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Nintendo will invest in expanding its internal development capacity of videogames by expanding its offices

Nintendo has not stopped celebrate successes thank you encourage switch. Yesterday we knew the sales figures of the hybrid console during the Black Friday Week, a historical number for the console, achieving its best November month since it came to the market in 2017. Some extraordinary numbers that arrive in the middle of a serious problem of scarcity.

Nintendo Building New HQ to Expand Development With Less Outsourcing

Nintendo seeks to depend less on subcontracted development Kyoto do not seem to be intended to release the accelerator foot, immersed in an ambitious expansion plan for its capacity for video game, with an investment of 880 million of dollars. In a Nikkei report of which ECO NGC has been done, we have been able to know that the company will expand its offices with the aim of increasing the internal development of games, being able to dispense with part of the subcontracted development.

The new building will be built at the place of the former headquarters on the one hand, Nintendo has rented the sixth and seventh floors of the new building Government of the Kyoto Sanitary Works Office, available May 2022. This is next to the current headquarters of Nintendo and will serve to expand the development resources of the company. The new entry of employees will be supported by the city of Kyoto, which will contribute to 1.4 million dollars per year based on the number of new hires, over the next three years.

The other great expansion project of Nintendo will be centered on Construction of a new building located at the site of its former headquarters. The company is located at a time of great growth not only in the world of video games, the Super Mario film is almost ready and Nintendo does not rule to take the cinema other success franchises, projects that add to other great bets such as the of Super Nintendo World.

The community is not happy with the prices of Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass

La Nintendo Switch (ニンテンドースイッチ, Nintendō Suitchi) est une console de jeux vidéo produite par Nintendo, succédant à la Wii U. Il s agit de la première console hybride de l histoire des jeux vidéo, pouvant aussi bien faire office de console de salon que de console portable. Annoncée sous le nom de code «NX» le 17 mars 2015 au cours d une conférence de presse, présentée officiellement le 20 octobre 2016 et montrée plus en détail le 17 janvier 2017 lors d une présentation en direct, elle est sortie mondialement le 3 mars 2017. Elle se place en concurrence avec la Xbox One puis la Xbox Series de Microsoft et la PlayStation 4 puis la PlayStation 5 de Sony.

Today in the morning, during the animal Crossing Direct , the Great N finally gave you a date and price at Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass . This new subscription model gives you access to Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games, but at the same time, it also means that you must pay more for it. Prices tend to vary by territory, but generally speaking, there was an increase of up to 150% in certain countries.

Well, as it was expected, people did not take this increase in a very good way in the costs, and through social networks and different forums, they started complaining.

That Astute Nintendo, placing the prices of the Nintendo Switch Online in the presentation of Animal Crossing so that it goes unnoticed the fact that they are going to raise the double price if you want the expansion pack ???? ????

  • Danikyo ???? (@danikyo ) October 15, 2021

Honestly, as much as the online Nintendo Switch costs, these new functions should already be included in the base version of the service. But no, not just Nintendo shows not intended to make it worthwhile, now they want to charge double for a couple of bonuses.

Xbox Game Pass gives you quality games and much more titles that are really worth it and they are better than everything Nintendo has to offer. I m sorry Nintendo but you lost my interest. I will not buy anything from Nintendo for a while.

Sure, the price increase for Nintendo Switch Online is crazy until you consider that you can play Goldeneye and not Mercy with multiplayer online at HD.

Wait, can not you do that? So yes, that price increase is crazy.

Expansion for Nintendo Switch Online is a scam. Yes it would pay € 30 euros but not € 50 euros. Sorry, but I pass.


So the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is worth $ 50 … Does anyone know how to emulate?

Here in Mexico the costs doubled, and now there was something like this:

  • Individual Subscription | $ 500 MXN to $ 1,189 MXN per year

  • Family subscription | $ 900 MXN to $ 1,899 MXN Annual

Remember that you can keep your old subscription and it will not be necessary to pay for the expansion pass if you do not think. What did this increase seemed to you? Would you be willing to pay for him? Share your opinion in the comments.

