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Elden Ring is treated as a relax game in Steam. Fad people find healing in the area of the space

Speaking of Eldenring , it is a work that tends to have the image of dark world view and high difficulty. However, this work is on the STEAM store page, and a relaxation tag is attached by users. Is it a mischief that the harsh work has a relaxation tag or a player’s true intention? Overseas users who have seen this tag seem to be talking about the relaxing element of Elden Ring on the overseas bulletin board Reddit.

Elden Ring is an action RPG designed by From Software. This work has been changed to a vast open field while inheriting the game play of the past work such as the Dark Soul series. It is a new work that includes many new elements. The general image of this work is high difficulty. From software has been working on high difficulty action RPGs in the past, and boss strength and harsh locations tend to be overtaken. It is often the case that the gloom of the world and the gloom of events are highlighted.

However, such Elden Ring seems to be categorized by Steam users that can be relaxed. If you look at the user-defined tag section of the store page of this work, Soul Like, Relax and Dark Fantasy are the top three. This tag posts a game element tag that users thinks suitable for the work, and is determined to be a line according to the number of support. Relaxing with highly difficult Elden Ring looks like an unbalanced manner. In addition, this work has once been a mischief that is classified as a cute casual romance simulation in Steam User Tag (related articles). However, the fact that the relaxation tag is currently at the top is not likely to be caused by mischief.

Because Elden Ring players seem to be healed by this work. Whether the tag with Relax was interesting to Elden Ring, a thread that mentions this tag appears in the Reddit work community (now deleted the moderator). Whenever you can relax in Elden Ring, he asks the user. From the description of the original text, it seems to be a question that feels a slightly sarcastic atmosphere, saying, Eldenring and relaxation are far away.

On the other hand, there are many voices of users who speak purely when they can relax in this work. For example, when you are sitting on a rock outside the red lion castle in Cay Lid, looking at the golden trees sideways with the killed soldiers and huge dogs, when you are listening to NPC performances and enemy characters. When you are sitting in and watching the wonderful scenery. In addition, the opinion that when spending time with the priest Miliel is also supported, indicating the popularity of Miliel, one of the most healing characters in this work (related article). There are many other relaxations in Elden Ring, and it can be seen that many people feel healing in this work.

Elden Ring tends to pay attention to high difficulty and gloomy aspects, but it is also a work that incorporates a wide range of expressions. For example, the location in this work is abundant. You can enjoy the unique scenes of the region, such as a beautiful grassland, a fantastic basin, and a red earth that has been eroded by corruption. In addition, while there is a gloomy dungeon that makes you want to turn back unintentionally, there are also solemn architecture that can be seen. It stirs the adventure of the player.

In addition, the character of the enemy and ally is wide. While there are friendly NPCs that heal the players, some people turn bare malice. The enemy characters also have a variety of monsters that are likely to erod the sanity from humans and animals. This work is a work that depicts the beauty of the fantasy world while having the concept of dark and bold at the root.

In addition, this work also has elements to enjoy the scene as a work that travels through a vast field. Even in a fierce battle, it seems that there is a side that enhances such healing. Therefore, it would not be wrong to give a relaxation as a tag that expresses the work. The reason why relaxation ranked high in the user tag is that the players who felt healed in the world of this work were purely recommended. In addition, about five months have passed since the release of this work, and players who adapt to the harsh aspects of this work may be more focused on healing elements.

If you refer to the work introduction page of the Relax tag in Steam, Elden Ring is picked up to a prominent position. Other pickups include the cargoy game Unpacking, the high-pressure cleaning sim Powerwash Simulator, and the agricultural slow life game STARDEW VALLEY. In each case, there are works that can be immersed relatively calmly. Although it is a bit doubtful whether Elden Ring is perfect for users who seek such works, it is also an interesting situation that this work is in a relaxed game.

With the rise of the user tag, the aspects other than the hardness of Elden Ring attracted attention. Even if you play this work, you may find anything other than harsh memories when you look back. It is a good idea to recall the moment you are healed by Eldenring.

Elden Ring Mirage Puzzle Solution: How to get you in Mirage Rise

The Rise towers in Elden Ring are mysterious and often sealed with bizarre puzzles on turtles. However, if you have to choose a different approach, not only to get into the tower, but just watch it in front of yourself, because it is not even visible. The only thing that marks its position first is a prompt in the game that you have reached it, and the typical post you need to read to start the puzzle. Continue reading for our guide How to get in Elden Ring in Mirage Rise!

