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The community is not happy with the prices of Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass

La Nintendo Switch (ニンテンドースイッチ, Nintendō Suitchi) est une console de jeux vidéo produite par Nintendo, succédant à la Wii U. Il s agit de la première console hybride de l histoire des jeux vidéo, pouvant aussi bien faire office de console de salon que de console portable. Annoncée sous le nom de code «NX» le 17 mars 2015 au cours d une conférence de presse, présentée officiellement le 20 octobre 2016 et montrée plus en détail le 17 janvier 2017 lors d une présentation en direct, elle est sortie mondialement le 3 mars 2017. Elle se place en concurrence avec la Xbox One puis la Xbox Series de Microsoft et la PlayStation 4 puis la PlayStation 5 de Sony.

Today in the morning, during the animal Crossing Direct , the Great N finally gave you a date and price at Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass . This new subscription model gives you access to Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games, but at the same time, it also means that you must pay more for it. Prices tend to vary by territory, but generally speaking, there was an increase of up to 150% in certain countries.

Well, as it was expected, people did not take this increase in a very good way in the costs, and through social networks and different forums, they started complaining.

That Astute Nintendo, placing the prices of the Nintendo Switch Online in the presentation of Animal Crossing so that it goes unnoticed the fact that they are going to raise the double price if you want the expansion pack ???? ????

  • Danikyo ???? (@danikyo ) October 15, 2021

Honestly, as much as the online Nintendo Switch costs, these new functions should already be included in the base version of the service. But no, not just Nintendo shows not intended to make it worthwhile, now they want to charge double for a couple of bonuses.

Xbox Game Pass gives you quality games and much more titles that are really worth it and they are better than everything Nintendo has to offer. I m sorry Nintendo but you lost my interest. I will not buy anything from Nintendo for a while.

Sure, the price increase for Nintendo Switch Online is crazy until you consider that you can play Goldeneye and not Mercy with multiplayer online at HD.

Wait, can not you do that? So yes, that price increase is crazy.

Expansion for Nintendo Switch Online is a scam. Yes it would pay € 30 euros but not € 50 euros. Sorry, but I pass.


So the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is worth $ 50 … Does anyone know how to emulate?

Here in Mexico the costs doubled, and now there was something like this:

  • Individual Subscription | $ 500 MXN to $ 1,189 MXN per year

  • Family subscription | $ 900 MXN to $ 1,899 MXN Annual

Remember that you can keep your old subscription and it will not be necessary to pay for the expansion pass if you do not think. What did this increase seemed to you? Would you be willing to pay for him? Share your opinion in the comments.

Editor s note: Personally Yes, the prices are made a little exaggerated, especially here in our territory. However, many of these comments are totally unnecessary and nothing should be resorted to piracy to enjoy these experiences. If you are not satisfied with the prices, then raise your voice respectfully, and if Nintendo decides not to do anything about it, then you just do not subscribe and already.

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Is Nintendo Switch Online getting more NES and SNES games

In electrical design, a switch is an electrical component that can detach or attach the carrying out path in an electrical circuit, interrupting the electric current or diverting it from one conductor to one more. One of the most usual kind of switch is an electromechanical tool consisting of one or more collections of movable electrical calls linked to outside circuits. When a pair of get in touches with is touching current can pass in between them, while when the get in touches with are divided no current can move.
Buttons are made in many different setups; they may have numerous sets of get in touches with managed by the very same knob or actuator, and also the contacts may run simultaneously, sequentially, or alternately. A switch may be operated manually, for example, a light switch or a key-board button, or may function as a noticing element to notice the setting of a device part, fluid degree, stress, or temperature, such as a thermostat. Numerous customized kinds exist, such as the toggle switch, rotary switch, mercury switch, push-button switch, reversing switch, relay, as well as breaker. A common use is control of lights, where numerous buttons may be wired right into one circuit to enable convenient control of lighting fixtures. Switches in high-powered circuits should have unique building to prevent damaging arcing when they are opened.