Editor s note: Personally Yes, the prices are made a little exaggerated, especially here in our territory. However, many of these comments are totally unnecessary and nothing should be resorted to piracy to enjoy these experiences. If you are not satisfied with the prices, then raise your voice respectfully, and if Nintendo decides not to do anything about it, then you just do not subscribe and already.

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Best Nintendo Switch Ethernet Adapter Trustworthy And Also Economical Choices

The Nintendo Switch is a wonder of handheld and home console gaming, but if the device has a problem, it needs to be an absence of ethernet wire assistance. While the Change OLED Version has resolved this issue by adding that port to its dock, individuals of the normal Switch have actually needed to rely upon their Wi-Fi connection to download brand-new games or established their gaming consoles for online competition. Wireless web innovation has improved throughout the years, but nothing beats a direct link to the internet when it pertains to signal strength and also security.

Much more Nintendo Switch finest checklists .

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Finest Nintendo Switch Controllers.
Ideal Nintendo Switch Carrying Situations.
Best Nintendo Switch Docks.
Finest Nintendo Switch Grips.

Does The Nintendo Switch Have A Cloud Problem?

The good news is, that s a trouble that has numerous solutions. Here s a take a look at the most effective ethernet adapters that you can get for your Switch right currently.

Rumor Apple would be developing a console similar to the switch

The Sad Truth About Nintendo Switch Cartridges
Needless to say, but the Nintendo Switch is an extremely successful console throughout the world, so it would make sense that some other companies seek to replicate this same success with their own products. Steam Deck of Valve could enter into this example, but apparently, Apple will also look for a similar device to the market.

According to the website specialized in news of Apple , iDropnews , the apple company is already working on its own video game console, which like switch , will also have a hybrid design . But that s not all, since this same portal says that Apple would also be working with important studies to create games of the level of Super Mario Oddysey and Breath of the Wild .

To promote the launch of this hypothetical console, Apple will take advantage of the benefits offered by Apple Arcade s service, as well as that it would also be compatible with the assumption Headset VR of the company. Similarly, it is mentioned that you will have a top chip to those who use the new consoles of Microsoft and Sony , something that would raise its cost to $ 549.

Finally, the site in question also mentions that its launch was planned for this year, but due to the pandemic, they could not meet this vision. However, they say that its official disclosure is closer than we believe, but they did not give a specific window.

Editor s note: Little by little we have seen that Apple has been having a little more interest in the gaming industry, and apple arcade was definitely the first important step to the company. It does not sound like something so crazy that now they want to enter it fully with their own console.

Via: iDropnews

Some Metroid Dread developers were not included in the credits of the game

Less than a week after its launch, metroid Dread has become one of the games of those who speak most in Nintendo Switch, and many consider it a serious competitor for the game of the year. The Mercurysteam developer is probably a little proud of the scores and sales of the game, but not all those who worked in the game are happy at this time. According to Vandal reports, many developers who worked in the game were not included in the appropriations, including the artist in 3D Roberto Mejias. On the LinkedIn page, Mejía sought to find out why he stayed out of him, despite seeing the work he created in teroid Dread .

While playing, I recognized enough assets and environments in which I worked … so my work is there». Mejias wrote on LinkedIn. So, I would like to ask Mercurysteam: Why do not I appear in the credits of the game? Is it some kind of error? »

Mejías is not the only staff member who has raised this problem. Another member of the team, who spent 11 months working in the game, told Vandal that MercurySteam s policy is to include the staff in the credits only if they were part of the process during 25% of the development time. Since troid Dread was in development for four years, this person also remained out of the credits.

Since the news came to light, many have pointed out that this practice is unfortunately common in the videogame industry. Developers are free to include or eliminating any staff member who choose the credits of the game, and many have similar policies. Of course, that does not make this correct, and the staff has all the reasons to want to be included in the credits of a game. For many, the credits are an honor logo and a way of pointing out their role. It is especially important when it comes to a game that receives as many compliments as MoROID DRead is.

Some reset signs have asked Nintendo to intervene and add credit for those who have stayed out through a patch, but it is not clear if MercurySteam took a follow-up of this kind of thing, or if Nintendo would be able to do that application. At a minimum, we can expect the problem to come to light encouraging developers to change these policies in the future.

