impacted more than 25 years ago and still maintains its appeal. Since we opened the box it is clear that it comes from another time. One in which the console controls were not cloned.

Only the presence of the cable will tell us what each one is. In addition to the absence of slot for expansions as the 2021 has built-in vibration and does not admit peripherals. The rest equal to the original, as did Nintendo with the reissues bluetooth of the Controllers of and SNES .

The “ trident ” of N64 was a command designed to hold on three different ways. Although we always end up doing the traditional: Stick in the left hand and buttons on the right. Accustomed to the Controllers Current, this provision may seem strange but at the time it was a giant step. The command of switch weighs a little more than the original but its touch is still the same. Nintendo has taken care until the brightness of the buttons is faithful to the N64.

Battery is between 12 and 15 hours that are sufficient for long sessions. Your burden is fast and it does not have more than two hours to be at maximum. Apart from the technology bluetooth is a very simple command. And we will not have more to connect it to Switch with the USB cable that includes to synchronize it.

Essential in the N64 Games

It may be obvious but we must say that the N64 games were designed for this command. Play them with the _ joy-cons _ or with the _ pro controller _ it is uncomfortable by the arrangement of the commands. If you played the originals you will have memorized the frontal disposition and you will miss it. To supplant the four yellow c buttons by the _Stick Right of switch is not comfortable.

For this, and to enjoy them as they deserve, this reissue seems essential. It works without failures and maybe joystick be a bit harder than we would like. But maybe the original controls with which we have been compared to have already loose use of use. The buttons are very mechanical and give feeling of old school. Just just hear the CLAC they do. And a small detail: if we use this Controller sounds in the application are different. Nintendo takes care of his inheritance with meth.


There is simply no better controller to play N64 on online switch. Having it in hand is returning to the sensations we had in the 90s with the original console. It is a command that impacted then but adapted to the new times.

Command & Conquer - Nintendo 64 Review - Ultra HDMI - HD
Its quality is outstanding like most Nintendo products. There are cheaper options but if we have a certain sports collector worthwhile. We must bear in mind that it will not be very useful outside N64 in online switch but our recommendation is to have it as a first option. There is nothing better like the originals to keep having fun with the retro games.

Nintendo Switch (TM) version “Limit convex flag Seven pirated H” Released today!

Compilation Heart Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ideal Factory Corporation, was notified of the launch of the Nintendo Switch version “Limit convex flag Seven Pirates H”.

Compiling Heart Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ideal Factory Corporation, has launched the Nintendo Switch Videic “Limit Limit Fuvian Seven Pirates H”.

Idea Factory Co., Ltd. (President and CEC: Sato Kaga / Location: Tokyo Toshima Ward: Tokyo Toshima Ward) Compilation Heart Co., Ltd. (President of Director: Fukaya Seichi / Location: Tokyo Toshima Ward) is Nintendo Switch Version Launched the convex flag Seven pirated h “.

The Nintendo Switch Version “Limit Little Flag Seven Pirates H” released today is sold only in the download version. You can purchase this work for your sale at the sale price until Thursday, February 10.

[Sale period]
February 10, 2022 (Thu) up to 23:59
[Sale selling price]
3,800 yen (tax included) ※ Regular price is 4,800 yen (tax included)
[Purchase is here (Nintendo E shop)]

Please enjoy the world of “Limit Limit Fuzz Seven Pirates H”.

# Limit convex flag Seven pirate H

This work is a transplantation work of “limit convex flag Seven pirates” released in PlayStation Vita version.

The Nintendo SWITCH version, which is released this time, with the effect of changing the status of the character, the acquisition of skills, and the change of parameter changes, and the Nintendo Switch version released this time all recorded downloaded content delivered in the PlayStation Vita version. There are also new elements such as L / R stick operation and HD vibration response.

# Story

Pirates’ Girl “Palte” finds her treasure, and she dropped to the sea by a monster son “Otton” that has suddenly appeared in the middle of a voyage.

She is a visionary sea “Monphan Sea” that is rumored to be a treasure hiding ahead.

There was no human being, and a group of “Pie”, who had a wide variety of “monster daughter” and a readable head.

She was a narrow land, but while being surrounded by unusual living things, a palte who has determined to look for a hidden treasure.

She finds a treasure that sleeps in the Monspo Sea and can I go home safely…


Palte Kairi (CV. Shizuka Shizuka)
Casual girl wearing the Mospu Sea. With her own brightness and positive, she decides to find the treasures of the Monspian Sea at this opportunity.

Waffle (CV. Masaka Saka)

Seven Pirates H | Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Mon daughter who is looking for treasure in the Monspo Sea. She likes fun and she likes mischief. She has her nose with her treasure.

Jewel (CV. Ashuna)
She owns a pirate ship and mon daughter who is pirated in the Monspo Sea. She has a ship, but she struggles with poor.