Will Nintendo switch will continue to add new games of NES and SNES to the service in the future? That is a question that many subscribers have had in the last few days after Nintendo revealed that I would add Nintendo 64 games and Sega Genesis at the next month. Fortunately, it has been confirmed that the addition of titles of these new platforms will not lead to the lack of new games for NES and SNES levels as well.

In a statement given to Axios Stephen Totilo games, it was reiterated that NES and SNES games will continue to be launched in Nintendo Switch Online in the foreseeable future. Although Nintendo as a whole is entering a new level of online switch that will cover Nintendo 64 and Genesis titles, the games for the current platforms that are offered, which only include NES and SNES, will continue to be launched over time. Nintendo did not continue saying if the online switch launch schedule (which sees new titles that arrive once a month) would continue to be the same, but it is logical that there are no alterations in this format.

The main warning that Nintendo has described so far with its changes in online switch is that there will be a new version of the service in October that will cost more money. At this time, Nintendo switch online is only sold for $ 20 during the entire calendar year. However, with the incorporation of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis titles, the price of the service will increase for those who want to access these games. However, at this time, Nintendo has not yet said how much users will delay this new iteration.

What do you think that Nintendo Switch Online keep growing in this way? And what games of Nintendo s past would you like them to reach the platform in the future? Share all your thoughts with me, either in the comments or contact me on social networks in @ mooreman12.

Nintendo Switch Online All About Prices Expansion Pass Retro

Nintendo Switch Online is the fee-based abode service for Nintendo s hybrid console. Nintendo Switch summarizes for you how much the service costs what you get for it and how it works.

All information from the article at a glance :

These advantages offers you Nintendo Switch Online
What does Nintendo Switch online costs?
What games need Nintendo Switch online?
Free games in the subscription
All NES classics
All SNES classics
All N64 classics
All Mega Drive Classics
Are there any more classics?
Time-limited game trials
Cloud Saves
Nintendo Switch online app for smartphones
Exclusive Offers & Discounts

Update in September 2021: In the new Nintendo Direct in September 2021, an expansion pass for Nintendo Switch online was announced. For an extra charge you get so N64 and Mega Drive games.

These advantages offers you Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online basically offers the following features :

The service is a prerequisite for most online and multiplayer games (free-to-play games are exempted from it)
You can back up memory levels in the cloud
You have access to selected NES & SNES classics for the switch
With an extra charge you get an expansion passport with N64 and Mega Drive classics
Exclusive Free Games (Tetris 99, Pac-Man 99)
The smartphone app allows voice chat
There are exclusive offers for subscribers
Time-limited Game Trials allow free access to Nintendo Switch Games

How much does Nintendo Switch online? Subscription price overview

For the subscription service there are different basic memberships:

1 month : 3,99 Euro
3 months : 7.99 euros
12 months : 19,99 Euro
12 months family subscription : 34.99 euros

Expansion Pass announced : During the Nintendo Direct in September 2021, it was revealed that there will be an extension to the existing subscription. You can buy that or buy an offer with both. There is currently no award, but towards the end of October, the extension should be added with N64 and Mega Drive games.

Probo: If your Nintendo Switch wants to try online first, Nintendo has a trial offer for you. With this you can use the service for a total of 7 days for free. Make sure that the trial is automatically extended for a fee. If you have already used the trial subscription before September 2020, then you can use it again. Nintendo has reset the trial memberships for all accounts.

So your test subscription also announces a normal subscription :

Click on the Switch menu on the Nintendo Switch online button
Selects Membership Options & Help
Clicks on Change membership option and the eShop opens.
From there you can then terminate or change your membership.

What exactly is a family subscription? Nintendo offers the opportunity to provide for families several consoles with a membership. An administrator can summarize up to eight consoles / accounts to a family and then complete the subscription. Then all members can use the subscription as otherwise with a single membership.

Payment options: You can pay a membership with credit card, PayPal, eShop credit and even gold points.

What games do I need Nintendo Switch online?

Basically, Nintendo Switch is always necessary online when you want to play games in multiplayer. This affects both First and Third Party Games. However, there are exceptions, like free-to-play games . In addition, it is in the hands of the developer whether you require the service.