In-game Credits from Syberia (Nintendo Switch retail version)
Have you left? Metroid Dread Still? Are you disappointed that some developers have remained out of the credits? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Nintendo Switch gets one of the best games of Xbox 360

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch Oled are getting one of the best Xbox 360 games, or at least that is what a new filtration says. The Xbox 360 is one of the best consoles of all time and, in addition, very influential. Naturally, he had some great games, including alan wake , which was recently remastered, but not for Nintendo Switch. That said, it seems that this is changing.

How To Play Nintendo Switch Through Your Xbox One
Last week, on October 5, Epic Games and Remedy Entertainment launched Alan Wake Remastered through PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. At this time, there has been no news that the Remaster reaches the family of Nintendo Switch consoles. , but according to the ESRB, it will reach the Nintendo consoles.

In addition to qualifying the game for all the platforms in which the ESRB was launched, the organization that qualifies the games for its launch in North America, called the game for Nintendo Switch. Now, this could be a mistake, but it is very unlikely. While ESRB commits errors regularly by filtering games and ports, rarely qualifies the games.

At the time of publication, none of the parties involved (Remedy Entertainment, Epic Games and Nintendo) has commented on this filtration and its implications. If this changes, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

« An Wake is still a tense thriller that will keep players on the verge of their seats and is a testimony of how sometimes less it can be more, even in relatively great budget play designs, is read in a fragment of our review of the game . An Wake Remastered presents an opportunity for a new generation of players to experience a gem that he never received his deserved, and it would be nonsense not to take advantage of it. Even so, you may want to keep the lights on when they do it .

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Switch OLED Restocks Where To Acquire The New Nintendo Console

The Nintendo Switch OLED is right here, however if you read this article, opportunities are you re having trouble choosing one up. Preorders offered out months ahead of launch and also were seldom replenished before the Switch OLED launched on October 8. We saw a handful of restocks on launch day as well as over the weekend break, however generally, the Switch OLED is not easily available at major merchants– a lot like the PS5 and Xbox Series X restock situations. The upgraded version includes a stunning brand-new screen and various other welcome renovation. If you re questioning if it s worth the upgrade, ensure to have a look at our Nintendo Switch OLED testimonial.

We ve rounded up Switch OLED preorder links below so you can check for present availability. Finding the Switch OLED at retail rate is difficult now– whether you want the Red & Blue or White & Black Joy-Con version– yet if you remain in a pinch, you can choose up the OLED for above MSRP at or other sites like StockX. StockX presently has both models for approximately $400.

Inspect stock: Nintendo Switch OLED (White & Black version).

See at .
See at Target .
See at Finest Buy .
See at GameStop .
See at Walmart .
See at Nintendo Store .
See at StockX .
See at B&H Picture Video Clip .

Examine stock: Nintendo Switch OLED (Red & Blue version).

See at Amazon .
See at Target .
See at Ideal Buy .
See at GameStop .
See at Walmart .
See at StockX .
See at B & H Photo Video .

Two editions of the Nintendo Switch OLED are readily available. There s a white and also black version with a white dock and also Joy-Cons along with a neon red and blue collection that mirrors the original Switch color design. Unsurprisingly, the white design appears to be one of the most popular alternative since it s a new color design for the Switch, so if you re interested in the neon red and also blue version, you may have an easier time purchasing it. We ve seen it stay for a lot longer than the white design.

The upgraded Switch has numerous new features, most significantly a 7-inch OLED screen. In addition to the updated and also larger screen, the OLED Switch has 64GB of interior storage, twice the room of the typical Switch and also Switch Lite. It also has a bigger and flexible stand as well as enhanced sound and a LAN port on the dock.

While the abovementioned functions are enhancements on the original, the console doesn t have any type of performance upgrades. It will certainly still run in 1080p resolution while docked, the very same aesthetic integrity of the typical Switch. It also has the very same CPU and also RAM in addition to battery life. Though the console is slightly larger than the initial general, it still deals with the launch model dock. All existing Joy-Con controllers are suitable with the OLED design, also.