Claret (CV.M · A · O)
Mon daughter of pirate who attacked a pirate ship. She drifted she hit a pirate ship, she hit a pirate ship that she was hit.

Sucula (CV. Yonezawa Yen)
A mon daughter who is ruining a pirate ship to do bad things. She is confident in colorfulness she uses fascinating attacks.

Polon (CV. Hashimoto Konami)
Mon daughter living in a ghost ship. She was pulled by a ghost ship, so she is a great personality, but she is not good at she.

Lindo (CV. Motoko Makiko)
She is a mon daughter who is the captain of the pirate team. I am confident in her arms, she is troublesome, she tries to fight from the story and tries to make her decision.

Otton (CV. Seiwa Sugita)
Montworms with bra. He is a veteran as a pirate and has the secret of treasures. He can also teach paignment.

Riviera (CV. Yuka Kana)
Mon daughter who aims for Parte. She doesn’t hear what he says, she is useless and she strikes.

Mimi (CV. Kazumi Kazumi)
Mon daughter who hides the treasure. She still cherishes her treasure for her childhood.

Drois (CV. Toda Megumi)
Mont daughter who attacks what she visits the unexplored land. She behaves chessfully, but she has a bad personality.

Garnet (CV. Higashiro Sakai)
Mon daughter who guards the ruins. She is a serious personality and she does not allow an intruder that she ruins the ruins.

Cat (CV. Sakura Sakura)
Bold fearful mon daughter. She looks like a part of Palte and challenged her fight.

Product Summary

Title: Limit convex flag Seven pirated H reading: Gencai Together Platform: Nintendo Switch Genre: Paulous RPG CERO: D (17 years old or more) Player: One person Release Date: February 3 (Thu) Price: DL version / 4,800 yen (tax included) Official site URL: Compilation Heart Official Twitter: Manufacturer: Compilation Heart Right Notation: ( C) 2022 Idea Factory / Compil Heart / Felistella

※ Compiling Heart Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Idea Factory Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Sato Ji / Location: Tokyo Toshima Ward).

Today is the last day to buy Jump Force Digitally

As we were told in November of last year, today is the last day to acquire a digital copy of _ Jump Force _ at any of the stores of PLAYSTATION, XBOX, NINTENDO or PC before That disappears forever. Bandai Namco will be withdrawing from digital platforms, so starting tomorrow, you can only acquire it in physical format.

_ Jump Force _ will disappear from digital stores today , February 7, at 7pm Time from Mexico City , so you are still on time to buy this game before it is permanently removed. In addition to the title, all its DLC and premium currency will also be deleted.

The game will remain playable both online and offline up on August 24 and 25 of this year , when the servers will be deactivated during those two days. Subsequently you will lose access to multiplayer lobbies and online events, clan functionality, news and leaderboards, and qualifying items. Once this is completed, you will only have access to offline content and all the DLC that you have previously acquired.

Editor’s Note: I wanted to give a chance Jump foresee, but this is a game that never ended up liking me. Yes, the graphs and movements of the characters were incredible, but compared to other titles within the genre, Jump Force became extremely simple and without much profuse.

Nintendo will invest in expanding its internal development capacity of videogames by expanding its offices

Nintendo has not stopped celebrate successes thank you encourage switch. Yesterday we knew the sales figures of the hybrid console during the Black Friday Week, a historical number for the console, achieving its best November month since it came to the market in 2017. Some extraordinary numbers that arrive in the middle of a serious problem of scarcity.

Nintendo Building New HQ to Expand Development With Less Outsourcing

Nintendo seeks to depend less on subcontracted development Kyoto do not seem to be intended to release the accelerator foot, immersed in an ambitious expansion plan for its capacity for video game, with an investment of 880 million of dollars. In a Nikkei report of which ECO NGC has been done, we have been able to know that the company will expand its offices with the aim of increasing the internal development of games, being able to dispense with part of the subcontracted development.

The new building will be built at the place of the former headquarters on the one hand, Nintendo has rented the sixth and seventh floors of the new building Government of the Kyoto Sanitary Works Office, available May 2022. This is next to the current headquarters of Nintendo and will serve to expand the development resources of the company. The new entry of employees will be supported by the city of Kyoto, which will contribute to 1.4 million dollars per year based on the number of new hires, over the next three years.

The other great expansion project of Nintendo will be centered on Construction of a new building located at the site of its former headquarters. The company is located at a time of great growth not only in the world of video games, the Super Mario film is almost ready and Nintendo does not rule to take the cinema other success franchises, projects that add to other great bets such as the of Super Nintendo World.

