Pad Kemau controversy is often featured as a topic between shooter game players . Based on the opinion that Aim by the mouse is indispensable, there is an Aim assist function depending on the work, so the outspoken discussion that it can be used in pads is repeated every day in the gamer community.

In such a situation, there are quite a few gamers who say that pads are better to enjoy without aiming for the competition scene. The author is one of them. Despite the environment where PCs and keyboards/mice can be used, I have been using pads for many years. When playing Battlefield 2042 ** with a friend, even if you say Let’s do it with a mouse! It was a gamer who was playing on the pad and had no morals.

However, the other day, I played the same work for a very easy reason, the excitement of the Valorant competition scene.

The stance on my game is Enjoy. To tell the truth, I was shunning Kemaw for this reason. There is also the property of being unfortunate to lose, but I thought that playing with pads would lead to enjoying, not only in shooter games.

Meanwhile, I was hit by the enthusiasm of VALORANT, and I wanted to play play with conscious competition from a boy heart. There are almost no routes that use pads in this work because it is a game developed only on a PC.

In this article, what did you feel when you were a long-standing pad lover of the key mall called Valorant? Including the surprise that the consciousness has changed just by using a tool called mouse, we will send you a rough gamer Valorant key mau mau operation repo.

Roughly looks back on the difference between pads and key mall

There is no need to explain now, but first of all, the difference between pad operation and key mau is roughly reviewed. Needless to say, the game pad is a style that makes full use of the controller. Kemaw is a style of fighting using a PC keyboard and mouse. These two are the agenda that heats so much that is called pad mouse controversy in shooter games.

In general, it is said that mouse operation is more advantageous in aim. It comes from the fact that the mouse can move more precisely and faster than the stick on the controller. This is the most important issue in this genre.

However, the pad is also convenient with pads. Compared to the keyboard, it fits the palm of your hand, and you can play intuitively with a brief explanation. I am grateful that there is almost no operation mistake. Recently, the Aim Assist function boasts accurate accuracy as mouse.

In the past, there was a pad with a series of fire functions, but depending on the type of shooter game, there are legendary professionals who have a pad.

However, this article has no intention of which is more suitable for shooter games or I end the pad mouse controversy…! **. I’m a genuine gachi-enjoy. It is a type that tends to receive guidance if you play team. If you are a professional gamer, you will not be eligible for those who have the ability close to professionals. It’s always like being carried, so it looks like a reverse.

However, what I want to emphasize is Which one can play the game more happily? . Focusing on enjoying in the game, I will use a repo that I played Kemaw.

Why did I love the pad, or I was not good at Keemau

The first fear that the pad user feels like a mouse is turning speed.

As a pad user, he defeats the stick and turns around slowly, but the key mau turns backwards at a speed like a monopoly. When I was just starting FPS, I slowly detoured the map against a great sniper who has struggled.

At the moment when pads are not completely turned, the sniper rotates at the moment that it is finally killed. I got a reversal head shot. At that time, the longing for Kemaw may have been born for the first time in the author.

I was a pad, but the greatness of the keemaw was even a longing feeling. Then, why did you stick to the pads, probably one of them? The feeling of I don’t want to lose may have turned to the key mau itself.

I think the gamer has a I want to be like this and an arrival point . In the shooter game, there should be I want to be this kind of existence so that RPG character makeup reflects my ideal image.

In my case, it was not aiming for the strong but I should enjoy it because it is a game. It’s not a serious or not getting stronger, but it’s a pad for enjoying, so don’t force your mouse. Conversely, if the ideal image was shooting directly and undefeated, you should have picked up the mouse without hesitation. In short, the play style using the pad matched your ideal image.

And the following reasons are that you want a feeling of playing games. Somehow, I have a strong image of controller is a symbol of the game. Gamers have a prejudice that they are exciting just by holding the controller. Don’t you play a retro game controller, etc., just grip it, but you feel happy with the feeling of loving the game?

It is quite a problem to deceive a friend like the author and play Battlefield 2042, but it is a moral different issue… At least the versatility and symbol of playing games in pads will be an important fun.

However, there are many people who think that fun and enjoy come here. The fun of winning is also the joy of a game that you must never forget. If you think you can lose, you can’t clear RPG.

In the process of enjoying the game, there is always winning or losing, and I think that the enjoy and gachi are created by the balance of the commitment to winning and losing. However, the two are just about where they are, and there are moments when they want to be an enjoying group.

The balance of I want to win/I want to have fun was influenced by the Valorant competition scene and leaned on Enjoying strongly conscious of competition.