Mario Party Superstars Overview of playboards mini games and modes

The party preparations are almost completed: Nintendo will release Mario Party Superstars (from 59.99 € at pre-order) on October 29 2021 for Switch. The collection contains five classic playboards from the N64 era and 100 mini-games from the entire range. Below is Nintendo an overview of the game boards, mini-games and game modes.

Overview of the game features (according to the manufacturer):

5 classic playboards of Mario Party Games for Nintendo 64: Yoshis Tropen Island, Space Country, Peach s Birthday Cake, Woody s Forest and Horror Country – All of them were redesigned for Nintendo Switch and attract each with their own unique events.
3 Multiplayer options: The more guests, the fun of the party. That s why Mario Party Superstars offers three ways to fall in the multiplayer game fun – no matter if you just play a few short mini-games with friend: play inside or to compete for a 30-round marathon.
Bis to four friend: inside can compete on a console with and against each other, if each: R has a controller.
The local multiplayer mode is open to you if you all have your own Nintendo Switch and a copy of the game.
Online Again all can go together to the game board, which have internet access and a Nintendo account as well as a member of Nintendo Switch online .
Sticker: While players: collect stars on the game board, you can use stickers to communicate with each other .
Poubles complacent?: In the board game mode, lots with friend are stored in after each round. This allows the party to be paused at any time and continued later.
100 Mini Games: A total of 100 mini-games from the entire Mario Party series are included, including the categories of each counter-any, 2-Vs.-2, 1-Vs.-3 and duel-mini-game. They all are played with button control.
Minization-mountain: The Mini Game Mountain is the ideal point of contact for those who want to attack a few mini-games. Seven different variants are available here: free choice, cooperative team match, trio challenge, sports and puzzles, super sera, coin fight and daily challenge. The mini-game mountain can also be climbed over all three multiplayer ways.

Last updated video: overview trailer

Overwatch Halloween Terror Is Now Live Till November

Overwatch is commemorating the spookiest time of the year with an event called Halloween Terror, which is currently live for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Players can log in from October 12 through November 2 to total once a week challenges as well as make rewards. Cosmetic opens from previous occasions will certainly additionally be offered, along with new ones.

All of Junkenstein s Vengeance objectives will be offered to players throughout the whole period of Halloween Terror, consisting of Vengeful Ghost, Volatile Zomnics, Secret Swap, Frenzied Charge, 3 They Were, and also Shocking Surprise.

The Nintendo Switch games that you can play FOREVER (while you wait for the new stuff)

Throughout Week 1, Playing 9 games will certainly gain gamers the Skeleton Genji Spray, while 18 games web the Skeleton Genji Gamer Symbol, and also 27 video games reward gamers with the Skeletal system Genji Legendary Skin. Week 2 has the same set for Zarya, with playing 9, 18, and also 27 video games giving gamers the Einherjar Spray, Player Symbol, and also Epic Skin, respectively. Finally, Week 3 wraps up with Roadhog s Clown collection.

Along with the Weekly Difficulty benefits, there are 5 brand-new Legendary Skins players can earn, which are the Draugr Reinhardt, Satyr Lucio, Vampire Bat Mirror, Casket Bastion, and also Vampire Seeker Brigitte.

An anti-discrimination lawsuit was submitted by the state of The golden state versus Activision Blizzard back in July. Most lately, Activision Snowstorm revealed last month that it had actually settled a suit by the US Equal Employment Possibility Compensation that alleged sex discrimination and also harassment.

Youtuber simulator returned Yuta Bus Life 2 Pre reservation

Yutorbus Life , which was popular as a Youta-Life simulation, has launched a PS4 and Nintendo switch edition of the subsequent Yuta Bus Life 2 from 8th.

This is the purpose of being a manifestation simulation that the main character is growing by growing in Yuturu, and to edit and upload it directly from the stage to edit and upload to editing and uploads. The stage of this work is NewTube City (NewTube City), which can be found in various places in a variety of sites and can find the contents with other Youtivers. You can also check various statistics, such as Okay, or Subscriber Number, and Hits.

In addition, in Yuota Life 2, Yutor in the real world will also appear. You can get missions and advice from these seniors, and may be popular through collaboration with them.

Yuta Bus Life 2 is officially released on December 9, which has been in advance, and the price is 42,800 won. Formulate Korean.

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