Some of the most famous games for which your Nintendo Switch needs online:

Rocket League
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Splatoon 2
Super Mario Party
Mario Tennis Aces
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Monster Hunter Rise
Diablo 3: Eternal Collection
Dark souls remastered

Free Games with Nintendo Switch Online

Tetris 99

How does Tetris play 99 ? At first glance, it looks like a normal Tetris game. You have your field and have to place the falling blocks so that the rows are completely filled and dissolve. The different shapes of the blocks ensure that their tactically has to think about how they placed them.

The big trick is that you do not play alone. Because 98 other players: inside are located on your screen and fight for the crown. The more rows you work in a combo, the more stones you send your opponent. The same can also happen to you, which is why the end of all speed is necessary to achieve a tetris maximum.

Chargeable content : Tetris 99 also offers a few offline modes. For 10 euros, but you can unlock local multiplayer but also singleplayer variants. Particularly interesting for Tetris fans could also be the classic marathon mode, where you simply have to dissolve rows without multiplayer printing, while the blocks fall faster and faster.

PAC-Man 99

How does Pac-Man play 99? Basically, these are the classic PAC-Man gameplay. However, ghosts eaten are sent to one of the 98 counterparties to make it difficult to make life. You can choose who you want to attack. There are also power-ups that can give you one of four benefits.

Chargeable content: You only want to play the Battle Royale, then you can do this completely for free with Nintendo Switch online. But in addition, there are more classic modes, can compete with friends and KI or unlock different themes. The full version with offline content costs 14.99 euros.

Where is Super Mario Bros. 35?

Nintendo had published a new bonus for Nintendo Switch online in September 2020. The Mario-Battle Royale appeared as part of the 35th anniversary of the popular Jump N RUN series. However, Super Mario Bros. 35 was available as part of the celebration only time limited. Since April 1, 2021, the game is no longer available and there is currently no announcements on the part of Nintendo regarding a return.

Nintendo Switch Online: All NES classics at a glance

Nintendo Switch Online has been offering a wide range of NES classics for free since September 2018. The library will continue to be continuously expanded.

All currently available NES games:

Adventures of Lolo
Balloon Fight
Blaster Master
City Connection
Clu Clu land
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 3
Donkey Kong Jr.
Double Dragon
Double Dragon 2
Dr. Mario
Eliminator Boat Duel
Fire n Ice
Ghosts n Goblins
Ice Climber
Ice hockey
Journey to Silius
Kid Icarus
Kirby s Adventure
Kung-Fu heroes
Mario Bros.
Mighty Bomb Jack
NES Open Tournament Golf
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Jajamaru-kun
Per wrestling
Punch-out !! Featuring Mr. Dream
River City Ransom
S.C.A.T: Special Cybernetic Attack Team
Shadow of the Ninja
Solomon s key
Star Soldier
Super Dodge Ball
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
Tecmo Bowl
The Immortal
The Legend of Zelda
VICE: Project Doom
Vs. Excitebike
Wario s Woods
Wrecking crew
Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

Nintendo Switch Online: All SNES classics at a glance

Since September 2019, it is already possible to gamble Snes games with a Nintendo Switch online membership. The selection is steadily expanded.

All currently available SNES games :

Brawl Brothers
Breath of Fire
Breath of Fire 2
Demon s crest
Doomsday Warrior
Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong s Quest
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong s Double Trouble
Jelly Boy
Joe & Mac / Caveman Ninja
Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics
Kirby s Dream Course
Kirby s Dream Land 3
Kirby Super Star
Magical Drop 2
Mario s Super Picross
Natsume Championship Wrestling
Operation Logic Bomb
Panel de Pon
Pop n Twinbee
Prehistoric man
Psycho Dream
Smash tennis
Spanky s quest
Star Fox
Star Fox 2
Stunt Race FX
Super Baseball Simulator 1000
Super E.D.F. Earth Defense Force
Super Ghouls s Ghosts
Super Mario All-Stars
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario World
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi s Island
Super Metroid
Super punch-out
Super Puyo Puyo 2
Super soccer
Super tennis
Super Valis 4
The Ignition Factor
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
The Peace Keepers
Tuff e nuff
Wild guns

NSO Expansion Pass: All N64 classics at a glance

From October 2021 you can experience the following N64 games on your Nintendo Switch with the expansion pass.

