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Players scold regarding loot boxes in the MMORPG Lost Ark – for skins with much better values you pay up to EUR 530

What is the situation? on 1. The designers and also publisher of Lost Ark showed the Roadmap for the next couple of months. In enhancement to some awesome news, a system also comes right into play, which appears like a loot box for outfits and skins. It pays attention to the name Yoz’s Container and doesn’t appear that bad in the beginning.

Like the impressive attire, the legendary skins provide you substantial bonuses on your statistics, as well as they are also a little bit greater than typical. Contrasted to the impressive variants, you will certainly receive about 1 % more statistics per tool.

The MMORPNOTT ARK has been slammed because a release of using Pay2win mechanics to a certain degree. Thus far you have actually been able to review this, yet now there is a new lootbox system in which skins with tangible advantages can cost you approximately EUR 530. We at Meinmmo summarize.

This makes 4 % for the entire shield, which amounts to concerning 1.9 % even more damage as an entire, as customer Birkholz computes on Reddit.

There is the opportunity to make use of skins that you no longer want to have. From this you get a material as well as, with the adding of a couple of blue crystals, you can dice a brand-new skin out of it.

What are legendary skins? The new system brings some epic and also two legendary skins for every class. The legendary skins are new enhancements, because thus far only the impressive costumes existed in our variation.

_ In of this video clip you obtain an understanding right into the endgame of Lost Ark: _

behind the new auto mechanics hide loot boxes

For a complete set, you placed an average of EUR 334 if you actually disassemble every skin. Every effort costs you EUR 13.30 if you do not do this and also maintain all the legendary skins you obtain when dice. What makes 532 EUR for a full, legendary established with standard.

You acquire the container for 100 blue crystals as well as can then unintentionally dice a new skin from the 14 material. There are different impressive, as well as the brand-new legendary skins.

_ The trailer for the roadmap reveals these skins. Right here you can persuade yourself whether they are worth the cash for you: _

If we assume that you just acquire the skins to roll them up once more and also obtain legendary skins, a solitary attempt on the legendary outfit is EUR 13.30. You can disassemble the skin you got and also save 7 items of fabric if you are not fortunate. So every additional effort prices you only EUR 7.80.

Just how uncommon are the attire? The legendary clothing are offered in two shades and also, at the very least in Korea and also Russia, have 5 % opportunity to get out of the Container (through Reddit). Generally, you have a 10 %chance of a legendary skin. With average luck, each component of the established costs you EUR 83.50 if you reused every skin you pull.

** Do you have a skin that you no longer want, you can dismantle it in Yoz’s Jar. You can essentially disassemble any type of skin that somehow comes from the Lost Ark money shop.

How do you reach EUR 530 per set? Not scared, and now naturally we need a little mathematics. If you dismantle it, every single skin brings you 7 textile. A complete collection made of tool, safety helmet, shoes as well as top brings an overall of 28 fabric for you. Such a collection currently sets you back around EUR 22 on the western web servers. To do this, you likewise need the container for 100 blue crystals, you can likewise acquire them with gold, yet with actual money it is around EUR 2.30 per experiment.

We are obtaining insufficient up

The biggest Reddit string on the subject is just 20 hrs old and currently has more than 4,000 upvotes. He explains the situation more exactly and also boosts the conversation due to the fact that he is qualified We are still having as well little dismayed. In view of the more than 1,500 comments, he has achieved his objective, since the mood is anything yet good.

How does the community react? Now, initially only a little.

The Birkholz, already linked above, which stands for the prices for the skins a lot more specifically, presently has 507 remarks and also paints a comparable state of mind. While some state that the 2 % more damages would truly not matter, the hardcore neighborhood specifically is extremely annoyed.

What do the followers claim? Some of the comments we wish to play here customarily to make clear the mood:

  • Redelectrions creates sarcastically (by means of Reddit): I assume you can only charge $ 400 in Lost Ark via Vapor, right? But an email to Steam controls that.
  • Javrixx says (by means of Reddit): Thanks for the explanations. I truly love this video game, yet this things is very disappointing.
  • Ikikaera states (using Reddit): Directly, I am not curious about the system in any way. I can also merely ranch and purchase the legendary skins with gold. I can absolutely recognize how much crap this principle can pull with you.
  • Atheistium creates (by means of Reddit): In Russia I invested over $ 800 up until I had a legendary collection, which really fits with each other. I can not justify this in a manner as well as I hope that you will certainly still modify the system.

