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One Piece Odyssey: The new game is full of promising images for Luffy and its band!

Last month, the Bandai Namco publisher announced a big news for all One Piece fans. Yes, Luffy and all his band will come back soon in an unpublished game! In this new adventure, the man in hat and his companions swipe on an island and will have to find the way to extricate from this bad step. What dangers expect the crew of the straw hat? Answer in the coming months!


Since the trailer, this unpublished adventure, the speculations are going well to the fans of One Piece. What will you reserve this new episode? We do not have the answer yet, but the publisher is well aware of the wait aroused by this announcement and begins to deliver first information, but also and especially pictures!

A J-RPG with an interactive anime taste

2022 will be the year of the return of One Piece on consoles and PCs. Currently in development, the title should take the form of a role play in Japanese with a graphics that will remind the anime. For those who have made the previous episodes, it seems that the effects and that The lighting were the subject of a refresher. If we believe the visuals revealed this day, Luffy and all his troupe will have to fight against both terrestrial and marine enemies, but also strange entities. Some photos also suggest the presence of puzzles. What is certain is that the whole is rather pretty with great colors and that the modeling of the different protagonist is just impeccable.

For the moment, One Piece Odyssey is expected for 2022 on most market supports (PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series). For now, the information is light, especially since some visuals are drawn from the trailer, but it will be necessary to settle. There is no doubt that the publisher has new revelations in his boxes soon.


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luffy and autores it’s not really together

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One Piece Odyssey - Announcement Trailer

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