All currently confirmed N64 games to Launch:

Dr. Mario 64
Lylat Wars
Mario Kart 64
Mario Tennis
Operation WinBack
Super Mario 64
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Yoshis Story

These N64 games are already confirmed for the following month :

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Mario Golf
Paper Mario
Pokemon snap
The Legend of Zelda: Majora s Mask

NSO Expansion Pass: All Mega Drive Classics at a glance

With the publication of the expansion pass in October 2021 you get the chance to catch up on the Nintendo Switch this Mega Drive games.

All currently confirmed Mega Drive Games :

Castlevania: Bloodlines
Contra: Hard Corps
Dr. Robotnik s Mean Bean Machine
Golden Ax
Gunstar heroes
Phantasy Star IV
Shining Force
Shinobi III
Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Streets of Rage 2

Multiplayer retro games : Some of the classics are equipped with a multiplayer function , which works online. The games are free as long as the Nintendo Switch online subscription is active. You can gamble the retro games for a maximum of 7 days offline.

No Virtual Console for Nintendo Switch

To Kotaku, Nintendo announced that there are currently no plans to offer the popular Virtual Console service on the Nintendo Switch.

However, Nintendo here refers exclusively to the concept of Virtual Console, not on the offer of classic games in itself. So that means that Nintendo has found a new way to offer popular backlog titles.

More classics? Nintendo has recently added two more platform in October 2021. It remains the question of whether gamecube or some handheld classics will also find their way to the switch. In addition, after the Mega Drive, not only consoles of Nintendo are possible.

Game Trials: Free games for a short time

With the so-called Game Trials feature, Nintendo Switch online subscribers get free access to current Nintendo Switch games. Within about 7 days the games can be downloaded and played for free.

However, they do not go into our possession. Following the trials phase we have to buy the game to continue to use it. Nintendo often offers special discounts on Game Trials games over the same period.

Which games have been offered so far, among other things?

Mario Tennis Aces
Pokémon Tekken
Disgaea 5
Rune Factory 4 Special
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
Dead Cells
Overcoooked! 2
Two Point Hospital

There are no regular times when Game Trials take place. Nintendo always announces these very shortly via Twitter or directly through the switch-news. In Japan, there are clearly often Game Trials with larger Nintendo games like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker or Fire Emblem Warriors.

Cloud Saves: Scores in the data cloud

Submit links no longer need to fear their savegames if the switch is broken or lost. All scores are now automatically loaded into the data cloud and can be used as a backup if required.

Link to YouTube content

Especially with extensive titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is such a function a blessing that can protect it from losing countless play lessons.

Automatically activated: Cloud SAVES are automatically activated for all games by default. You can set the function but for each individual title. Manually Cloud Saves can also be created and downloaded at any time. The cloud SAVES are stored up to 6 months after subscription.

The big problem: Not all Nintendo Switch Games support Cloud Saves. Among them are some great games, like Pokémon Sword & Shield, Diablo 3 or Animal Crossing: New Horizons. For the latter, there is now the possibility of playing the game-internal island security:

4 0

more on the subject

Animal Crossing: How to activate the islands and protects your score

So it always remains that every developer decides himself whether it is made of the possibility of use or not. Therefore, always looks at Nintendo s website, whether a game really uses the function.

12 0

more on the subject

Nintendo Switch Online – That s why does not support Cloud Saves

The Nintendo Switch Online App for Mobile Devices

The Nintendo Switch Online App for iOS and Android can easily download in your App Store of your choice. The app offers you player-wide functions depending on game, voice chats and the opportunity to open a lobby.

With the start of the subscription service, the following titles are now supported:

Mario Tennis Aces
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Nintendo Entertainment System
Splatoon 2

Exclusive Deals & Discounts with Nintendo Switch Online

Similar to Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo will also enable special eShop discounts for Nintendo Switch online subscribers.