What do you assume of the brand-new Yuz’s Jar system? Will you desire a legendary skin as well as trust your luck as well as cash? Or do you just ranch gold for a while to acquire the skins from the marketplace when there is? Please write it in the remarks below at Meinmmo.

What are legendary skins? The new system brings some epic as well as also 2 legendary skins for each course. The legendary skins are new additions, because so much only the impressive costumes were existing in our version.

Incidentally, Meinmmo editor Alexander Leitsch states: An MMORPG is so strong Pay2win that I can just laugh regarding objection of Lost Ark and also Black Desert.

** Do you have a skin that you no longer want, you can disassemble it in Yoz’s Jar. If we think that you only acquire the skins to roll them up once again and get legendary skins, a single effort on the legendary outfit is EUR 13.30.

Wow, creative catalyst, how to craft a set piece

Discover our guide explaining in detail, the creative catalyst system for obtaining a Wow set part via a new mechanism at Zereth Mortis. Back on WORLD OF WARCRAFT PATCH 9.2, the set bonus system is an extremely important element since it is active in all aspects of the game, both in PVE (RAID and MM +) than in PVP (Arene and RBG).

How to get a set of set in the patch 9.2

The armor sets are therefore back on wow via the release of the patch 9.2 the end of the Eternity, bringing bonuses that drastically change the interest of certain classes and specializations. Thus, it is fundamental to get its 4-room bonus (4P) to be able to draw the full potential of your character

However, there are three methods to get a set of set on wow:

  • Via the new Raid the founders’ sepulcher (only on some bosses)
  • via the weekly trunk (Le Vault)
  • via the creation catalyst system

As a reminder, the contents of the weekly trunk has a chance to contain a set piece including in the Rows MM + and PVP. However, chances are relatively limited, with about 9% chance by tab unlocked based on community research.

How does the creative catalyst system work?

While the first two methods for obtaining a set piece are random, the creative catalyst system makes it possible to counter this RNG by ensuring a set piece. The idea being to take a room at the location of a set of set (helmet, epaulets, torso, gloves and pants) obtained this season (from the patch 9.2) and to use the creation catalyst to transform it into it into set. Attention because some elements are to be taken into account (see the lower part).

For that, simply go to Zereth Mortis and enter the creation catalyst room. This area is located on the south of the map, in the room hanging above the extent of water. CAUTION However because you will need to complete at least Chapter 4 of the campaign to use it. If you do not yet have the flight skill in Zereth Mortis, a teleporter is present below. Therefore, apart from Chapter 4, you will not need to have a lot Farm Zereth Mortis to make your set pieces.

How to crafter a set of set?

How to make your Tier Set with the Creation Catalyst! (Creation Catalyst Explained/9.2 Guide)
* It’s worth a room located on a set location (helmet, epaulets, torso, gloves and pants)
* This part must be obtained during the S3 (Patch 9.2) in RAID, PVP or MM +
* The cost in cosmic flow changes according to the room to be modified (between 1200 and 1500) for a set piece

Some important details to take into account

  • Although it is possible to use another room than the sets of set (helmet, epaulets, torso, gloves and pants), these other pieces (wrist, belt, boots) will not give ** bonus of set that used in the catalyst
  • The stats of your room to transform will change to take that of the set piece
  • Nevertheless you keep your bonuses (gemstling, puncture, speed) on the new room
  • For the next few weeks, the system is only available once a week per character
  • Improatable parts (PVP and MM + loot) can be improved even after setting as set. Thus, a room 262 ILVL Loot in mythical dungeons, can be transformed into set of set and improved in 272 ILVL

Thus, you must try to maximize choosing parts that have the highest ILVL possible but also, bonus (gems, puncture…) to improve your character. If you already have a 4P, prioritize the rooms with a weak ILVL.

Note that you can always add a gem later in the season via Vault resources (when you do not select room in the weekly safe).

How to get cosmic flows at 9.2?

The cosmic flow resource is required to make a part via the creative catalyst. However, it is not a difficult resource to acquire and the amounts are relatively limited (between 1200 and 1500 per piece).

