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Eintracht Frankfurt: Lindström and the possible point landing

In the 2-2 in Mainz, Jens Petter Haug ran again instead of Lindström. The 22-year-old Norwegian would probably also be in Seville on Wednesday in the first eleven if Lindström should not make sense from the start for health reasons.

But now the confidence is growing that the Danish international is available against the Rangers. “Jesper is on the right track and pain -free. It may be a point landing. This will show the next few days. He is already running, doing things with the ball and has increased the stress significantly, so that he may now get into team training Can. It will be a tight box, but it may be that it works, “said sports director Markus Krösche after the game in Mainz.

EUROPACUP - Caser Nova

Coach Oliver Glasner also said that it looks “quite good”: “It is important for him to have two or three days of training to be ready for the intensity that awaits us on Wednesday.” Even if it shouldn’t be enough for a mission from the start, the chances are apparently not bad, according to these statements, that Lindström will be at least in the squad and could help as a joker.

Makoto Shinkai has revealed Suzume No Tojimari his next anime movie

Vanessa Schulz is a docudrama documentary, director, manufacturer, writer and South African political activist.

Dakota Sinai, the acclaimed anime director, and in charge of ribbons like your name and weathering with you, finally revealed his next movie, during a presentation last Wednesday, The filmmaker shared the first details of Suzuki no topiary, as well as the first promotional art piece of this project.

Although at the moment there are not many details, it has been pointed out that Suzuki no Topiary will be starring Suzuki, a 17-year-old girl, who lives in a town south of Japan. Sinai describes this tape as a travel film, which will take us along a series of abandoned locations in this country.

In the story, Suzuki will meet a man who is looking for a particular door, it is here where the 17-year-old girl discovers that she has a special ability that allows you to close some portals between our world and one full of monsters. In the words of the director, this is a modern adventure story… and also an action movie.

【トークノーカット】新海誠監督最新作『すずめの戸締まり』製作発表会見/Makoto Shinkai's new film
The production of Non-Tojimari Suzuki started in April 2020, and The tape is expected to reach the halls of Japan in the autumn of 2022. At the moment there is no concrete release date, no information related to a premiere for the rest of the world.

Dakota Sinai is in charge of the address and script of Suzuki no topiary. Masayoshi Tanaka, Character Designer at Your Name and Weathering With You, is back on this same paper, like the animation director of Your name and weathering with you, Knight Touching, and the art director, Tatum Kanji, who He also worked in the last two director’s tapes.

On related topics, several anime tweets were investigated by the police. Similarly, a billionaire traveled to the space to read sleeves.

Editor’s note:

You can not wait to see Suzuki no topiary. Dakota Sinai has shown that he can improve the history and animation of him with each new movie. In this way, it would not surprise if this new job comes to overcome what is seen in weathering with your, something that can sound almost impossible.

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