At the same time, Valorant itself was a game that stimulated the pleasure of winning and losing and improving skills. That’s right, there’s the severity of aim and standing around. At present, the feeling that I feel strongly is that if I get stronger in this game, I will be able to enjoy more. The influence of the tool called mouse was great.

So, in the next section, I would like to talk about the impression that Nurgamer enjoy while being influenced by the Valorant competition scene.

Valorant PUBG Battlefield 2042 Kemau Repo

It’s still shallow and it’s really shallow… At the beginning of Valorant, I repeated the deathmatch while thinking, What if I accidentally pressed a strange key? In fact, isn’t there a fear of mistakes as a fear that pads are afraid?

The compatible buttons are different for each game, and there are countless it. In the first place, whether your finger reaches or the place of the palm is wrong, such a thing crosses your head. I think the biggest obstacle to Kemau migration is the lack of trust in the keyboard.

However, as I get out of the deathmatch and play Valorant several battles, I get used to the keyboard, and I feel like a trigger happy gradually…! You can do long-range head shots with handguns! This is amazing! To tell the truth, when I played with a pad, I was choosing a firearm with sweet elasticity from the perspective of discarding accuracy. The target position is below the neck. The idea was to aim for a head shot due to the variation of bullets. Meanwhile, it is wonderful to be able to aim for headshots intentionally with the mouse!

If you realize that you don’t have to have a discarded thought , you’ll feel like you’re free from the pressure of pad and mouse that has been stuck like a stiffness somewhere in your heart. became. I am worried about the keyboard operation, but I feel more free from unconscious repression.

Under the situation of 1vs2, it was refreshing when I decided the double head shot. I was so impressed that I was decided to win with my aim, but at that moment I heard a voice from a voice chat saying 444444!

Valorant is defeated unless the bombs installed even if the enemy is destroyed even if the enemy is destroyed. The writer who had forgotten how to release the bomb after immersing in the trigger happy lingering lingering lingering lingering, saying, I do not know that it can be released with 4 of this keyboard! Great judgment. I was really saved. At the start of the next round, I’m sorry I won, but I’m sorry… The problem of the pads… it’s a problem that I didn’t really remember the button arrangement. I’m sorry.

By the way, in writing this article, I also played PUGB and Battlefield 2042, which I was once familiar with. It is an intention to consider multifaceted. However, in conclusion, PUBG did not really feel the benefits of the mouse. I think this is the cause of the author.

Under the situation of 1on1, it was released from the prejudice that Aim is not good, but the permeation that permeated itself was basically no longer aiming. Winning without relying on Aim in a solo mode means how to get out of the recognition of the other party. In that respect, PUGB was easy to play with pads. When I was cornered by my opponent, I was confused and played like a rabbit, and I was actually playing in that way.

On the other hand, personally, Battlefield 2042 may be the most inconvenient pad. It is difficult to hit the back with a strategic push that breathe in a group. Since it is a game that aligns the foot and eliminates the blind spots in the group, it may be that the reaction speed and the Aim skill were considerably required.

Because I thought so, I revenge as much as I wanted for AI in Battlefield 2042. Impressive that you can snip the driver in the helicopter. You don’t have to do a rough job to hold a shield from the angle, approach and kill it as it is.

The biggest merit that I felt by switching from the pad to the mouse this time was the buddy feeling of the mouse. It is relatively confused by the keyboard, but the trust in the mouse is starting to sprout steadily.

This is strange, and it was something I didn’t feel so much when it was pad. This article has a subjective aspect, that is, a lot of mental aspects, but holding a gaming mouse and being conscious of the keyboard greatly enhances the concentration in the game.

The biggest advantage of the pad is getting used to it. I have been familiar with other games so far, and I think I will continue to use pads other than shooter games in the future. However, the tension that enters the screen may be the merit of Kemow.

In that sense, the mouse/keyboard became a new option for me. The image is not I can’t return to the pad anymore! It is the pad that actually works for versatility, and somehow I just started out of my parents’ house and started living alone I feel tight, but I still have my own room in my house Something like that…

The advantage of the mouse is not only aim or reaction!

Of course, the game has not changed, not just seeking improvement, but above all. However, you can see that the pleasure of I want to be strong is growing.

There is a long-standing pad that has long been a pad, not a keyboard/mouse operation. It would be great that the complex that Aim is moderately weak was dispelled. The conflict between pads and mouse can be pressure for some gamers. In an environment where you can do a key mow, it may lead to enjoy if you try it once.