There are several ways to get cosmic flows on the 9.2 patch:

  • Killing rare, in the chests and via the different quests of Zereth Mortis
  • At each end of mythical dungeons (whatever the difficulty)
  • Every arena victory
  • On all the bosses of the founders’ sepulcher raid as well as on some specific trashes
  • In the weekly trunk
  • on Torghast levels 13 and upper

From then on, you should already have a fairly important amount of cosmic flows, allowing you to make a room per week without much problem.

Here is for our creative catalyst system guide in order to craft a set piece on the 9.2 patch of wow.
You can find all our information and guides on our World of Warcraft portal.

The OLED photos of Nintendo Switch provide the best aspect of the console so far

In just a few weeks, the Nintendo Switch OLED will be launched in stores, offering some pleasant improvements regarding the current console model. Nintendo Tokyo currently has the system on display, and visitors have shared some new images of the online switch model. The images were shared on Twitter by users. @cvxfreak, @bunnagashi, and @pati pss, and compiled by Nintendo all. While Nintendo offered file images when the console was announced for the first time, these flashes in the hand give a much better impression of what the players will get when the system comes out. The eight new images can be found at the end of this publication.

Announced at the beginning of summer, Nintendo Switch Oled was not what many expected! The OLED model was announced after years of rumors about a Nintendo Switch Pro . Those rumors suggested that the SWITCH PRO would have an OLED screen, as well as 4K compatibility and a number of other improvements. Instead, the OLED model simply offers a screen superior to the current model, greater storage capacity and other minor settings. Undoubtedly, the system seems an improvement with respect to its predecessor, but not to the extent that some could have expected.

It remains to be seen if the Nintendo Switch OLED will be worth your $ 350 MSRP, but for those who mainly use the system as a portable device, it could be worth the price of updating! From the new images, we can have a better idea on how the system will be seen when customers begin to get their consoles. In the images metroid Dread , Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2 can be viewed, and the last two games are much more vibrant than in the current switch hardware ( metroid dread has not yet been released, so it is impossible to make a comparison ). The system does not offer any real graphic improvement, but the OLED screen should make some games look better, just for the way colors are displayed.

With the Nintendo Switch OLED scheduled to launch on October 8, the fans will not have to wait much more to see for themselves how the system is seen in hand! For now, readers can scroll down to see the new images that have been shared online.

Metroid Dread.

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On the wall

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Nintendo Switch Firmware 13 0 0 for download Update finally brings Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a short-range cordless modern technology standard that is made use of for trading data between set as well as mobile gadgets over brief distances using UHF radio waves in the ISM bands, from 2.402 GHz to 2.48 GHz, and building personal area networks (Frying pans). It was initially developed as a cordless choice to RS-232 information cords. It is mostly utilized as an alternative to cord links, to trade documents in between neighboring mobile tools and also attach mobile phone and also music gamers with cordless headphones. In the most commonly used setting, transmission power is limited to 2.5 milliwatts, providing it a very brief variety of approximately 10 meters (30 feet).
Bluetooth is taken care of by the Bluetooth Special Single-interest Group (SIG), which has greater than 35,000 member firms in the locations of telecommunication, computing, networking, and consumer electronic devices. The IEEE standard Bluetooth as IEEE 802.15.1, yet no more keeps the criterion. The Bluetooth SIG manages advancement of the spec, manages the qualification program, as well as protects the hallmarks. A manufacturer should satisfy Bluetooth SIG criteria to market it as a Bluetooth gadget. A network of licenses relate to the technology, which are certified to specific certifying gadgets. Since 2009, Bluetooth integrated circuit chips ship approximately 920 million units annually.

Nintendo releases the Switch Firmware 13.0.0. About his website, the Publisher announces the patch notes and thus a list of changes and innovations. This time, the console gets a new feature donated. As shown by the Changelog, individual Bluetooth audio devices can be coupled to the switch after firmware download. Headphones, Earbuds, Speakers and other audio devices that can be connected to Bluetooth can now be coupled with the Nintendo Switch, writes the publisher into the patch Notes for the new firmware. The company complements that Bluetooth microphones are not supported.