The community is not happy with the prices of Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass

La Nintendo Switch (ニンテンドースイッチ, Nintendō Suitchi) est une console de jeux vidéo produite par Nintendo, succédant à la Wii U. Il s agit de la première console hybride de l histoire des jeux vidéo, pouvant aussi bien faire office de console de salon que de console portable. Annoncée sous le nom de code «NX» le 17 mars 2015 au cours d une conférence de presse, présentée officiellement le 20 octobre 2016 et montrée plus en détail le 17 janvier 2017 lors d une présentation en direct, elle est sortie mondialement le 3 mars 2017. Elle se place en concurrence avec la Xbox One puis la Xbox Series de Microsoft et la PlayStation 4 puis la PlayStation 5 de Sony.

Today in the morning, during the animal Crossing Direct , the Great N finally gave you a date and price at Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass . This new subscription model gives you access to Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games, but at the same time, it also means that you must pay more for it. Prices tend to vary by territory, but generally speaking, there was an increase of up to 150% in certain countries.

Well, as it was expected, people did not take this increase in a very good way in the costs, and through social networks and different forums, they started complaining.

That Astute Nintendo, placing the prices of the Nintendo Switch Online in the presentation of Animal Crossing so that it goes unnoticed the fact that they are going to raise the double price if you want the expansion pack ???? ????

  • Danikyo ???? (@danikyo ) October 15, 2021

Honestly, as much as the online Nintendo Switch costs, these new functions should already be included in the base version of the service. But no, not just Nintendo shows not intended to make it worthwhile, now they want to charge double for a couple of bonuses.

Xbox Game Pass gives you quality games and much more titles that are really worth it and they are better than everything Nintendo has to offer. I m sorry Nintendo but you lost my interest. I will not buy anything from Nintendo for a while.

Sure, the price increase for Nintendo Switch Online is crazy until you consider that you can play Goldeneye and not Mercy with multiplayer online at HD.

Wait, can not you do that? So yes, that price increase is crazy.

Expansion for Nintendo Switch Online is a scam. Yes it would pay € 30 euros but not € 50 euros. Sorry, but I pass.


So the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is worth $ 50 … Does anyone know how to emulate?

Here in Mexico the costs doubled, and now there was something like this:

  • Individual Subscription | $ 500 MXN to $ 1,189 MXN per year

  • Family subscription | $ 900 MXN to $ 1,899 MXN Annual

Remember that you can keep your old subscription and it will not be necessary to pay for the expansion pass if you do not think. What did this increase seemed to you? Would you be willing to pay for him? Share your opinion in the comments.

Editor s note: Personally Yes, the prices are made a little exaggerated, especially here in our territory. However, many of these comments are totally unnecessary and nothing should be resorted to piracy to enjoy these experiences. If you are not satisfied with the prices, then raise your voice respectfully, and if Nintendo decides not to do anything about it, then you just do not subscribe and already.

Via: Twitter

Best Nintendo Switch Ethernet Adapter Trustworthy And Also Economical Choices

The Nintendo Switch is a wonder of handheld and home console gaming, but if the device has a problem, it needs to be an absence of ethernet wire assistance. While the Change OLED Version has resolved this issue by adding that port to its dock, individuals of the normal Switch have actually needed to rely upon their Wi-Fi connection to download brand-new games or established their gaming consoles for online competition. Wireless web innovation has improved throughout the years, but nothing beats a direct link to the internet when it pertains to signal strength and also security.

Much more Nintendo Switch finest checklists .

Best Nintendo Switch Accessories.
Finest Nintendo Switch Controllers.
Ideal Nintendo Switch Carrying Situations.
Best Nintendo Switch Docks.
Finest Nintendo Switch Grips.

Does The Nintendo Switch Have A Cloud Problem?

The good news is, that s a trouble that has numerous solutions. Here s a take a look at the most effective ethernet adapters that you can get for your Switch right currently.

Rumor Apple would be developing a console similar to the switch

The Sad Truth About Nintendo Switch Cartridges
Needless to say, but the Nintendo Switch is an extremely successful console throughout the world, so it would make sense that some other companies seek to replicate this same success with their own products. Steam Deck of Valve could enter into this example, but apparently, Apple will also look for a similar device to the market.

According to the website specialized in news of Apple , iDropnews , the apple company is already working on its own video game console, which like switch , will also have a hybrid design . But that s not all, since this same portal says that Apple would also be working with important studies to create games of the level of Super Mario Oddysey and Breath of the Wild .

To promote the launch of this hypothetical console, Apple will take advantage of the benefits offered by Apple Arcade s service, as well as that it would also be compatible with the assumption Headset VR of the company. Similarly, it is mentioned that you will have a top chip to those who use the new consoles of Microsoft and Sony , something that would raise its cost to $ 549.

Finally, the site in question also mentions that its launch was planned for this year, but due to the pandemic, they could not meet this vision. However, they say that its official disclosure is closer than we believe, but they did not give a specific window.

Editor s note: Little by little we have seen that Apple has been having a little more interest in the gaming industry, and apple arcade was definitely the first important step to the company. It does not sound like something so crazy that now they want to enter it fully with their own console.

Via: iDropnews

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