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3D TPS MOBA PC Game Overfrime Second CBT Preview

The PC game ‘overfrime (developer Netmarble F & C)’ is a mixed game in Netmarble, and MOBA and TPS are a mixed game, each of which is one of the heroes with a unique skill, each destroying and occupying the other. You can experience a variety of strategies that are reversed from the battlefield, depending on the unlimited combination of real sympathy and heroes, the infinite combinations of the human being at the three-person viewpoint.

In particular, ‘Overfrime’ was inherited by Epic Games in 2016 ‘Paragon’. As the high quality graphics of the previous work, it is a 3D TPS MOBA game with a 3D TPS MOBA game that focuses on speed and hitting.

The user may choose a lane who is hoping for solo, mid, duo, and jungle, and choose a hero. The hero is prepared by 17 kinds of CBT standards. The hero has each story, skills, and skins. The exterior of the existing Paragon’s heroes was changed to the Over Prime, and the original heroes of Overfirim are also prepared.

The game is basically a 5: 5 team play, and the core on the other party base is first destroyed. The jungle between the lane and lane is important to have an object such as a variety of monsters, tower, shadow pond, jump pad, etc., and strategically utilize it.

The tower is a defensive structure that exists in the line, and attacks the minion (AI NPC) and the relative hero accessing within a certain range. The jump pad plays a role in fast moving to the battlefield, and the shadow pond can be used as a viable place.

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The jungle has a powerful prime guardian that can reverse the buff monster and situation that gives beneficial effects to the friendly. To advantageously lead the battlefield of , ‘Prime Protector’ and ‘Dunk System’ should be used well. When a user parses Prime Protector, it can obtain ‘the aura of a sealed prime’.

If you take this to the enemy’s altar, you will be summoned by the Prime Prime Protector in the center when you succeed in ‘Dunk’. Summoned prime guardians assaulted in the enemy camp, which can take advantage of a defensive turret, a suppressor, and core, which is advantageous for the building.

At the time of the primary CBT, the tutorial on the unique elements of the , such as the dunk system, the presence of the shadow pond, and the reinforcement work has been in progress.

In addition, the user who first-fed the UI / UX was improved and the user who firstoked the oversoup is intuitively understand. We have improved mini-map design to make fast testing, and mini-map automatic movement function, application, etc. The convenience of the game, etc.

In addition, Netmarble has been optimized to allow stable play on the low-end PC to allow more users to experience .

Netmarble proceeds from the Global Game Distribution Platform ‘Steam’ from April 29 to May 29, from April 29 to W29, from April 29th. CBTs are held without limitation, and can be pre-downloaded from steam to 28 days from April 26th.

This game is scheduled to show off the early access to the previous year, and more information on the game can be found on the steam page, official homepage, YouTube, Facebook.

Champions League Live: Bayern – Salzburg today exclusively on Amazon Prime [ad]

In the second round of the UEFA Champions League Bayern Munich meets tonight on RB Salzburg. Since the FC Bayern did not come out about a 1: 1 in the first leg, and generally does not seem to struggle against self-confidence, that could be quite exciting. The game is transferred exclusively to Amazon Prime Video and is included in the normal prime subscription. Stiff is at 9 pm, the discussion at Amazon begins but already at 20 o’clock. Following the game, there are also highlights from the game Liverpool against Inter Milan. Here you come to the stream:

Bayern Munich vs. Salzburg: Champions League Live on Amazon Prime

Amazon has secured the rights to selected Tuesday games of the UEFA Champions League this year, even in the group stage were already greetings from Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund to see. Next week, there is an exclusive live broadcast again, namely the match between Manchester United and Atletico Madrid. More about this and other programs such as background reports and interviews around the Champions League can be found here:

Champions League at Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime 30 days for free

You do not have a prime subscription yet, but still want to see the match tonight? This is not a problem because Amazon offers a free 30-day test membership. Through this, you also receive access to thousands of films and series on prime video, over two million songs on Prime Music, free premium shipping and other benefits. Here you know more:

Amazon Prime: Test 30 days for free

But you should note that the test membership automatically transforms into a paid subscription, if you do not notice before the end of the 30 days.

Further interesting offers can be found on our Amazonals overview page .

LIVE: Bayern Munich vs RB Salzburg | UEFA Champions League free livescore and video stream

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Nintendo Switch OLED comparison video clip demonstrates how rather Mario Kart 8 can be

New footage of a Nintendo Switch OLED running alongside a standard Nintendo Switch console reveals what a difference the brand-new OLED display can make.

Nintendo Switch - Play Together Anytime, Anywhere Extended Trailer

As identified by Kotaku , YouTube channel Nintendo Prime was sent video footage of the new Nintendo Switch version being unboxed in addition to a side-by-side contrast with the common Change console. According to Nintendo Prime, the footage was given via a confidential resource that asked that in return, Nintendo Prime advertises their boy s YouTube network.

In the clips sent out to Nintendo Prime, we reach see an unboxing of the console, which offers us an up-close look at all of its elements. Nonetheless, most interestingly, we also reach see exactly how it performs when contrasted to the standard Nintendo Switch console in portable setting. As you can see in the video clip listed below, both Change gaming consoles are running Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and it s quite noticeable where the renovations have been made in the OLED version.

As the new version s name would recommend, the Nintendo Switch OLED has actually been updated to include a bigger 7-inch OLED screen. This is quite the upgrade when contrasted to the typical Change s 6.2-inch LCD display and also the Change Lite s 5.5-inch LCD display. This swap appears to have made all the difference though as Mario Kart 8 looks better than ever. The console s brilliant display makes Mario Kart s brilliant colors pop and it absolutely overshadows the previous model.

The Nintendo Switch OLED design isn t because of launch until following week on October 8, 2021, so we re not certain how this video footage has actually been taken, but Nintendo Prime has actually specified that as far as they realize, it had not been acquired through any kind of illegal techniques.

An additional YouTuber that managed to reveal video footage of the evasive Nintendo Switch OLED is Japanese web personality HikakinTV , who was fortunate enough to be provided the console early by Nintendo . We additionally reach see unboxing and also Mario Kart 8 Deluxe video in Hikakin s video clip but likewise clips of Super Knockout Bros. Ultimate , Minecraft , as well as Splatoon 2 additionally operating on the new version.

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