In addition, the Publisher writes that up to two wireless controllers can be connected to the system while Bluetooth audio is used. Nintendo complements that, depending on the device, it can come to delays in the audio output. In addition to the new Bluetooth feature, the Switch (Buy Now 399,00 €) Firmware 13.0.0 also further changes with it. In the system tab under the system settings, your Refresh function Update Dock , whereby system software can be downloaded via a LAN port.

In the sleep mode in turn, there is now the possibility to maintain the Internet connection. Activate this function, download systems with cable-related connections software and additional content in the background. If you deactivate the function, the system connects to the Internet at regular intervals. This saves electricity, but may contain individual downloads under certain circumstances.

Switch Update v13.0 Adds Bluetooth + Daemon X Machina Sequel Coming - Today's News Tonight (9/15/21)

The Switch Firmware 13.0.0 is rounded off from a change in the method to start the Calibration of Control Sticks . In the status of active Internet connection, you can also find out if your console is connected to a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network wireless network. The English-speaking patch Notes provides Nintendo on his support website for the Nintendo Switch.

From David Martin

15.09.2021 at 10:26

Nintendo Switch Update 13 0 0 brings feature to which we have been waiting for 4 years

Nintendo has the new firmware update 13.0.0 released Lite for Nintendo and Nintendo Switch Switch. The round figure suggests, that we are dealing with a slightly larger update and not just as usual, the system stability is improved. The patch brings not only some minor new features, but also a long-awaited by fans feature.

Bluetooth headset will finally support

What’s new in the update? If the new version Once downloaded from the Nintendo switch, it is now possible to use a Bluetooth headset connected to the console. Not only headphones can be connected to the switch, other audio devices such as headphones and speakers can be connected.

However, there are limitations: For example it is not possible Bluetooth microphones with your switch to connect to communicate with voice chat with a friend inside. Furthermore, can the only two wireless controllers are connected to the switch if already a Bluetooth audio device is connected to the console.

Internet despite Standby: Until now it was not possible updates for games to download, when the switch is in standby mode was. With the new update we can now turn on a feature that will allow us to continue to establish a wireless Internet connection. This update can also be downloaded in standby mode.

These are the English patch notes from Update 13.0.0

Bluetooth® audio is now supported.

Headphones, earphones, speakers and other audio devices that connect via Bluetooth, can switch family are connected to the sound output with the Nintendo consoles now.
It can no Bluetooth microphones are used.
There can be up to two wireless controllers while using Bluetooth audio with your Nintendo switch console connected.
The connection to Bluetooth audio is stopped while using the local mode.
Depending on the type of Bluetooth device, it may experience delays in the audio playback.
For more information, see Add and manage Bluetooth audio devices.

Station upgrade was in the system settings for Nintendo Nintendo switch and switch – added OLED model consoles under System . This option allows the software for Nintendo can switch stations with LAN connection are updated.

Software updates for stations are not available for stations without LAN port.
This feature is not available for Nintendo SwitchLite.
For more information, see Updating the software for the station.

Why I Love Ghost Recon Wildlands

LAN maintained in standby mode has been in the system settings under standby added.

If this option is enabled and there is a LAN connection, the connection is maintained to the Internet even in standby mode. In this way, both software can be downloaded as well as additional content in the standby mode on the console.
The option is enabled by default.
When disabled, the power consumption of the console is reduced because the console only intermittently connects to the Internet.

Note: consoles that are not on Ver. 13.0.0 or updated later, behave as if this option is enabled.

You can select Control Sticks calibrate in the system settings like this now call.

Select Calibrate in System Preferences controllers and sensors, followed by Control sticks. Then tilt the Control Stick in one direction and hold it for a few seconds in this way to start the calibration.

Users can now Connection Status (after selecting Internet in the system settings), see whether their wireless Internet connection uses a frequency band at 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz.

Who should have so far not yet purchased Nintendo switch based on the price that can benefit from the long-term price fall of the switch:

12 0

more on the subject

Nintendo Switch: Starting today, there’s a permanent price reduction in Europe

So you load the firmware update

If the update does not start automatically, you can perform it the following steps:

Go in the main menu of your console to System Settings
Scroll to the bottom and goes to console
Under the menu item System Update you start the download

The prerequisite for this is that you are connected to the Internet. Normally, you will automatically be notified that the download is available. Follow the instructions, the Switch you download the update.

What does miss her still at Nintendo switch?

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