Elden Ring Mirage Puzzle Solution: How to get in Mirage Rise

Elden Ring - Mirage Rise Puzzle Solution
In addition to reading the post, which tells you what you need to do (which also activates the puzzle), you must find three phantom coins or signs in the area and get a card. The card deceives that they look closer to the tower, and during 2 of the 3 will certainly do this, they bring the game for the last mess. However, it may be time-consuming to find them, and we have mapped the locations for them.

Phantom Camm 1 is right near you when you read the post, so just look at the place where you are standing, and you will see a floating blue character Activate it easy. Phantom Comb 2 is located in the southwest, hidden and is indicated by luminous cobolis enemies that guard it. The third is a bizarre case but a great demonstration of the entire Fata Morgana theme and farther away, southeast of the initial of the puzzle, and although it is marked on the map, it is not immediately visible instead as inconspicuous rocks Turned in the middle of the way, so beat to expose the comb. We have a picture of the exact rock.

If you find this seal, Mirage Rise is revealed for you and opened, so explore it, because you will find that Invisible blade and Invisible shape magic and a Sleeping egg .

This is our guide completed How to get in Elden Ring in Mirage Rise! Be sure to take a look at our other instructions, including the instructions as you get into other ascent towers, and our review!

Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Elden Ring Mirage Puzzle Solution: How to get in Mirage Rise

Elden Ring Dragon Heart

In Elden Ring, players have the opportunity to learn a series of dragon conjectures by using dragon hearts, which in turn are given only those who have proven their power by defeating many of the dragons that call the Lands Between their homeland. But can you farm dragon hearts in Elden Ring? To answer the and more, find here Dragons Hearts Eldenring .

Where dragon hearts can be bred in Elden Ring – each dragon location

In Elyden Ring, as mentioned above, you can get Dragon Hearts into your hands by defeating many of the dragons that are currently working in the Lands Between. After this is said, you can check the position of all the dragons currently occurring in Elden Ring and dropping the dragon hearts after their defeat, as well as many dragon hearts they get when they kill each of them:

  • Flying Dragon Agheel: Probably the first dragon you will meet in the game. You can hit Flying Dragon Agheel by going to the campfire near the Dragon Burnt ruins in Lingrave. If you defeat the boss, you will be rewarded with a dragon heart.
  • Senior Dragon Greyoll: Also known as Caelid’s Giant White Dragon. Unlike the other dragons in the game, Greyoll will not take revenge if he is attacked. After winning the dragon, players receive five dragon hearts. Every little dragon surrounding Greyoll will also reward you with a dragon heart when defeated.
  • Flying Dragon Greyll: Can be found in Caelid and blocks a bridge that connects Lenne’s Rise with the Bestil Sanctum area. After defeating the boss, you will receive a dragon heart.
  • Decaying Ekzykes: can be found by going south-east of the Caelid Highway South Site of Grace. After the boss was defeated, the players get a dragon heart.
  • Shimmering Dragon Adula: Can first be found as a guardian of Ranni in the area of ​​the three sisters in the Liurnia region of the lakes. After allowing enough damage to the enemy on Liurnia of the Lakes, the players can find him in the area of ​​the Cathedral of Manus Celes, where they can do the boss. After defeating the boss, you will get three dragon hearts.
  • Glitzerstein Dragon Earnings: Can be found in a range located between the Academy Crystal Cave and the Temple District. Both areas are located west of the Raya Lucaria Academy. After winning the dragon, the players receive a dragon heart.
  • Borealis The ice mist: can be found on the mountain peaks of the Giants region, in the frozen river near the First Church of Marika Site of Grace. After winning the dragon, the players receive a dragon heart.
  • Magmawyrm Makar: can be found on ruin oversawers abyss. After winning the BOSS Magma Wyrm Makar, the players receive a dragon heart.
  • Magma-Wyrm: Three Magma Wyrms are currently found in the game. The first is on Volcano Manor, the second on the mountain gelmir and the third on the Gael tunnel. After defeating each of them, the players get a dragon heart.

After receiving a dragon heart, you can unlock the dragon billions of the game by visiting the Cathedral of the Dragon Communion, which is located in the southwestern part of the Caelid region, on the left of the Redmine Castle area.

ELDENRING is currently available exclusively via Steam for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. You can view our review of the latest epic of From Software.

Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Elden Ring Dragon Heart Locations: Where to breed dragon hearts

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