Exclusive NES controller: In addition, exclusive extras are planned. For example, there is the possibility to order NES controller for the switch. More information about the NES Controller is you experiencing here. On the official website of Nintendo you can acquire the NES controller in the double pack. The controller is sold out more often, but will always be re-screened.

Exclusive SNES Controller : Since SNES games have also been available on the switch, you can purchase a corresponding controller on the official website of Nintendo. The controller is sold out more often, but will always be re-screened.

Nintendo Switch Game Coupons : A special offer for Nintendo Switch online members makes it possible to get every game a little cheaper digital to the release. Because instead of acquiring a game individually to the launch for 60 or 70 euros digitally, you can buy two of these coupons for 100 euros. You can then use them separately up to 12 months from the date of purchase, to buy published but also upcoming games in the eShop without further additional payment.

For example, you pay for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the eShop Regular 140 Euro . With the game coupons, however, you can buy both games for 100 euros and saves so 40 Euro .

In addition, there are special items for Splatoon 2 and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, it remains exciting which bonus abomiters will still receive in the future.

Do you get the Nintendo Switch online subscription?

Nintendo Switch online reveals bad news for subscribers

Nintendo has revealed some bad news for those who could be subscribed to the online switch service of the editor. Specifically, it was recently confirmed that the service will go up in price for those who want to access everything offered by Nintendo Switch online. And although the base version of the subscription platform will no longer cost, many of their best functions will now be blocked behind a higher payment wall.

Nintendo recently announced that you will add playable games from Nintendo 64 consoles and Sega Genesis to Nintendo Switch online so subscribers can play on their own device. These titles are joined to the existing NES and Super Nintendo games that are available at this time to play through Nintendo Switch online. And if you wonder how this is equivalent to something that could be considered bad news, Nintendo revealed that these N64 games and Genesis will not be accessible unless you pay for a higher level version of the subscription service. As such, if you are someone who wants to access these titles, you will have to prepare to disburse something more money.

Play a selection of Nintendo 64 games and Sega Genesis with NintendosWitchOnline \ + expansion package!

This new membership plan is launched at the end of October and includes all the functions of the Basic Membership of Nintendo Switch Online. The details about prices, times and more will be shared soon.

  • Nintendo of America (@nintendoamerica) September 23, 2021

However, the most important question that is still surrounding this possible price increase for Nintendo Switch Online has to do with the new real cost. As Nintendo mentioned on the previous Tweet, the finest details on the price and launch of this new service version have not yet been determined. For now, the only thing we know with certainty is that it will be available at some point at the end of October, when Nintendo 64 games and Sega Genesis are formally arrived at online switch.

If there is a positive side in all this situation, it is definitely that those who are already happy with their current subscription of Nintendo Switch Online will not be asked to pay more than they are now. Instead of making the cost of switch online increase as a whole, at least Nintendo is now making it available at different levels. Even so, considering how little the service already offers subscribers, it would have been good to have seen the Titles of N64 and Genesis available on the platform for the current price.

How do you feel with the increase in the price of Nintendo Switch online? Do you feel that Nintendo should have added N64 games and genesis at service at no additional cost? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

Nintendo Switch Online List of Nintendo 64

The registration business version is a business model in which a consumer need to pay a persisting cost at routine periods for access to a product. The model was originated by authors of publications and regulars in the 17th century, as well as is currently made use of by many companies as well as sites.

In the last September 23, Nintendo Direct, a new Nintendo Switch online membership has been announced. Membership is referred to as Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership. It contains the same advantages and benefits of existing online membership, but this subscription also offers access to a library with Nintendo 64- and Sega Genesis games.

Here is the current list of Nintendo 64 games that come to the expansion pack.

All confirmed games for the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

Super Mario 64
Mario Kart 64
Starfox 64
Yoshis story
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Winback: Concealed operations
Mario Tennis
DR. Mario 64
Sin and punishment

It s a short list for the time being, but the starting titles are very promising. Of course, this service will add additional titles in the future that you have already shown. These are the future titles that come out after the first start of this program.

Games planned for future publication

The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask
Mario Golf
Pokemon snap
F zero X
Kirby 64: the crystal splinters
Paper Mario

There is no current release date for the games listed.

Another advantage of this additional level of online subscription is that all games with local multiplayer are also implemented online games. This means that you can play games like Mario Kart 64 online and play with up to 4 people at the same time. Of course, each involved player must have the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership.

Just as Nintendo has done it with the publication of the NES and SNES collections, you will bring a full size wireless Nintendo 64-controller as additional items for the buyers of this subscription. It will cost $ 49.99.

Imagine this new Switch Online Plan as Microsoft has its Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and its Game Pass Ultimate system. One of them is just a monthly online subscription, which allows players accessing online games and also receives a few giveaways each month. Game Pass Ultimate offers the benefits of gold plus additional games in his catalog.

This new membership plan will be introduced at the end of October of this year (2021). There is no accurate confirmed date yet. The new plan will not be part of the original subscription plans. They are separated and accordingly have different prices. The online + expansion pack has no fixed price, and hopefully it will not be a dramatic price difference between the standard and this. You can find out more details by clicking here.

Nintendo makes Switch online even better but that has its price

Metal Equipment Online was a stealth third-person shooter computer game for the PlayStation 3. It was an online multiplayer spin-off of the Steel Equipment computer game collection. The starter pack of Online was offered worldwide packed with Steel Gear Solid 4: Weapons of the Patriots, with a standalone launch for Japan. The name Metal Gear Online prevails with earlier online components for Metal Gear Strong 3: Subsistence as well as Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. Steel Gear Online s North American and also European web servers were closed down on June 12, 2012.

As part of a live stream, Nintendo announced a new expansion package for its Service Switch online. The new subscription should offer players among other things access to some great N64 classics and start at the end of October. Although Nintendo did not yet know how expensive the playback becomes, is already safe: the Switch online upgrade will not be free.

Switch Online: Nintendo offers N64 expansion package

The last Nintendo Direct gave some interesting surprises. So numerous new games were announced and shown, including Bayonetta 3.

During the presentation, Nintendo also introduced a new expansion package for its SWITCH online subscription service. The service allows players so far to play switch games online, backing up their memory data via the cloud and provides access to a steadily growing game library filled with all sorts of NES and SNES classics.

12 months Switch online at Amazon

This game offer is expected to be expanded at the end of October for selected N64 and Sega-Mega-Drive games – including about Super Mario 64, Lylat Wars, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Ecco The Dolphin.

But normal subscribers will remain denied free access to the new games. Instead, Nintendo introduces a two-class company and offers the Switch online subscription after the introduction in two different categories: once with and once without the expansion package.

The complete announcement of the extension of Switch online can you look in the video from 20:57:

Price for the expansion package is still a secret

While Nintendo reveals in his LiveStream, which games will be available in the new switch online subscription, a big secret is made from an important detail: the price. At the moment no one knows how expensive the expansion package will be.

Currently costs 12 months Switch online 19.99 euros. Many players assume that additional costs will be moderate and Nintendo the price will only increase by 5 to 10 euros for the annual subscription.

Nintendo officially does not work on a switch pro – but you will probably still dream …

Thus, the service would continue to be significantly cheaper than Sony PS Plus or the Xbox Game Pass . However, we will have certainty, however, if the Switch online expansion package starts at the end of October.

Nostalgia and then add Nintendo Switch Online will be included in N64 MD Super Mario lineup

Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) is an online registration solution for the Nintendo Switch video Super Mario console. Nintendo Switch Online functions consist of online multiplayer, cloud saving, voice conversation by means of a smartphone application, access to a collection of Nintendo Enjoyment System (NES) and also Super Nintendo Enjoyment System (SNES) Super Marios, as well as other promos and deals. An increased rate of the service adds Nintendo 64 and also Sega Genesis video Super Marios to the library. Adhering to an acting period where Nintendo provided online multiplayer complimentary of charge, the subscription solution formally released on September 18, 2018. The solution is Nintendo s third generation online service after Nintendo Wi-Fi Link as well as Nintendo Network.

Evaluations for the solution were blended. Its budget-friendly price compared to various other online services was usually praised, yet its smart device application, NES and also SNES content library, the originally small selection of cloud save-supported Super Marios and also absence of committed web servers were criticised.

Nintendo online service nintendo switch online is ready to expand the Super Mario lineup! Nintendo, today (24), will be Nintendo Direct , and the official announcement will open Nintendo 64 and the Sega Mega Drive in late October. According to the existing public lineup, Nintendo Switch Online will be included in the N64 Salda Legend: Time Flute , Sin and penalty ~ Earth s successor ~ , Super Mario 64 , SEGA MD There are Tomahawk , Sonic Kid 2 and other Super Marios. In addition to the old work published, Sald Legend: Mu Xira , Star Kaja 64 , a series of Super Marios, will follow the footsteps, update to Nintendo Switch Online . In order to match the Super Mario new member, Nintendo will also launch the exclusive handle of N64 and Sega MD, so that players can experience the feeling of retro Super Marios more.

The dear Xbox game will come to Nintendo Switch online

Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) is an online registration solution for the Nintendo Switch video clip game console. Nintendo Switch Online functions consist of online multiplayer, cloud conserving, voice chat via a mobile phone app, access to a library of Nintendo Home entertainment System (NES) and also Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) games, as well as various other promos and deals. An expanded tier of the service includes Nintendo 64 and also Sega Genesis video games to the collection. Following an acting period where Nintendo offered online multiplayer complimentary of charge, the registration service officially launched on September 18, 2018. The solution is Nintendo s 3rd generation online solution after Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and Nintendo Network.
Testimonials for the service were combined. Its economical rate compared to various other online services was normally praised, but its smartphone application, NES and also SNES material collection, the originally small selection of cloud save-supported games and absence of devoted web servers were criticised.

*ITS OFFICIAL* Banjo Kazooie Will Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch

An incredibly popular game that is associated with the Xbox brand will soon come to Nintendo Switch online. Specifically, that game in question turns out to be Banjo-Kazooie , which was developed and released by Rare in 1998. And although Banjo-kazooie could now be a property that belongs to the Xbox, the game has a history of appearing on the platforms of Nintendo.

The confirmation of banjo-kazooie The arrival in Nintendo Switch Online was revealed by Nintendo during the company s last presentation. Banjo will join a litany of other titles that were previously launched in Nintendo 64 more than two decades ago, when the platform still existed. The only drawback of the incorporation of Banjo-Kazooie is that Nintendo Switch online subscribers will have to pay more money than normal to get access to the title. At this time, Nintendo has not confirmed how much this price increase will reduce users.

Dresses it well: Our classic Banjo-Kazooie of the 90 is directed to Nintendo Switch! It is a pleasure to take the bear and the bird to the last Nintendo console, which offers another modern way (along with @xboxgamepass and rare replay) to savor its numerous collectibles and eyeglasses.

  • Rare Ltd. (@raleltd) September 23, 2021

You saw it well: our classic of the nineties banjo-kazooie is directed to Nintendo Switch! He said the developer Rare in social networks to celebrate the next addition of the classic platform game to Switch. It is a pleasure to take the bear and the bird to the last Nintendo console, which offers another modern form (along with Xbox Game Pass and Rara Repetition) to savor its numerous collection objects and their jumps .

For now, the most important question about the addition of banjo-kazooie to Nintendo Switch Online implies its real arrival at the service. At this time, Nintendo has confirmed that the N64 games will begin to get to Nintendo Switch Online next month. That said, Banjo-Kazooie will not be on the first wave of N64 additions to Nintendo Switch Online, which means that we will have to wait a little more to see him reach the platform. However, as long as we know more about the real release date of the game in Switch, we will make sure to inform you here at

How do you feel about banjo-kazooie opening the way to Nintendo Switch online? And what classic games would you like them to reach service in the future? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

Nintendo Switch New online subscription comes with N64 and Mega Drive

Nintendo confirms N64 and Sega Mega Drive Classics for Nintendo Switch online – the rumors have confirmed. As part of the current Direct edition, Nintendo announced a comprehensive upgrade for the online service. To get access to the classics, you need a membership of Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack : The new abomodell will be introduced to Nintendo Switch at the end of October. A prize is not available so far. That the subscription is more expensive than the current standard membership (with Snes and NES games) is likely. The regular Switch online subscription costs 19.99 euros a year.

The Line-Up for N64 Source: Nintendo Subscribers from Nintendo Switch (Buy Now 379.26 €) Online + Expansion Package, in addition to the well-known features and Snes and NES classics, access to the N64 and Mega Drive Games. So retroceals like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time can be played in the classic robe on the Nintendo Switch. Some titles, such as Mario Kart 64, also support multiplayer mode, locally and online for up to four players, announces Nintendo. To start nine N64 games should be available, the list can be found below this message. In the future, Nintendo wants to expand the bid among the Legend of Zelda: Majora s Mask, F-Zero X, Banjo-Kazooie, Mario Golf, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Paper Mario and Pokémon Snap.

The line-up for Sega Mega Drive. Source: Nintendo As soon as the new Switch online membership is available in October, 14 games from the Mega Drive era are also available. There are Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Streets of Rage 2, Ecco The Dolphin and Golden Ax. So that retro feeling occurs while playing, Nintendo has also announced wireless N64 and Mega Drive Controllers for Switch. All Nintendo Switch online members will have the opportunity to buy this Nintendo 64 controller and the Sega Mega Drive Controller in My Nintendo Store, writes Nintendo. The prices are 49.99 euros each.

Further details on the new membership, including price information and an accurate release date, wants to announce Nintendo soon . Even after the publication of the new abomodell, you can use your regular Switch online membership. Nintendo, however, wants to offer an easy way to go to the new membership option.

N64 games for launch

Super Mario 64
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Mario Kart 64
Star Fox 64
Dr. Mario 64
Mario Tennis 64
Yoshi s story

Coming N64 games

Pokémon Snap
The Legend of Zelda: Majora s Mask
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Mario Golf
Paper Mario

Mega Drive games for launch

Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Streets of Rage 2
Castlevania: Bloodlines
Contra: Hard Corps
Dr. Robotnik s Mean Bean Machine
Golden Ax
Gunstar heroes
Phantasy Star IV
Shining Force
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master

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24.09.2021 at 08:13

N64 games would arrive at the switch at an extra price

Nintendo Switch Online currently offers NES and SNES games. With rumors of the arrival of Game Boy titles to this system, an insider points out that this would not be everything, since The N64 would also do an act of presence in this service, although at an additional price.

Last week, the insider known as Nativerake noted that Game Boy Games would reach Switch online. This information was corroborated by Eurogamer, who mentioned that another console would also be available in this service. Now, In the most recent episode of the podcast of him, Nativerake mentioned that this platform would be Nintendo 64.

However, this aggregate would not be an extra similar to SNES, since for Access the N64 games you would have to pay an additional price, between $ 5 and $ 15 a year , speculate the insider. This was what he commented:

EUROGAMER was one step further, having noticed that additional platforms will also be added to Nintendo Switch Online in the future. And today I would like to add to that, yes, that information is accurate and one of the platforms that will come to Nintendo Switch Online in the future is the revolutionary Nintendo 64.

What I am going to propose is that when Nintendo 64 arrives in Nintendo Switch Online, it will come with a more expensive level: a premium version of Nintendo Switch Online, so to speak.

I do not think they try to duplicate the price … I would say that $ 30 a year, $ 35 would be the roof, more than that, I think Nintendo would really be pressing things.

Regarding his release date, at the moment there are no details about it, although Nativerake mentions that this will happen at some point of this fiscal year. As always, this is just a rumor, and at the moment there is no information Official by Nintendo.

On related topics, we tell you how to connect your Bluetooth hearing aids to the switch. In the same way, this would look at Nintendo s tennis 64.

Via: Nintendo Life

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